Always In Our Hearts

Monday, October 27, 2008

Flamingo Club

Bogart told me about a restaurant he found in Portland called Cafe Mingo. Well, look what my girl found.

The first thing on the sign that caught my eye (after the flamingos) was that the Flamingo Club has a lunch buffet on Fridays. That sounds promising. I also noticed that they have exotic dancers. Well hey! I'm exotic, and I can dance, and I have my flamingo at the ready...

My girl pointed out that the club proprietors would probably think I was underage, even for the Friday lunch buffet. I'm almost 2 1/2! I bet if I turn on the old goober charm they'll let me slide right on in for that buffet.

Sorry about the blurry photo. I'm afraid my youthful exuberance took my photographer by surprise!

Flamingos Forever,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goobette Gotcha Day

One year ago today, my hooman girl winged her way down to Orlando, Florida to pick up this:

It all started when my girl fell in LOVE with Lacie when she & Scruffy started their blog. My girl is pretty committed to adopting rescue dogs, and never thought she'd see a female Lakeland Terrier she could adopt to be my sissy, until Stella and her four brothers were discovered at a hog farm in central Florida that doubled as a puppy mill. They were in pretty bad shape when Florida Terrier Rescue picked them up, but all of them recovered well after getting some good medical treatment. When my girl saw Stella described as "bratty" she thought that might just be the sissy for me.

GooberStan has NEVER been the same since! Here's my sissy, Stella, Goobette ExtraordinAire, today (photo taken just moments ago).

We started our celebration this morning with some serious stick work in the back yard.

After some lively stick maneuvers, we waited patiently for the presentation of the ceremonial nanner (banana).

Knowing this was a solemn occasion, Stella was abnormally subdued...

... until she got her second bite. She couldn't hold back on that one!

After the initial excitement settled in, Merv said it was time for Stella's official portrait with our hoogirl. She rarely shows her face on our blog, but she's exceptionally vain about her hair. (That's why it features so prominently in the official portraits.) Merv couldn't decide between this one...

... and this one.

Now, everybody say "Awwwwww."

Stella was also surprised by some early cards of congratulations she received from our Frenchie bud, Balboa,

and from my Sweetpea, Asta!

You guys are all such good friends to Stella, and we LOVE YOU for it!

My girl, Merv, and I are so stinkin' happy to have Stella in our lives. She has definitely spiced things up here in GooberStan, and we can't imagine life without her.

The pawty's just getting started,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Goober Vote

I've been hearing a lot of talk about Joe the Plummer and Joe Six Pack, but noone in the Republican Party is talking about Joe Goober. They're not even angling for the Goober Vote.

No. Senator Obama did not approve this message, but I think he would if he ever sees it. (My girl ... she's always interrupting our photo shoots to ask questions.)

I've spent a lot of time pondering the choices for President.

And it's no coincidence that I have turned to my fave donkey, Baby Eyeore, to make my pondering more comfortable.

He's also a good sounding board. I have a tendency to think aloud.

He was also willing to let me work out a little frustration with a good chew session.

I TOLD you I pondered for awhile.

I guess I'm finally tired of all the campaign crap. This election can't come soon enough for me.

Until I laid down I hadn't realized just HOW tired I've been.

Of course...

I'm voting for who the DONKEY wants!

Ooooooo. The agony of all of the campaign ads and junk mail is about to overwhelm me!

Just... a... couple... more... weeks...

I think I can make it!

Whoever wins, here's hoping for some REAL CHANGE!!

The Goober Voting Block has spoken,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brush With Greatness

We've been busy here in GooberStan lately, and we'll post more on ourselves later. But for now, here's our buddy, Tubbie. She's one fierce English Bulldog, and she's a beauty queen. Here she is in her regalia at her last pageant.

She can pull off the hula girl look like NOdog can.

Stella went to Tubbie's last pageant to cheer her on.

Here's Tubbie getting ready to go strut her stuff in front of the judges.

Meanwhile, Stella was checking out the competition.

She got a little fixated on the Weiner Dog...

... and snuck in for a nice whiff.

Stella was also able to arrange for Tubbie to meet our neighbor, Tater. He's a brindle and white Bulldog, and he's a little younger than the Tubbmeister. Stella is all about networking.

Once again, Tubbie walked away with the honors. This is her hooman handler, and they're sending a message to Tubbie's parents, who live in Hawaii. Tubbie's costume is inspired by the islands ~ since she'll be moving there herself after the holidays.

All of us here in GooberStan are going to miss our beauty queen when she moves. I think our girl will miss her most of all. She's a sucker for a smooshed up face.

That's it from the GooberStanian beauty pageant circuit for now.

Goober love,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We are completely BANANAS around here. Most recently, our hooman girl went so totally Bananas over an accomplishment of mine and Stella's. Finally, after months of work, trying various contraptions and leads, and dragging our girl across the ground face first in front of our neighbors, Stella and I are able to walk with each other and stay out of trouble. All it took was for the girl to let us each have our own leash. Go figure. Now, we get to go on a longer hike each day since she doesn't have to walk both of us separately. And, we even seem to be bonding in a new way. (Go ahead, everydoggie. Say, "Awwww.")

Here is a simulation of what we look like from behind while walking together. The neighbors just laugh and shake their heads at our crazy girl, and at our obvious size difference.

We are also bananas over THIS GUY! He's the real thing, except we can't figure how to peel him.

The presence of my crazy eyes in the photo below is testimony to how BANANAS I am about him!

Of course, Stella got in on the action.

I wanted Mr. Banana's head, so I let Stella have his banana butt.

It was only fitting to grant Stella a little face time with the Nanner Man. (Side note: Stella thinks bananas are called nanners. She sometimes won't come when she is called, but if my girl says anything about nanners, she's there in a FLASH! )

Stella thought that if she could catch the nanner from his head, she'd be able to stuff him in her mouth in one fell swoop. That didn't really work out for her.

She actually rode that banana around the house like he was a little horsey.

At the end of the day, though, Nanner Man is MINE! (*Evil Laugh*)

Going Bananas,