Always In Our Hearts

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fortune Cookie Fiend

A little known fact about me is that I am a FIEND for fortune cookies. I just love that crunchy, sweet goodness... AND you get a little look at your future too!

There is a ritual to the eating of the fortune cookie. First, you meet the fortune cookie. (Hello, my crispy little friend. You're looking mighty tasty this evening.)

Then you become ONE with the fortune cookie... through a little mind-melding. (Oh, little fortune cookie. Your life purpose is clear to me, and we will become intimately acquainted very shortly.)

Ahhh. The moment of truth, when the fortune cookie becomes mine and I become it's new home!

Look at the present my tasty little friend had inside for me! Prophetic or what?! Let's hope so!

Goober love,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wee Diva

There I was, looking forward to a little quality time with my Pooh Bear.

Enter my wee diva of a sissy, Stella, who can never leave me alone. She has NO sense of personal space or boundaries and got herself all up in my bizness.

I took things into my own paws... Hey! I can multi-task.

I eventually ditched Pooh in favor of putting an end to Stella's trash talkin'. (Doesn't look too vocal at the moment, does she?)

Inevitably a snasslin' session of the highest ferocity ensued.

Hey! Where'd she go?

I'm in trouble now.

She's gone into her EPZ (Evil-Plotting Zone). I can kiss any relaxation good-bye... indefinitely. (Where's that evil giggling coming from...?)

Goober love,