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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Have Lift Off!

Stella is giving her "V" for victory sign here because our girl is FINALLY on a roll with her thesis! She has 2 chapters done with the third in the hopper (and only 3 more after that).

As you can see, I've been busy keeping our girl on track.

That means that Stella has had to pick up the slack and handle the squirrel patrol on her own these past few weeks.

I have to say that writing a thesis is B-O-R-I-N-G! I had to find things to keep me busy while keeping an eye on my girl.

Not to mention the fact that I also was in charge of providing activities to wake her up whenever she took a break from her writing.

This face was more than enough to wake her up.

Stella was getting a little fed up with all of the work she had to do while I was busy keeping our girl on track. Everytime I tried to explain the valuable service I was providing she just told me to talk to the paw!

I also saw it as my duty to interject some silliness into the mix... you know... to keep my girl's spirits up. The next 3 photos were taken by my girl while wrasslin' with me on the floor. Most of the time she was upside down under my paw.

Since she's been working so hard (and because I'm an amazing big brother), here is a photo essay of Stella "pretending" to be the Stellanator (she still has no idea that she already IS the Stellanator) and showing her Jaws of Death. (Imagine scary music here).

By the way, Stella and I both started obedience classes 2 weeks ago. (HO-HUM). Stella's in the puppy class and has a little Boxer girlie and a Cassanova-wanna-be Shitzu named Junior as her classmates. (Junior LOVES Stella, but she's already pinned him to the floor several times and told him that she's taken. That only seems to inflame his love of her even more). There are 9 dogs altogether in my class.

Here we are sharing secrets about how to wrangle extra treats out of our girl (and other hoomans at class) without having to do any work.

This is Stella's favorite tactic for extra treat extraction from unsuspecting hoomans... She thinks her cuteness and convenient lack of attention to personal space will get her what she wants.

Thanks for all of the encouragement and kicks in the butt for my girl! Keep it coming!

Stanley & Stella

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We are SO STINKIN' HAPPY that Baby is back home where she belongs!