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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stella On Demand

I've had a request... nay, a DEMAND, from the mama of Joe Stains for more Stella photos. Evidently she's been jonesin' for a Stella fix. (I'm crushed, Mama Stains.) By popular demand, here are some photos from a little over a month ago at a meeting of the GooberStanian Snasslin' Association (GSA). Enjoy. [For those of you who don't remember, Snasslin' is a combination of Snuggling and Wrasslin' - with a little Brazilian Street Fighting thrown in.]

We usually start out meeting head to head...

but we eventually end up booty to booty.

In between we end up doing a little synchronized... well, synchronized something.

Here's where it starts to get interesting.

I had her pinned for awhile, but then the little booger oozed out from underneath me.

Time to make another move...

I've got you... almost... where I want you, Stella! (imagine my evil laugh here)

C'mON! Say uncle, you little goobette.

Maybe if I go for a direct delivery wet willy.

Nahhh. Stella HATES wet willies.

The rest of these photos are pretty much just me taunting Stella...

... and Stella going for my jugular.

Then it's time for our cool down, and the conclusion of another successful meeting of the GooberStanian Snasslin' Association.

Mama Stains, if I could figure out a way for you to mainline Stella from Arizona then I'd be all for it. Until that time comes, I hope this fix was enough for now.

Goober love,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Oregon

Blame our girl. That's all I have to say about why we haven't been posting or visiting our friend's blogs! Just remember, she's the one with opposable thumbs. 'Nuff said. (Would these faces lie to you??)

As a peace offering I give you a photo of one of Portland's most famous residents ~ one with whom my girl spent copious amounts of time ~ the signature voodoo doll donut from Portland's VooDoo Doughnuts! He's covered in chocolate, filled with very blood-like raspberry goo, and comes with his own pretzle "needle" for the purpose of torturing him before he is devoured one bite at a time! (What can I say? My girl likes her donuts!)

But hey. We promised to reveal the mystery friends from Dogs With Blogs my girl got to see and maybe this sweet terrier mug will give you a clue...

Clue number 2 ~ a certain psycho dog in Oregon...

Clue number 3 ~ mellow slug dog in the same house...

If you have not yet figured it out, then maybe this photo will enlighten you. We made an impromptu visit to Moco, Foley, and Dawson and their hooman mama (and Peanut & Flash's Grammie)!!! I have been in love with Grammie ever since my buddy Wally the Corgador brought her to my attention over 2 years ago. Even though she already has 2 granddogs in Flash & Peanut (hi, Flash & Peanut!), she adopted me along with Wally as her honorary granddogs, and my girl went to meet her without bringing me along for the ride! My girl said that Grammie is just as lovable as I always imagined and that they talked about me the ENTIRE time they spent together. (As it should be.) Grammie, I'm sorry you were disappointed that I was not with my girl. She SO does not understand our bond!

The impromptu stop at Grammie's house occurred on the way to the Oregon Coast. My girl was taking our buddy, Noah, to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and wouldn't you know, it was the first day of bad weather they'd had all season! Pelting rain and 50-80 mph winds! Oooo Baby!

Just a bit of Oregon and movie trivia here. My girl actually got to see Haystack Rock. It's the big dark thing in the photo below. For those of you who are fans of the movie The Goonies , you'll recognize it!

Since this post has devolved from the reveal of my girl's mystery visit to Grammie's house, let me just share a few more random Oregon tidbits with you from my girl's visit. My girl found out that the Portland Zoo had a baby elephant living there and she just HAD to go see him. She was so transfixed (she took over 30 photos and more than a few vids) she wanted you to see how cute he is. His name is Samudra (Sam for short), and he captured my girl's heart. I say, if she loves him so much why didn't she bring him home? If you're a baby elephant freak like my girl, please go to the link above to the Portland Zoo for even better photos and vids of the cute little pachaderm.

Go ahead and say "Awwww." You know you want to.

Now this last landmark was brought to my girl's attention by none other than Bogart's mama, Lulu. I don't know if it appears in the book, Roadside America, but it should. Do you remember when the husband of figure skater Tanya Harding and a friend of his decided to travel out East to whack (literally) on the knee of rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan? This is the dumpster where police supposedly found the weapon in Portland. Amazing... huh? You can get the whole story here if you're interested.

Stella and I hope you have enjoyed this wacky and weird travelogue. We apologize for the appalling lack of dog photos and hope to remedy that for you in our next post. Grammie, thank you for allowing my girl to come bask in your glow even if I wasn't with her to pave the way. You're the best!

Goober love,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bogart & Lulu & Buzzards... OH MY!

My girl is FINALLY getting her booty in gear to share about her trip to...

as my GooberStanian emissary to visit my good bud, Bogart Handsome Devil!

My girl's accomplice in her adventures in Portland was my fave 17-year-old amigo, Noah. (He & I are cool, but in Stella's mind, he's her nemesis and she goes OFF whenever she sees him.) Luckily for him I trust him to roadtrip with my girl when I can't.

He's a real musician (not just a wannabe), and made sure to sample some of the finest gui-tars in Portland while in town.

My girl was all a-tingle about meeting Bogart and his mama, Lulu! This photo only begins to illustrate the beauty of Dogs With Blogs and how much you can grow to love someone you just met! (Noah was surprised to find out that Lulu and my girl had only messaged and emailed back & forth before that night. He said it seemed like they had been good friends for years. He also said that Lulu is one of the coolest adults he has EVER met.)

My girl wanted to spend as much time with Lulu and Bogart as possible, and did, but first things first. As the GooberStanian emissary to BogartLand, my girl made sure to pay proper tribute to Bogart with our humble offerings of friendship... namely, this stuffed buzzard that made a comforting farting noise. (Do you think Bogart was intrigued by the buzzard or my girl's effervescent love for him?)

It did not take long for Bogart to settle into a comfy relationship with his buzzard.

My girl has always been fascinated with the thickness of Bogart's eyeliner. You may be seeing several of this type of photo... just sayin'...

While this is MY blog and this post is not, technically, about my girl's fetishes, she is also obssessed with Bogart's juicy schnoz to an extreme degree.

Such a happy boy!

My girl noticed that Bogart is a REAL mama's boy. As long as Lulu is close by then Bogart is happy.

Here Lulu is explaining the benefits of the Chuck-A-Duck.

Bogart didn't require a lot of convincing.

That boy is a consummate camera slut!

Once he was a aware of the camera it was a FULL-ON fashion spread.

This photo is a two-fer: notice the close up of the great eyeliner AND the juicy schnoz!

Now this is the really interesting part. My girl has been promising Bogart her Atomic Booty Scratches (A.B.S.) for years. Here she is trying to ease him into the process. (It can be quite overwhelming for a dog not accustomed to it.)

As the Atomic nature of the booty scratch began to sink in, Bogart began mumbling like an old man and gave in to the scratching.

Most of my girl's time with Bogie and his mama was spent out on the streets of Portland.

From this photo I think it's evident who encourages Bogart's saucey attitude and joie de vivre!

Since my girl had no navigational copilot with her (as I was home in GooberStan), Bogart was more than willing to take on the responsibility. He was very attentive to Noah's needs.

And of course, Bogart got to experience the added treat of riding with his trusty assistant (and mama).

My girl was eager to show this photo (for my benefit evidently) saying, "Awww! Bogie LOVES his mama!"

It's pretty obvious that these two are TOTALLY connected! My girl is already having withdrawal from them both.

Wish I could have been there myself, Bogie! Thanks for taking care of our girl, man. Stella, Merv & I are STINKIN' glad to have her home! And, she has even MORE to tell about her northwest adventure, and even met some other outstanding and famous DWB celebrities... who could it be??!! Guess you'll just have to wait to find out.

Goober love,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO Not Fair

Since inquiring minds want to know, we'll spill the beans (mmmm.... beans...) about what had us galloping through the house at warp speed in our last post. Here's a little clue... Recognize that juicy schnoz?! Hmm?

See, we heard our girl talking about taking a trip to Portland, Oregon where she plans to meet up with one of our fave dog/hooman combinations - Bogart and his mama Lulu! So of course, we came running to help with the planning for our trip.

I immediately got my things ready and was packed in a flash.

Imagine my surprise when my girl told me that since she's flying and does not want me riding in the cargo hold that I will not be accompanying her on this trip. I assumed she had to be messing with me and threw her my best "you've GOT to be kidding me" look (*wink* *wink*).

Apparently she's NOT kidding, so I tried a variety of faces on her to get her to change her mind about what part I would play in her trip. Instead of automatically trying a goober mind meld on her, I first whipped out my sad face. It's been known to get a 93% return on all requests I make with it. Apparently my girl falls in the other 7%.

I decided it was time for the BIG GUNS, so I pulled out a few of my favorite stink eye expressions to influence her decision.

Personally, I think my googly stink eye is quite irresistible.

Now, I know this one is overkill, but it's my ultimate stink eye expression. I thought this was important enough to do it right, so I whipped this face out to prove just how imperative it was that I accompany my girl to Portland.

It is now obvious to me in no uncertain terms that I'm evidently NOT as irresistible as I thought. My girl definitely could resist... even the goober mind meld. Stella & Merv were so bummed about the idea of staying home that they joined forces in a major hissy fit followed by a long and silent sulk.

I don't know if you can tell here, but Merv is one pissed off cat. You really wouldn't want to mess with him right now.

By this time next week my girl will be in Portland for 5 days, and she'll be spending some of that time whooping it up with Bogart & Lulu. Stella has not yet given up and is still hounding our girl to let her go on the trip. I personally think she's wasting her breath, but I told her to knock herself out.

Looks to me like she's got her work cut out for her. We all want to go to Portland so bad we can almost taste it (mmmm... Portland...)!

Wallowing in self pity,