Always In Our Hearts

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Strike

Most of you probably don't know this, but my hooman girl is working on her thesis for her Master's degree... still. She says she's highly motivated to finally finish it this semester, but in the past, most of the time she has said she's working on it, she's not, and then I have to give her THE LOOK.

That is exactly where I sit in the green room (her office), right next to her computer desk with my trusty pig. If THE LOOK doesn't get her attention, then I shoot her a disgusted booty shot, something like this. Even this doesn't seem to phase her.

Since I have promised to help her finish her thesis, and since she's a master procrastinator (I wonder if that's what she's getting her degree in), I have decided to take matters into my own paws. I have vowed that I will not let her help me post anything on my blog until her next chapter is done. That's right. Once her next chapter is done, we'll post again on the blog.

I'm serious.

So, if you want to help by applying a little pawsitive peer pressure on her, or you want to guilt her a little (hey, whatever works), then please be my guest. Just remember. If we're not posting, it's because she's not writing (her thesis).

Stella's a little confused by all this thesis talk, so I've clued her into our plan. She's with me on this. It's tough love, but it's the least I can do for our girl.

So, if you need to vent about our lack of posts, please address them to my girl. It's all in her hands.

Goober love,

By the way...

Some of you were asking where Stella was during the last post. This photo might give you an idea what she's been up to. (She looks a little demented, doesn't she?)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Putter, I Borrowed Something

Yesterday I borrowed something (actually somedog) of Putter's to enjoy at the park. This is who I borrowed. He may be my buddy, but Hercules is Putter's boyfriend. (He's a whiz with the camera ~ notice the Hercules double-shot ~ a great face shot combined with the fetching booty shot?)

Hey, I hadn't seen my bud for a couple of months and it was time for a pow wow.

Ever camera conscious, I was not as intent on our trek through the park as Herc was.

It was kind of a weird day. It was 56 degrees, warm in the sun, but cold when the wind blew. And, there was still snow on the ground.

We kept an eye out for interesting sites along the way.

And, we waited patiently when Herc's hooman sissy, who has yet to be born, forced his mama to find an appropriate place to get some relief.

Even though we had to stay on our leashes, Herc kept trying to mix things up with me! (Bring it ON, goober boy)!

Now, my girl is a little Herc crazy, and I don't have trouble mentioning that Herc's mama is a little Stanley crazed, but I willingly give my love to Herc's mama. (She likes my goober hugs best). Herc on the other hand, plays hard to get with my girl. Then, when she least expects it, he comes in for the smooch. Closer...


Then he licked my girl right in the mouth (which was open at the time he came in for the smooch)... right after he partook of some lovely deer poo along the trail.

Putter Gurrl, I'm sure that as much as Herc & I enjoyed each other's company, he would have LOVED to have you along for the fun! Thanks for letting me borrow YOUR boy. (I may be borrowing him again sometime soon).

Goober love,

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Gooberish 411

My sweet fren Petra Pie tagged me to play this game. Well, hairy Stanley wanted to get in on the action too, so we're both going to answer Petra's questions. (Petra, we're so happy you're feeling better too!)

Just so you know, my answers will be in BLUE and Stanley's answers will be in RED.

1. If I could be a different kind of animal

I would be this fierce animal I've heard Stanley talk about called a Stellanator. It sounds like my kind of animal, and the name is so similar to mine. From what I understand, the Stellanator is as sweet as it is saucy, yet has the heart of a lion and the teeth of a crocodile. Yes. I would like to be this Stellanator.

I would be my alter ego, the Loch Ness Goob. The Loch Ness Goob is a gentle water creature. He usually shows himself when he is in a contemplative and pensive mood. He swims in the shadows so no one sees him while he observes those who visit his pond.

2. My favorite song is

R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin. Great song! (I like Aretha because of her slick hairdos too).

Love Machine by the Miracles!

3. If I could live anywhere in the world

I would still live with my girl, hairy Stanley, and Mervycat, but we would live on a traveling bus that could also fly, and float like a boat. That way we could go anywhere anytime, but always be together.

I would stay right here in GooberStan, but we would enlarge our borders to encompass all of my dog, hammie & kitty pals.

4. If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be

I would be a mix of Pam Grier (aka Foxy Brown) and Pink. Feisty, independent, but all woman!

I (Stanley) am having trouble choosing between Enrique Iglesias (for his eyebrows and sexiness), Statler & Waldorf (crotchety old men muppets for their eyebrows and hair), and Animal (the muppet drummer) . I think I identify most with Animal!

5. I would like to be a spokesperson for
I would like to be a spokespup for poo... of all kinds. I'm a BIG fan!

Because I do a lot of smooching, I think I should get the spokespup gig for Chapstick or maybe Carmex. That's how I keep my lips soft and smoochable.

Yes, I'm giving my sissy a goober smooch. See what I mean? I'm handing these things out all day long!

Now, we tag Wally T. Corgador and his sissy Ethel to play along!

Goober love & smooches,
Stanley & Stella

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Award Season Catch Up

Even though there is a writer's strike, we have had an awards show here in GooberStan. No red carpet (we have a white one... with mud stains on it... whatever), but we're just as excited! Here are some of the awards we received at a ceremony that happened several days ago.

Lacy Lulu and Momo & her brother Pinot think we are Bloggers of the WORLD! Thank you for this award. We are humbled and honored.

We also received the You Make My Day Award from a boatload of friends, including Bogart, Koobus, Buster Sephie & Ms. Bailey, and our Scottish bud, Marvin. You all make our day, and we're stinkin' excited that we make yours.

Then, my love pup & Stella's buddy, Ruby Bleu, awarded us with the Thinking Blogger Award. This is one award we are most surprised to receive, but we are very pleased by it. We hope we make people think... and not just about the gooberish side of life.

Just today, we found out that our buddy, Odie, the Beagle Boy (go visit him ~ he's new to DWB), gave us the Thank You for Being My Friend Award. Thank YOU, Odie BOY! We love that you're our friend!

So many pups, hammies, and cats have received these awards already, and as it's taken us a very LOOOONGGGGG time to post about them, we are offering to share these awards with all our buds! Enjoy and know that we LOVE being part of your lives!!

Here is a photo of me, by popular demand. (Someone mentioned they were having goober withdrawal & I can't let that happen).

Goober Love,

Stanley & Stella

Monday, January 21, 2008

Magic Sweater

It was only 6 degrees outside yesterday. Before taking Stella on her walk, my girl put this sweater on her. One minute she was squirming all over the place, and as soon as the hood went over her head she just froze.

Seriously. She didn't move for almost 2 minutes. She was glued to that spot...

except for this little head tilt.

Nobody was holding her there. She just sat there while I took photos of her from every angle.

She stood there so long Merv decided it was safe enough to go over & investigate.

If I had known about the power of this funky magic sweater, I might have whipped it out sooner.

Any other dog out there need to borrow this sweater for their younger sibling? I'd be willing to work something out.

Goober love,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stunt Doubles

Look at the stunt doubles Sunshade & Jaffa sent us. (She must be sending us a message that we have a career in television and motion pictures just like her).

We LOVE prezzies from Canada!!

Thank you, Sunshade & JaffaMan! You send the best prezzies, and we are SO STINKIN' HAPPY that you are our friends! We LOVE you!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Was A Pine Cone Impoverished Dog

Editor's note: We do not EAT the pine cones, only chew on them under close supervision. They basically break apart pretty easily, but feel good on the gums. Mmmm. Gum massage...
What, you may ask, am I staring at so intently?

Well, it started with this guy (Bogart)

giving this guy (Kirby)

I believe my response was something like, "WHOA! I've never seen a pine cone THAT big before," and I raved to Kirby and Bogart about the pine cone bonding they were doing. Well, a couple of weeks later, I got this in the mail.

If this box had winged its way to me from sunny California, then I was going to take my time and savor the opening of it!

Normally I like to rip right in. Not this time! See the gentle love nibbles I'm giving the box?

Looky looky what came out of that box!

Have you EVER seen a more lovely cone?

I had to investigate the depths of its crunchy goodness.

Mmmwah... mmwahhh, mmmmmwah! This could take some time...

At this point I had settled in for a good long gnawing session.

When I went outside to take a little whiz break, look who tried to hone in on the cone.

Thoughtful as ever, Bogart had sent a puppy training cone (as he called it) so Stella could enjoy some pint-sized crunchiness. (Notice how she's snubbing the training cone for the bigger DOG-SIZED pine cone of destiny?)

My girl made a point to steer Stella to the training cone. Another struggle for power averted (thank DOG)!

As a diversionary tactic, I started paying attention to the box.

And of course, Stella dropped the cone, and came over for a little tug session.

When she gets this look in her eyes, it's serious folks.

Notice, even when Stella (off camera) tried a diversionary tactic of her own (in order to get the box), I still maintained possession of said box! Sometimes it's tough being a big brother.

Bogart, thanks for the very cool and very large pine cone!! You are one great buddy! Stella sometimes sleeps with her training cone. She thinks you're a rock star!

Viva la Pine Cone!!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella