Always In Our Hearts

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diplomacy ~ GooberStyle

Alright. Our girl has been a little neglectful lately, but that doesn't mean Stella and I have not been keeping ourselves stimulated.

We've been fueding over this aMAZing flamingo Noah and his sissies sent us from the Land Down Under at the beginning of the year.

I love this flamingo so much that I took him with me on my roadtrip to New York.

Up until recently all in the land of GooberStan acknowledged that I had MAJOR dibs on this little guy. Stella would play with him, but only when I was asleep or otherwise occupied.

She knew not to disturb a flamingo-focused goob in the middle of his flamingo worship.

All of that changed this week, however.

Every chance she has gotten, she's been dogging me and my Aussie mingo bud.

Tugging, growling... you know, talkin' lots of trash...

and going to the mattresses over that flamingo...

until something fortuitous happened.

His head popped off!

Now Stella has HER piece of the mingo,

and I have MINE!

Needless to say, Stella is STINKIN' happy about that. That's what we in the country-running business call diplomacy.

Goober love,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fuzzy Mermaid

A couple of days ago my girl told Stella & I to pack ourselves into the GoobMobile for a little ride.

We LOVE going mobile.

Stella even agreed to be the navigational co-pilot.

We hadn't been to this particular dog park since last October, so I wasted no time getting reacquainted with all of the amenities. The spa facilities are fabulous.

Come ON, Stella! We'll hike the perimeter then I'll show you the swimmin' hole!

Uh... listen, Stella. Since you can't be trusted and are tethered to the girl...

I'll just go ahead to scout things out.

Once we got to the pond, Stella jumped right in.

She's always been a big fan of water, but we'd never had her in water over her head before.

As a side note, doesn't it look like someone deflated her usually fluffy back legs?

She watched me splash around for a couple of minutes...

then decided to briefly test drive the deep water.

From that point on she was a SWIMMIN' FOOL!

I watched my fuzzy mermaid of a sissy try to drag our girl (who was holding on to Stella's 15 foot leash) out to sea and across the pond. Too bad our girl doesn't trust Stella to come when she's called. Given the freedom, that little ball of merfuzz would have been across the lake and back several times!

After our swim we headed up toward the main gates to see who else was parkin' it, and Stella met this sweet elderlab.

Stella and I hung out with the lab pups for a few minutes, until something a little disturbing happened. There was an older man close by who had another lab (not pictured) with him. I was hoping for a little playtime with her, and when she growled at me I started playing with her like I do with Stella. I used my usual strategy of keeping my booty and the rest of my body between her head and my head, talkin' trash and being loud. Before I knew it, the guy who owned the lab girl started screaming at my girl and then kicked me a few times in the ribs. I thought he wanted in on the wrasslin' action until my girl came over and took me by the collar and stepped back from the lab. My girl was confused and so was I.

We were just going to walk away until the lab owner yelled some HBO words at my girl and then said that he'd seen me out at the park a few weeks before and that I ALWAYS attack other dogs. My girl asked if his dog was okay and mentioned that we had not been out at that park for several months and that my mouth had been nowhere near his dog, and the lady who was with him kept saying, "He was biting her all over! He was BITING her!" (The few times I have put my mouth on another dog my girl has gone out of her way to apologize and take responsibility for the fact that it's her fault, not mine. But this was not that kind of situation.)

Well, my girl could tell there was no reasoning with these people and would have walked away and left it at that (even though this guy was maligning my character and Stella was now talkin' trash at him for all she was worth), until the guy called her another HBO word and told her that she needed to learn how to keep me under control and that I was going to get someone killed. He was walking away from her as he yelled all of these things, and my girl (who NEVER goes off on people in public) lost it. She told the guy that if he was going to be an ASS, then maybe HE should take his dog and go home. The guy then flipped her the bird, to which she replied, "VERY mature, grandpa," and walked away. (As another side note, we did notice a police vehicle pull up a few minutes after the exchange, but we were already hiking back around the park by then. There was noone waiting to talk to us when we went to the parking lot to leave so we figured that was that.)

Even though I could tell my girl and Stella were both keyed up, I was blissfully unaffected!

Stay cool,

Pee S from my girl...

This is Stanley's girl. I do not advocate getting into an argument with ANYone in public for something so ridiculous as being called a name or because someone falsely accused my dog of something. There are some other things in my life right now that have me angry, I have been ignoring that anger, and this is an example of how misplaced anger can bubble up at an inappropriate time. The whole situation is too absurd to even be embarrassed about, but at least I've tapped into the anger and am starting to deal with it. I'm just glad the guy who kicked Stanley kicks like a wimp, and that Stanley wasn't hurt. If Stella spoke English I think all of our ears would have been burning, though. You should have HEARD her telling off that guy. Whew!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy No More

I've been CLIMBING THE WALLS here over the last week.

It's been slightly boring around here, and Stella & I have been trying to get our girl off of her lazy booty.

I believe I've finally succeeded! She's taking me swimming today (so she says)!

Now. Here's a little kitty treat from one of my fave websites,

"You want to run away and get married? Sorry. I cantaloupe."

Hope you're enjoying tons of cataloupe and Wally melon out there!

Goober love,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Asta Archives

I've been really missing my sweetpea Asta, so I prowled through my girl's photo archives from our roadtrip the other day, and I found some very fun photos of Asta. These first few are a series of photos I've entitled "Wild Wire." (I bring out the animal her... I think.)

These next couple of photos are of stolen moments together on the streets of New York...

... and how we were, literally, attached at the monkey.

I miss her spunk...

her wit...

her smoochies...

and her sweet & sassy ways!

Oh yeah. I miss her hugs too. Right back at ya, sweetness!

Your Goober Boy,


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today I was a little wiped out from my weekend.

When we called today's meeting of the GSA (GooberStanian Snasslin' Association) to order, I wasn't ready for all the snasslin' that Stella had in mind,

It's not that I didn't want to generate good vibes to send out to all our friends who are sick or hurting or needing some love. I was just pooped.

Stella was able to fire me up enough to get my googley eyes going...

Yep. Googley eyes.

This led to a very short (and for Stella, an unfulfilling) low-impact snasslin' session.

Before long I was all snassled out.

Stella wasn't finished with her snasslin', so what did she do? She recruited our hooman girl to snassle a little more with her. I'm going to warn you. It's pretty high impact stuff!

Eventually, even Stella was satisfied.

This week we're sending all of our good snassle-induced vibes to all of our friends who are sick, needing comfort, or just needing a little extra love! If you're one of those friends, we hope you feel it! And special thanks to our hooman girl for standing in for me on the snasslin' front. We couldn't have done it this week without you!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella