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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bogart & Lulu & Buzzards... OH MY!

My girl is FINALLY getting her booty in gear to share about her trip to...

as my GooberStanian emissary to visit my good bud, Bogart Handsome Devil!

My girl's accomplice in her adventures in Portland was my fave 17-year-old amigo, Noah. (He & I are cool, but in Stella's mind, he's her nemesis and she goes OFF whenever she sees him.) Luckily for him I trust him to roadtrip with my girl when I can't.

He's a real musician (not just a wannabe), and made sure to sample some of the finest gui-tars in Portland while in town.

My girl was all a-tingle about meeting Bogart and his mama, Lulu! This photo only begins to illustrate the beauty of Dogs With Blogs and how much you can grow to love someone you just met! (Noah was surprised to find out that Lulu and my girl had only messaged and emailed back & forth before that night. He said it seemed like they had been good friends for years. He also said that Lulu is one of the coolest adults he has EVER met.)

My girl wanted to spend as much time with Lulu and Bogart as possible, and did, but first things first. As the GooberStanian emissary to BogartLand, my girl made sure to pay proper tribute to Bogart with our humble offerings of friendship... namely, this stuffed buzzard that made a comforting farting noise. (Do you think Bogart was intrigued by the buzzard or my girl's effervescent love for him?)

It did not take long for Bogart to settle into a comfy relationship with his buzzard.

My girl has always been fascinated with the thickness of Bogart's eyeliner. You may be seeing several of this type of photo... just sayin'...

While this is MY blog and this post is not, technically, about my girl's fetishes, she is also obssessed with Bogart's juicy schnoz to an extreme degree.

Such a happy boy!

My girl noticed that Bogart is a REAL mama's boy. As long as Lulu is close by then Bogart is happy.

Here Lulu is explaining the benefits of the Chuck-A-Duck.

Bogart didn't require a lot of convincing.

That boy is a consummate camera slut!

Once he was a aware of the camera it was a FULL-ON fashion spread.

This photo is a two-fer: notice the close up of the great eyeliner AND the juicy schnoz!

Now this is the really interesting part. My girl has been promising Bogart her Atomic Booty Scratches (A.B.S.) for years. Here she is trying to ease him into the process. (It can be quite overwhelming for a dog not accustomed to it.)

As the Atomic nature of the booty scratch began to sink in, Bogart began mumbling like an old man and gave in to the scratching.

Most of my girl's time with Bogie and his mama was spent out on the streets of Portland.

From this photo I think it's evident who encourages Bogart's saucey attitude and joie de vivre!

Since my girl had no navigational copilot with her (as I was home in GooberStan), Bogart was more than willing to take on the responsibility. He was very attentive to Noah's needs.

And of course, Bogart got to experience the added treat of riding with his trusty assistant (and mama).

My girl was eager to show this photo (for my benefit evidently) saying, "Awww! Bogie LOVES his mama!"

It's pretty obvious that these two are TOTALLY connected! My girl is already having withdrawal from them both.

Wish I could have been there myself, Bogie! Thanks for taking care of our girl, man. Stella, Merv & I are STINKIN' glad to have her home! And, she has even MORE to tell about her northwest adventure, and even met some other outstanding and famous DWB celebrities... who could it be??!! Guess you'll just have to wait to find out.

Goober love,