Always In Our Hearts

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO Not Fair

Since inquiring minds want to know, we'll spill the beans (mmmm.... beans...) about what had us galloping through the house at warp speed in our last post. Here's a little clue... Recognize that juicy schnoz?! Hmm?

See, we heard our girl talking about taking a trip to Portland, Oregon where she plans to meet up with one of our fave dog/hooman combinations - Bogart and his mama Lulu! So of course, we came running to help with the planning for our trip.

I immediately got my things ready and was packed in a flash.

Imagine my surprise when my girl told me that since she's flying and does not want me riding in the cargo hold that I will not be accompanying her on this trip. I assumed she had to be messing with me and threw her my best "you've GOT to be kidding me" look (*wink* *wink*).

Apparently she's NOT kidding, so I tried a variety of faces on her to get her to change her mind about what part I would play in her trip. Instead of automatically trying a goober mind meld on her, I first whipped out my sad face. It's been known to get a 93% return on all requests I make with it. Apparently my girl falls in the other 7%.

I decided it was time for the BIG GUNS, so I pulled out a few of my favorite stink eye expressions to influence her decision.

Personally, I think my googly stink eye is quite irresistible.

Now, I know this one is overkill, but it's my ultimate stink eye expression. I thought this was important enough to do it right, so I whipped this face out to prove just how imperative it was that I accompany my girl to Portland.

It is now obvious to me in no uncertain terms that I'm evidently NOT as irresistible as I thought. My girl definitely could resist... even the goober mind meld. Stella & Merv were so bummed about the idea of staying home that they joined forces in a major hissy fit followed by a long and silent sulk.

I don't know if you can tell here, but Merv is one pissed off cat. You really wouldn't want to mess with him right now.

By this time next week my girl will be in Portland for 5 days, and she'll be spending some of that time whooping it up with Bogart & Lulu. Stella has not yet given up and is still hounding our girl to let her go on the trip. I personally think she's wasting her breath, but I told her to knock herself out.

Looks to me like she's got her work cut out for her. We all want to go to Portland so bad we can almost taste it (mmmm... Portland...)!

Wallowing in self pity,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goobs on the Run

What could possibly have these goobs running at break-neck speed?


Wouldn't YOU like to know?

Don't fret. I'll be sure to let you know... eventually.
Goober love,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Bean Bean

Two years ago today my girl took crazy to a whole new level by flying down to Orlando, Florida to pick up a sissy for me. She was described as a little "bratty" pup who had a LOT of attitude. (Just what my girl thought I needed in a sissy.) At first sight my girl fell in love, dubbed her Stella Bean Latifah, and my crazy world became even crazier!

We asked Stella what she wanted for her gotcha day this year, and she thought it was time she had a throne. ("I'm a PRINCESS after all!")

Stella fell in love with this ugly old chair and claimed it as hers.

As you can see from the expression on her face even SHE gets bored holding court.

And... when Stella Bean gets bored her inner exhibitionist comes out.

Nothing like a little attitude for the camera person.

My girl often calls Stella by the name Stella Bean, which eventually morphed into Bean Bean.

Now Stella insists that we call her Princess Bean Bean!

She practically had a fit when we told her we'd think about it.

However, once we agreed to her request she announced that the audience with her public was over. (She had squeakies to mangle at a Merv cat to stalk.)

All I could think was, "Thank doG!" I was more than a little bored with her princess schtick, and decided I would start the celebration festivities out in my favorite position.

Despite her diva antics, I've got to say I love the little fuzz ball and I'm glad she's my sissy! So, Happy Gotcha Day, Princess Bean Bean! GooberStan would definitely not be the same without you!

Goober Love,
Stanley, the hooman girl, and Merv