Always In Our Hearts

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

StellaFest Part 1

WooHoo, puparoonies! It's my birthday, and I've already been celebrating for 3 days! We decided to get the party rolling by breaking out our pool. Here, Hairy Stanley is instructing me on the finer points of swimming.

He said that head dunking and bubble blowing are what all Olympic level swimmers do.

If only my hairy beast of a bruzzer would let me actually get into the pool I could try it out for myself.

He said I had to wait until he drip dried and got out before I could get in.

Ahhhh. Alone at last in MY pool.

I remained ever vigilant, scanning the horizon for possible threats to our good time, even while I was enjoying my swim.

Then my buddy, Lady Bug, arrived and I went to the gate to greet her.

Like any good hostess and birthday girl, I introduced her to MY pool and invited her for a swim.

Lady, however, is not fond of swimming, so we found other ways to amuse ourselves.

She wasn't too interested in being my friend at first, but she's slowly coming around.

And now, let me show you my FAVE place in the backyard... MY hammock!

It's like a giant puppy swing, and sometimes I even let my girl ride with me.

It's also a great place to take a snooze after some good swimming.

Here's a little video excerpt of what Stanley calls my "Hammock Dance". I think it's more like surfing than dancing, but whatever. (Ignore the pastey white legs in the vid ~ they're not important.)

Now, let's compare photos. Here's one of the first photos ever taken of me back in September when I was rescued with my brothers from the hog farm puppy mill in Florida.

And, here's a photo of me on my birthday with my new "mature" haircut. (I'm missing my puppy 'fro curls.)

So much has happened to me in just one year! I went from living with four itty bitty bruzzers to living with one giant hairy goober bruzzer. I went from a tiny crate on a hog farm in Florida to my princess bed in GooberStan. And I went from having no friends to having all of YOU! I'd say it's been a really good year!

Special love & goobery smooches to all the people at Florida Terrier Rescue, and especially to my foster mama, Kathleen, and Miss Lynn the Terrier whisperer, who taught me how to be a dog and to get along with hoomans!

I'll post the poems and cards I've already received in StellaFest Part 2! I can't wait to show you!

Happy Birthday to ME and my 4 Lakie bruzzers, and goobery love to all of YOU,

A very happy & grateful Stella

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eye Candy

Our hooman girl seems a bit obssessed with photographing our booties.

Hey, once in awhile is okay. We've got some fine booty here in GooberStan.

Butt, we are more than just EYE CANDY!

Well... am I RIGHT?


Sometimes I don't think our girl has any idea just who she's dealing with here.

Goober love,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Straw Poll

We're taking a straw poll here in GooberStan. Which do you prefer?

Ears Up?

One up and one down?

Or both ears down?

We know it's not going to affect the state of the union, but we wanted to give you an alternative to all the other political buzz you've been hearing. Now, this is a poll we are actually interested in. I wonder how the presidential candidates would weigh in on this one.

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GooberFest Part 2

And so, my barkday continues! Not only did I have an amazingly gooberlicious time ON my actual birthday, but I continue to celebrate the goober essence that is ME. Here are some cool cards I got from some buddies!

Thanks Rocky, Angel LacyLulu, and Balboa (whose goober name is Boober)!! I LOVE the cards, and I love YOU!


As if that gorgeous pink flamingo from Mumsie wasn't enough, look at this funky rubber tug clover I got from Lacie, Scruffy, and BabyStan! (Actually, it's for mine & Stella's birthdays, since she turns 1 at the end of this month.

Stella didn't know it was for us both, so naturally, I tried to claim it for my own.

My plan was thwarted by the scheming of the Stellanator! Can you see her eyeball peeking out between my jaws of death?

After that, it was ON!

That clover tug can s t r e t c h!!!!! I was flinging Stella all over the place!

But of course, she'd always spring right back at my face!

We tried going for a rugby scrum type of tug technique.

Here I'm reading my birthday greetings from the Terrier Three. Scruffy must have picked out the card... he was on the cover!

Stella's only just started reading. She has to sound out all the big words.

Thanks from the bottom of our goober hearts!!!!! You're the BEST, and you definitely know your tug toys!


We also had a package waiting for us at the post office from lovely Singapaw! Our buddy Huskee Boy and his sissy Moosie the hammie girl sent us the most deliciously funky combo of presents! Here I'm sporting the gorgeous blue bananadana they sent me while chewing on a Stella-sized tug toy they sent for her.

Here's a juicy goober smooch for YOU, MOOSIE GIRL!

And, to insure that I knew part of these presents were for Stella, Huskee & Moosie put this cute label on the stuff for her. (It didn't keep me from stealing her tug toy, though.)

Once she got the bananadana on, we couldn't get Stella to take it off! She thinks she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

We found this FABULOUSLY squeaky soccer ball in with the other loot!

I finally stopped moving long enough for my girl to get a shot of me with the squeaky bone Huskee & Moosie sent for me. Naturally, I allowed Stella to investigate her own tug toy since I had finished with my safety inspection.

What YOU lookin' at, Stella?

As much as I tried to be good, I couldn't stay away from that cute little tug toy of Stella's. I like cute toys, so SUE ME!

However, the Singaporian goodness does not stop there! Oh, no sir! We found some Puppyman dog treats.....

... and this super yummy salmon jerky in with all of the other cool stuff!

Bow Wow salmon jerky totally ROCKS MY WORLD! I may give up all rights to the Puppyman treats if I get to keep these to myself.

You guys WAAAAAY outdid yourselves. I'm definitely feeling the love all the way from Singapaw, and so is Stella! We LOVE you guys! Thanks for sending some of your love our way!

Here's a "roachin' goober" shot to illustrate how MUCH I'm feelin' the love!

Thanks, buddies! We love you!

Secret Squirrel Announcement about Stella's Birthday:

Shhhhhh. Don't tell Stella anything about this, but since her first birthday is coming up on May 27th, I want you guys to know what she REALLY wants for her big day. If you want to show your love for her, she loves silly poems, haikus, limericks... pretty much anything you want to write to tell why you're her friend or what you love about her. The GooberStanian post office is complaining about all the packages we've been getting, so we want to give them a break. Remember, keep this secret until that day. We'll put a post up on her birthday and you can leave your "gift" in a comment if you'd like!