Always In Our Hearts

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixed Media Asta

Something extremely cool showed up in GooberStan yesterday, in honor of our hooman girl's birthday.

Is this not the most bootiful thing you've ever seen?! It's an original painting of my lovepup, Asta, by her mommi Amarillis Kroon.

Ami told us that the painting is goober-proof and impervious to goober juices, but it is NOT impervious to goober teeth. So, even though this painting now belongs to our girl, she let Stella & I check it out.

I was trying to catch a little whiff of Asta smell, but couldn't seem to find her booty.

Then I noticed that Asta was not alone in the painting. There was a bootiful lady in a gorgeous red dress and red shoes standing there behind Asta. Hello. Is that you, sweet Ami?

Yes. It must be Ami. Even though you can't see all of her, it's obvious the lady in this painting must be a fashionable and cosmopolitan sort of woman.

My girl has not yet decided where to hang it, so I told her I think we should leave it where it is. It looks like it's done to scale, so if I lie down like this Asta & I are almost eye-to-eye.

Since it's a portrait of her BFF, Asta, Stella was dying to check it out.

The first thing Stella did was give the oil painting Asta a goobery kiss.

Then she too tried to sniff Asta's booty. hehehe We goobs are SO predictable.

Since Stella tested that the painting was smooch proof I decided to plant a big juicy one right on Asta's face! Ahhh. It's good to have you here, sweet Asta. (Not as good as the real thing, though.)

Ami, George, and Asta, thank you THANK YOU for making our girl's birthday so special yesterday. She was BLOWN AWAY by her special present from you and still can't stop talking about it with anyone who will listen (and even with those who won't)!

We love you Ami, George, and Asta, and we're so stinkin' glad our girl was born so we could adopt her and celebrate our life with her everyday!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snuggle Pic Take... 43

We here in GooberStan have been working hard and snuggling a lot this week, as per our orders from our snuggle boss, Eduardo. I was more than willing to document said snuggling with my girl.

Stella even agreed to be photographed mid-snuggle.

I guess my girl included a nice neck scritch in with Stella's snuggle... obviously.

Then we thought we'd try to get a group snuggle shot. Let me just get this camera timer adjusted.

Why is that light blinking?

Okay. I think we're ready.

It's pretty obvious that I'm the only serious snuggler here.

I'm in primo snuggle position, and I guess my girl is attempting to snuggle, but she's a bit distracted trying to wrangle Stella into position.

I don't think it's particularly funny that the females in this snuggle group can't get it together.

This week we're concentrating all of our snuggles toward Bogart's dad, Klaus, (who is extremely ill) and to his mama, Lulu! We're still looking for our miracle and will do so until we see it coming! Hey, I think I see something down the road a piece!

Goober love,

Monday, February 23, 2009


This here is my buddy, Lady. She's a sweet little goober girl of the Cocker Spaniel variety.

She doesn't look like she's built for speed, but she can run like the wind when she wants to.

Sometimes she is Stella's walking partner, but sometimes she's mine. (I have to tell you that she's a LOT easier to walk with than Stella is. Lady's not bossy like Stella.) When she & I walk together we like to round out our time with some chasin' & sniffin' in the backyard.

We're just sniffin' here, but we kind of look like we're ready to rumble.

Because she's so short I eventually give in and allow her easy access. It's gonna happen anyway so why not?

When our tongues are hanging like this, it means our booties are dragging and it's time to hydrate!

Lady finally turned to my girl and said exactly what I was thinking, "Are you gonna snap photos all day or get us some WATER, woman?!" Of course, lady says it more sweetly and with a smile on her face.

Just so you know, when Lady comes over it's like having a major summit negotiation at the U.N. Merv, my catbro, used to live with Lady until Lady started sleeping in his litter boxes and moving all of her toys into them. (A cat will never look at you as anything but his sworn enemy after that.) So, we have to keep our promise to Merv that he'll never have to deal with Lady again. When she comes over, we squirrel Merv away in his lair so he doesn't have any flashbacks of the old days. Just watching out for my Merv.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today is a double celebration. It's my bud, Wally's, Burpday & Gotcha Day all rolled into one! Here's 4 Wally heads for the price of one! He is definitely a Corgador extraordinAire!

Wally's goober name is Woober, and in honor of my Woober Boy and his birth I have written some goober haiku.

Corgador Extreme
Chubby old fart who smooches
Chicks, Bros, and Ma Apes

Woober Wally Boy
Inspires love and chillaxin'
Among pups worldwide

Love Wally so much
Would gladly give him all my
Turkey necks and bones

I had never known
A pup so fond of smooches
Before Wally Boy

Mama's boy? Sure is.
Wrangler of peppy Sheppies
Aw. What a GREAT pup.

Here are some of my fave photos of Le Woober!

We in GooberStan salute our buddy Wally, and his Ma ape who was perceptive enough to let him adopt her! We LOVE YOU, man!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Pee Ess
Stella & I are still praying and looking for that miracle for Bogart's dad!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Can we talk?

Stella's diva mentor, Sophie La Brador, just announced that Stella has graduated from her diva development program, and, well... Stella's been getting a little snooty with me.

On top of the snooty patootiness she feels the need to challenge me at every turn.

What's a guy to do?

Well, I opened up a can of SMACKDOWN, and whipped my sissy into shape. (Believe me. It sounds a LOT worse than it really was.)

Did you see how she finally took off? I know that's not the end of it, but it's the beginning of the end. hehehe

Stay tuned for further developments.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Boomerang

I am feeling the love, and I am totally worn out.

After a fabulous week at Mango Minster, a romantic weekend in Sicily with my lovepup Asta and some cat friends, receiving 2 unexpectedly gooberlicious packages in the mail, and all the support and love from my buds who saw me through the Best in Show competition at Mango Minster I have become a big LOVE SPONGE. I was so happy I had to let fly a giant GOOBER YELL!

My sissy, Stella, rejoiced with me in my good fortune and agreed to a celebratory game of goober tug.

Following the example of my boss, Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle, I am keeping some of that love to savor myself, and the rest I'm going to boomerang back at all of you, and all of our buddies out there who are hurting. This is especially for Miss Willow the Airegirl, who is recovering from an infection in her mouth; for Ms. Bailey Blue my Kerry Blue Terrier bud, who was just diagnosed with pancreatitis; and for Chef the Boxer dude who is dealing with some mysterious skin sores. And for all the peeps, pups, kitties, and other animals affected by the bush fires in Australia. Please go here to find out how you can help!

Snuggling you all in my sleep,

Emergency Zen

Emergency Zen needed for Bogart's dad, who went to the emergency room on Tuesday morning! He is in the intensive care unit now. We don't know yet what is wrong!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mango Minster Madness

This dude is my relentlessly huge buddy, Mango. He's a massive mastiff with the sunniest disposition and hugest heart. (Don't you just wanna smooch that face?)

This week, as an alternative to that Westminster fiasco they called a dogshow, Mango hosted his own dogshow, Mango Minster. If you haven't been by yet, you've got to go check it out. Over 100 dogs entered, and today is the best in show judging!

It's been madness all week for my behemoth buddy. As soon as Mango Minster concludes I hope he's off to some remote island where he can get in some good meditation time...

... and of course, some good roachin'! You've done a FABULOUS job on the dogshow, man! You deserve a vacation!

Here are two of my fave photos I entered in the contest. This is me RUNNING LIKE THE WIND!

And this is one of my most recent goober faces.

Of course, Stella entered the competition too, and would like to leave you with some ballet moves she's been working on for next year's Mango Minster. Especially check out that back leg extension after she does her little hop forward.

Lakie Ballerina from Goober Stan on Vimeo.

Don't forget to go check out Mango Minster! You won't be sorry.

Goober love,