Always In Our Hearts

Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Been Scouted

Saturday my girl told me there was some Scout coming over to meet me. I figured the European footie ball teams had heard of my ball handling prowess. Instead, she brought this dude over. This is Scout.

Don't get confused. He's wearing one of my collars (the black one with white & red swirlies). I'm the taller one with the pirate collar. We did a little meet & greet in the yard.

He's a homeless pup and Airedale Rescue is trying to find him a home. My girl took him to meet a potential adoptive family earlier in the day. I'm giving him some pointers on how to pick the right hoomans to adopt.

Then we moved on to the sniff fest up on the deck. Being the polite goober I am I let him sniff first.

Then I let him come in for a good up close & personal sniff.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I skipped my portion of the sniff Fest and did a Brokeback maneuver on him. See his tail sticking up by my left side?

He politely let me have a little fun, but when it looked like I was getting serious he gave me the whatfore and we went tearing around the yard like crazy pups!

Someone had mentioned in his profile that he doesn't like little dogs, so of course, Stella marched right out to meet him and Scout did great!

Stella showed him over to the outdoor bar for a drink after she zoomed around the yard with him.

She was a little pooped after playing hostess.

All that is known about Scout is that he's a little over 5 years old, only lived outside at his former residence, and didn't have a lot of contact with hoomans or other dogs. He LOVES to cuddle and be loved on, and he seems to like other dogs just fine. We're not so sure about cats, but think he may not like them.

Like most Airedales he's a GOOBER of the highest order. If you are interested in learning more about Scout, or even in adopting him, you can go here to check it all out! There are tons of great Airepups just waiting for their furrever homes!

Hope everydog, kitty & hammie had a great weekend!
Scout's (and ours) was FABULOUS, obviously, because we got to spend some of it together!

Goober love,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pucker Up

My Auntie Darla found this creepy, yet funny photo and sent it to me. If I'm looking at it right, you could take the guy's temperature and the dog's at the same time.

Anybody want to paint this on their face??!

I think most folks would rather see me pucker up this end of my body!

Have a great weekend, buddies!



Monday, June 23, 2008

StellaFest Part 3

Hey, frens! Here is my third and final installment of StellaFest! Whew! It's been a full three weeks of celebrating ME, and while I've been loving it, I could have done without posing in the official GooberStanian birthday hat.

Most of the photos show how I really feel about the official birthday hat.

Now, onto all the gooberlicious goodness I received from my frens! All of the following goodies came from my buddies Momo & Pinot in Toronto! Here are some action shots with the pinky ball they sent me!

As you can see, I'm LOVIN' this ball!

I even think this ball may be lovin' me back!

Momo & Pinot also sent a boatload of treats for me & hairy Stanley. Here is just a sample of the FABULOUSLY tasty treats they sent.

They didn't forget Stanley, no siree! He got himself a tuggy Monkey Man!

Of course, I absconded with Monkey Man! He's cute and makes me giggle. Stanley's gonna have to fight me for him. THANK YOU, Momo & Pinot!!! These are such FAB presents! I feel the love and love you with all my goobery heart!

Now you might be wondering... "Hmmm. What could this be in Stella's jaws of death?"

Wonder no more. For it is the one and only Dufus Duck, from none other than Mr. T-Bone Beaseley! The Bease knows his squeakies, let me tell ya!

The Dufus Duck and I got quickly acquainted with one another. We speak the same language. (Stanley said he wasn't surprised.)

The Bease also sent this WILD 8-Legged guy to Stanley, but again, I absconded with him. Stanley gets visitation rights... when I say he does.

Don't worry about ol' hairy Stanley. The Bease also sent him this rubbery ball (which we still haven't gotten a photo of) and a 12 inch bull pizzle. He's a happy goob.

Contemplating the pizzle...

Possessing the pizzle...

Devouring the pizzle...

What a goober boy my bruzzer is.
Sweet T-Bone Beaseley, you are such a stinkin' good pressie giver! Thanks for all the love you sent me & Stanley!!

Now for all my Aussie presents from Noah, Willow, Tess, and Lucy! Here is my very own Mr. Carrot! He's a gorgeous shade of orange, don't you think?

They also sent me some Aussie fashion accessories. (Obviously they know that accessories are the KEY to fashion.) It's GORGEOUS! I can't wait to show it off!

Tons of Aussie snackables came tumbling out of the package too! They also sent some fun information on their part of Australia and some other stuff for my girl!

They also sent the sweetest card with their photos on it and the limerick they wrote for me about inviting me to their estate for a beer! I'm IN! You Aussie Dales are stinkin' sweet to me! Thank you for sending your love from down under!

One of the last things I got to do to celebrate my birthday was to go to Herc's house for a spa day and play date. He uses fresh rain water in his spa and nothing but organic mud. It was SOOOO relaxing.

After my whirlpool and Herc's hair treatment we wrassled and chased like crazies all over his yard. Here I am putting my world famous head-fart move on him. (My girl says I belch and fart like a trucker.) It momentarily incapacitated him so I could make a clean getaway!

For those who like action sports, I did have a video of Hercules trying to catch me and eat my fuzzy head, but blogger wouldn't cooperate (stinky blogger).

Thanks, Herc, for the spa day, and for wrasslin, bitin' and chasin' with me! You're the best Hercy brother a girl could have!!

There are lots of buds who sent birthday cards to me, like Maya & Kena, Balboa, and my boyfriend, Taffy. I've decided to keep my card from Taffy private, but you all need to know that he is the sweetest Welshie Boy EVER! If I've forgotten to mention you and you sent me birthday greetings, please forgive me. This is all so new to me!

For all my frens out there, know that I LOVE YOU with all the love in my little goober heart, and I'm most thankful for YOU on my first birthday!

Goobery love & juicy kissies,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frog Days of Summer

The other day our girl let Stella & I out into the yard to take our top o' the morning whiz, but had to run back inside to grab the phone. When she came back out she couldn't find us until she investigated a little. She did not know Stella & I had found a GooberToad, and that we had him cornered behind the garden shed.

After I coaxed him out from behind the shed we spent some time getting to know one another. Stella & I named him Tito (we love the Jackson 5 ~ what can we say ~ and Germaine just didn't fit him, ya know?).

We kept trying to pick him up but we couldn't get him into our mouths because, evidently, Tito excretes something that makes us doggies drool big heaping piles of bubbly goober juice. So there sits Tito all calm & happy, covered in goober slime, and we can't pick him up no matter how hard we try.

MAN! That Tito is sly, I tell ya! (See him in action below? He's actually FLYING! I'm so stunned I can only stare in amazement.)

Goober love & toadly smooches,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

StellaFest Part 2

WHOA! Goobery greetings & salutations!

Since this is my very first birthday EVER, I had no idea what to expect. This whole birthday thing has been an odyssey of friends, food, presents, and loads of love! The celebration has been going on now for almost 2 weeks and I want to share some more of it with you. Are you ready?

Lets start with my FAB birthday cards and all of the poems, limericks and songs I got. I've been cracking up ever since they started rolling in! The first one is from my buddies Maggie & Mitch. (Sorry. I couldn't figure out how to load it onto my blog so it would show up so you can't see it.)

This is part of Agatha & Archie's card to me. It was a video card, which my crazy girl can't figure how to load here. But this is the photo and the caption they sent with it!

Dear Stella,It's hard to believe it is your birthday already!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you get lots and lots of treats and goodies and toys!!(what more could a girl ask for????) Give the Goober a kiss for us..Love and kisses to you birthday girl! Agatha and Archie(oh and PL2)

This here is a poem from my pal, Deetz! He chose my Audrey Hepburn photo to accompany the poem.

A Birthday Poem for a special little terrier girl
I am not very good, but will give it a whirl.

She has a big brother named, Stan
Who loves and protects her, as best as he can.

Ms. Stella so loved by all who have met her.
With those curls and button nose, she even makes the kitty’s purr.

She walks with grace, the same way Audrey Hepburn did.
And plays with toys and bitey face, just like any other kid.

This birthday poem, I wish her well.
Please don’t party so hard you wind up in jail.

But, if you do, I’ll break you out.
For I am a Stormy’s mission army scout.

Wear your bandanna and collars very proud.
And your birthday party makes you feel like your floating on a cloud.

With your permission, may I kiss you on the nose.
Then maybe later we can play a little bitey toes.

Happy Birthday my Little Ms. Stella
From your pal, Deetz, one goodlooking hansome Fella.

Happy Happy Birthday To You!!!


Look at this sweet sweet card from Rocky & Lacy Lulu!

Being my fashion icon and terrier girl mentor, Asta knew just what type of card to send me.

My fabulous friend, Ruby Bleu, wrote me a special song to the tune of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cindi Lauper.

I come in from running outside
Stanley and my Girl says it's my barkday tonight
I can't believe that I just turned 1...
I'm Stella and I like to have fun
It's my first barkday and I'm gonna have fun!!!

Last year, I was a pup looking for a home
My Girl says Stanley we could give her a good life
Oh I can't believe what a lucky girl I was
I'm Stella and I like to have fun
It's my first barkday and I'm gonna have fun!!!

That's all I really want
Lots of bloggy friends and a loving home too
I'm Stella and I like to have fun
It's my first barkday and I'm gonna have fun!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

This is Girl Girl's card to me. Can you see her giving me a birthday smooch?

Noah, Willow, Lucy & Tess came up with this inviting limerick for me. (How did they know I LOVE beer?)

Stella lives in the States
She & I are great mates
I wish shelived here
Where we'd share a beer
Go running around the estate.

This card is from Boy & Baby.

I also received some gooberlicious presents from Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy; from Momo & Pinot; and from Mr. T-Bone Beaseley, and a very special birthday card from my boyfriend, Taffy. My girl put them all in one box for me to see how I'd handle opening it. The presents themselves will be revealed in my last installment of StellaFest, but here are a few photos of me investigating the goods!

Since the over-the-top approach was NOT working I knocked the box over and went for the side approach.

Ahhhh. Much better.

Maybe I could live in here.

Don't fret! My big hairy Stanley wasn't left out in the cold!

Thank you everydoggie, hammie & kitty who stopped by to give me birthday LOVE!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU with all of my goober heart!

One happy goobette,