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Monday, September 29, 2008

GooberStanian Beard Growing Competition

Yep. It's that time of year again, and this goober...

and my little goobette sister want YOU

to join us in the 2nd Annual GooberStanian Beard Growing Competition in honor of my dearly departed buddy, and beard-grower extraordinAire, Dovah Doo! Here's a photo of the Bearded One with me when I was still a puppy. We're both rescue dales, and he's one of the first buds I met after I adopted my girl. (His mama is holding our collars because if she didn't, we would have been chasing each other around the yard like MANIACS!)

Almost a year ago Dovah went to the Rainbow Bridge suddenly at the very young age of seven. This photo was taken of him just a couple of weeks before he left us. Look at his lusciously juicy beard blowing in the wind! (He was a mud-lovin' fool, that boy was!)

In this photo his beard is a little shorter than normal, but still impressive at 8 inches!

Now, Stella is going to explain the basic rules of the competition.

This contest is open to any dog, hammie or cat out there who wants to grow their beard. The rules are very simple. There are three categories.

The first category is Most Improved Beard. The dog, hammie, or cat whose beard has grown the most from now until January 1st will win. Last year's winner was Miss Molly!

The second category is for the dog, hammie or cat who has the Overall Longest Beard. We will have two classes for this category this year: longest beard for a dog 25 pounds or less, and longest beard for a dog over 25 pounds. Last year, our winner for Longest Beard was Buster the Kerry Blue Terrier.

The third category is new this year, and it is for the Best Muddy Face! Since my Dovah bud loved to slather his face in mud, and since not all my friends out there are beard-growing pups, hammies or cats, this category is also for you. If you want to enter this category, then submit a photograph of yourself anytime before the deadline on January 2nd of your most gloriously muddy face. Some of my aunties here in GooberStan will be the judges.

If you want to play, peemail me or leave a comment on this post, then measure what beard you have on October 1st & send me a peemail telling me your intial measurement (if you're going for most improved beard). You can provide periodic updates on your blog with your progress if you like, but on January 1, 2009, everydog (hammie or cat) who is participating will take a final measurement. We will announce the winners by January 5th! You may enter 1 or all 3 categories!

As you can see, my buddy Maggie Girl has been gearing up all year to attempt to knock Buster out of the competition. Look at that FABULOUSLY flowing beard!

So, whatdya say? Are you gonna throw your beard (or face) into the ring?


Stanley & Stella

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Organic Art

Please take a look at the next two images, then look at Stella's art piece that she has "in process". Could it be her version of Stonehenge?

Or maybe a primitive sundial?

You be the judge.
(Seriously. This is exactly how the poo fell on the floor, and I immediately alerted our girl to get photographic evidence.) All Stella will say is that it's poo art. Well DUH!

And here's the budding artist.

I don't know if this actually qualifies as a stain, per se, but I'd like to nominate Stella for a new category of Joey & Tanner's Stain Award ~ artistic stain. Whatdya say, guys?

Goober love,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

She's a Lady

I think Tom Jones said it best in his song, "She's a Lady". This here is my buddy, Lady. And I thought she was MINE... until my little sissy stole her right out from under me!

It seems that the two of them have become walking partners. My girl walks Stella up to Lady's house, then walks them both back to our house, where they get to run around like crazy pups in the backyard before my girl whisks Lady back to her own house. Look at the two of them... thick as thieves!

I am showing Stella the agony I feel over the loss of my buddy, and dance instructor, Lady.

But, Stella assured me that she has no intention of stealing Lady. She wouldn't mind if we could share her, though. I took a moment to consider that option.

Then Lady made it clear that I am still one of her fave goobs...

and it was back to business as usual!

Stella even instigated a little 3-way chase game for us. She's not such an annoying sissy after all.

Hope you all had a great weekend,


Pee Ess

My buddy, Neko the AireGirl, is having surgery to remove a disc in her back on Tuesday. Please be sending her some good vibes and whatever else you'd like to help get her through it all. I'm sure she'd love to meet you if you don't know her yet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been getting a little guff from a few friends about my scruffiness. All I can say is that I prefer to be au naturale, but my girl insists on grooming me fairly regularly.

Usually, she doesn't get to my furnishings until a day or two after she does my goober bod, but this time she's gone a few weeks without touching my fuzzface or my legs. Personally, I'm pretty partial to my old fart fuzzy eyebrows, but some folks think I need a little manscaping above my eyes.

Here's another angle on the brows for your viewing pleasure. Check them out! They're slowly taking on a life of their own... like little fur tentacles on my forehead. I think they're fine the way they are.

And, yeah. Here is a shot of my booty... for your viewing pleasure.

Stella snuck in this photo of herself. Talk about looking scruffy!

As far as I'm concerned, the manscaping could never happen and it would be too soon.

Goober love,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sergeant Stella

Don't let this sweet face fool you.

Because underneath all that fuzz...

and sweetness, beats the heart of a drill sergeant. And, the only soldier she bothers to order around is ME, the head goob.

Check out this video from her first day in GooberStan. She doesn't even know me, starts barking out orders, and I'm the one who was constantly told to "be gentle"!

Once, not too long after Stella arrived, she was barking away at me ordering me to do something, and I suddenly stood at attention, looked straight ahead and yelled, "YES, DRILL SERGEANT!"

The scary part is that while I was laughing at my own little joke, she was saying, "Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!" She actually thinks she in charge... still.

You might be surprised to know that for every sweet Stella photo we have, there are at least 3 of her fierce drill sergeant face!

With me, intimidation is her stock in trade. But, as much as she thinks she has an affect on me, I am still...

Large & in charge,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dogs I DO NOT Know... Yet

Wally is always talking about how his ma ape cheats on him with other dogs. Well, my girl is just as bad, or maybe worse. In the last couple of weeks she has been hanging out with these 2 pups who were in Rescue, but who have both found homes.

The one on the left is Elliot, and the one on the right is his sissy, Julia. They were abandoned by their breeder when they were just a couple of months old, and made it on their own (just relying on each other) for quite a few weeks before they were found and handed over to Airedale Rescue. Now they are 4 months old and getting used to being around hoomans. (That is why my girl said she was spending time with them.)

This is Elliot, the more adventurous of the two.

Now they've gone & switched places ~ Elliot is on the left & Julia is on the right.

The same day my girl was playing around with the Airepups, she also went to visit these two behemoths ~ Chester & Ellie, Old English Sheepdogs. They belong to her friend, Laura. Chester's the big one in front and Ellie is Ms. Petite in the back.

Their mama just started them on a RAW diet, and they've given it 8 paws up! Chester's ready for his meaty bones. Oh yeah!

Chester was keeping a close eye on my girl. Don't worry, Chester. She doesn't want your meaty bones. We have her well trained to leave ours alone.

Miss Ellie was much more trusting around the hoogirl.

Isn't she a cutie? Underneath all that hair lives a slim 35 pound girl. Can you believe it?

My girl said that Chester reminds her of me. I said it must be because he's mysteriously handsome. She said it was because he was a big goober and very gassy (but even cuddlier than I am... if you can imagine)!

I can't wait to meet Chester & Ellie... maybe someday...

Being a goob & a little bit gassy,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Some pups suggested retail therapy to help with my bug phobia, and this is the closest my girl got. She ordered me a pair of Doggles to cut the glare on those sunny days when I seem to be most bug crazy.

Merv has been wanting to get more commercial photography work, so I agreed to be his Doggles model for his debut commercial shoot.

But first, Stella made Merv take some photos of her enjoying a sweet note and treat from her buddy, Petra.

She was totally engrossed in that note.

And of course, she LOVED the sweet tater suckers. (No sharing either.)

Petra, you are such a bud to my sissy, Stella! She LOVES YOU, girlie!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled photo shoot.

You all know I'm NOT a trained model, but Merv is a pro, and he pulled out some great shots I didn't even know I had in me.

With Pat Benatar blasting from the stereo, I completely lost myself in the photo shoot and here are some of Merv's faves.

(Notice the tiny paws sneaking into the photo in the bottom right corner?)

Merv said he liked the emotion Stella was bringing out in me. (It's called annoyance, Merv.)

These are my personal faves.

This last series of five photos Merv calls "Reluctant Celebrity". I really had to rely on some major acting ability to pull these shots off.

But of course, I finally succumb to the inevitable and offer up one last peek at my Doggles.

And... here's Merv. Ready for action.

Anything for my catbro,