Always In Our Hearts

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snasslin' for our Buds

Today's meeting of the GooberStanian Snasslin' Association was called to order when I had Stella at an obvious disadvantage.

She pulled out of it, though, and waggled her toes at me. I can't resist going for the toes.

Which leads to my attempt to flip Stella over.

My attempt failed, but at least I got a reaction out of her.

Maybe I got a little more reaction than I wanted.

Today we are generating all kinds of good vibes and goober love to send to directly to Huskee & Hershey's sweet mama Shane and their dad Mark. They grieve over Baby Chloe, who is now with her brother Angel Lucas. Please go by and give them some love if you can.

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Monday, June 29, 2009


Our new buds, the Rocky Creek Scotties, are having a photo contest. Can you guess what it's about?

Tongue while meeting friends.

Tongue at the Mississippi River.

Tongue at home.

Here's one of me with my sweet Ami (Asta's mommi) in New York City. She doesn't seem to mind that I slimed her in this photo.

Tongue with stunt prop.

Tongue in Central Park.

Yes. My tongue has been all over the place, but so has Stella's. Here are a few of her pics. This is her signature, "How's my nose taste?" photo.

Nose tasting while sporting a different hairestyle.

Tongue while meeting friends. (Hi Jake & Fergi.)

Nose tasting again.

There are hundreds of more tongue photos where these came from, but you get the idea. So, if you want to enter, just post a photo of yourself showing off your tongue, then go over the the Rocky Creek Scotties' blog and leave a comment telling them to come by to see it. That's it. You're entered. You better hurry, though. The contest will be over when they make their 100th post (and that's coming up)! Even if you don't want to enter the contest, go on by and say hi. They're a hoot.

Today we would like to end with a piece of what Stella now calls her "shartwork." (She borrowed the term from our puggy friend, Pearl.) In this installation piece Stella exerts her creative efforts in the ultimate existential quest... the meaning of life.

Goober love,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diggin' the Goob

My girl is totally enamored with this photo she took of me this week. She says I look like the puppy I was when she met me. (I was 10 months old when we first laid eyes on each other.) I say she needs new glasses.

She digs me. What can I say?

Goober love,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Squeally Cute

For the last two weeks Stella has been trying to wrangle a meeting with the newest diva in the neighborhood ~ Priscilla, the pot-bellied pig.

She's a cute little diva piglet. She's all black except for the tiny white stripe just above each hoof. She also has little white furs that stick out of her juicy little snout!

She's just 8 weeks old and her belly has already dropped almost to the ground. Don't let that fool you, though. Her figure is still considered svelte for a piggy. See that indentation just in front of her back leg?

She's also very cuddly with people. How could you NOT fall for that face?

Stella fell in love and followed Priscilla all over the place trying to maneuver for a good sniff.

Stella even got close enough to get a little taste. (I reminded Stella that Priscilla is NOT on her RAW diet.)

She's squeally LOUD, that Priscilla.

As you can tell, she's not as enamored with Stella as Stella is with her. Stella thinks Priscilla may join Izzy as her diva disciple.

I squeally can't wait to meet her,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Puggle Snuggle

Okay, so my weekend plans to frolic in the countryside and swim the days away were thwarted by the ridiculously hot weather, but staying home wasn't a total bust. Here's our new neighbor and buddy, Izzy. She's a puggle pup and she looks like she could be Eduardo's sissy. Isn't she cute?

Normally she sits on her deck and watches us goobs from afar. But she has gotten curious enough to come over for some fence sniffing.

I couldn't let Stella have all the fun, so I came over for a friendly sniff and a complimentary through-the-fence wee for our new little buddy.

She doesn't talk a lot yet, but if you look closely, you can see her sass coming through as she sticks her tongue out at Stella and rocks the saucy little ear flip.

Stella told her all about the G.S.A. (GooberStanian Snasslin' Association). Izzy's curiosity was peaked, but she thought she'd start out by trying a through-the-fence snuggle with Stella. (Stella is convinced she has a new diva disciple. SHEESH!)

She put her head against the fence and said, "bring on the snugglin'!"

She was so energized by her snuggle session that she had herself a refreshing roach in the cool grass.

As a sign of solidarity Stella had herself a nice roach in the grass...

... and obviously hit a good spot!

Today, to honor Izzy's first snuggle, we direct all the good vibes she and Stella generated to all of our sick pals out there, like, Jackson, Randi, and Asta's parents' friend Anna Marie! We're also hoping that JB's dog brother, Bear, makes it home safely soon. We hope you feel the love!

Goober love,

News Flash

Randi found out that the tumor she had on her booty is BENIGN!! WooOoHooOOOOo! Here is a video of Stella & I doing the happy dance over Randi's cutie benign booty!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Something Stinks

Let's just say some things fell through and my weekend did not work out as I had planned.

More later,

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm planning on a WILD weekend!


I'm serious.

Goober love,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wired for Love

Yesterday Stella and I anxiously awaited our Wirey guests, Fergi & Jake. We were no good for anything all morning anticipating their arrival in GooberStan. We couldn't believe we were going to get to meet them on their roadtrip to Florida!

Of course, Stella did her best to make Jake feel welcome!

She was VERY enthusiastic about meeting him.

He was cool with that. I'm guessing he's used to it.

Naturally, Jake started asking, "Where's the big goob any way?"

Before he could make my acquaintance Stella said she HAD to say hi to Miss Fergi (one of her idols). Stella has so much respect for the Ferg, knowing that she weathered many years as a prisoner in a puppy mill and lived to tell the tale.

Fergi kindly let Stella sniff both ends. (She's such a sweet peach, that Fergi. I can totally see why her Airedale boyfriend, Farfel, is in love with her.)

Then it was time to let Jake do some of the sniffing.

We wanted to get a "before" photo of Jake (that is, a "before meeting the Goober" photo). You can just tell that boy LOVES LIFE, man!

FINALLY! I got a chance to get properly acquainted with my new Wirey bud, while he became acquainted with my headless pink flamingo.

We spent the next couple of hours hanging out at the Royal Tennis Courts getting to know each other while the hoomans yacked and loved on pups.

It was enough to wear this goob out!

Jake took frequent breaks over by the gate. Some kids were riding four-wheelers around, and you know how he loves his trucks and automobiles.

Loads of mutual admiration occurred!

Stella really wanted to hang with Fergi, but Ferg was enjoying the grassy spot in the shade with her mama.

I think Fergi & Jake's Nina Girl fell in love with Stella and with ME!

All that love & running in the sun was pooping us totally out. (Sometimes I think that was what the hoomans had in mind.)

I made sure to position myself so as to give Fergi a prime sniffing experience during one of my rare moments at rest.

How do you like this for Jake's "after" photo? Does he look any happier to you now that he had been gooberized? (Also, he had been hypnotized by my girl, who almost wouldn't let him play with us ~ she was monopolizing his time so much with her atomic booty scratches.)

It's obvious to Stella and I how Fergi and Jake have come so far from the uncertain and scared pups they were when they were rescued from their lives as puppy mill dogs... They get LOADS of good lovin' from the Nina Girl and their mama! The Nina Girl had us wanting more.

Look how good Jake and Fergi have it!! They have their own resident bear-hugger. Notice her technique. That is one full-bodied hug, man! She's a pro.

It's obvious Jake spends a LOT of time in this position.

Not only is she a good bear-hugger, but the Nina Girl is also very good at listening to puppy secrets and whispering encouraging love stuff. Jake's so relaxed he almost fell asleep sitting up.

No doubt, the Nina Girl learned all she knows from her sweet mama, who knows a thing or two herself about loving pups.

She has a friend in Stella for life!

And me? Well, after the goober mind meld, what do YOU think?

She got not one, but two hugs from me. (A rare occurrence, indeed.)

She wouldn't leave until she could give some last minute lovin' to us and tell us how much she loved meeting us. The feeling is TOTALLY mutual!!

We were so pleased to see that Miss Fergi and Jake were happy to have made our acquaintance. We stinkin' LOVED meeting them, their Nina Girl and their mama! We hope it's not the last time we see them!

For us, that Fergi smile was the highlight of our time together. She and Jake deserve all of the happiness they can get. We hope we added just a little to it!

The Nina Girl took this last shot of me before they headed back out onto the road. If you guys can't tell, let me just say that I am one happy goob! It's pretty obvious that Fergi and Jake's car is one giant LOVE BUBBLE on wheels! We are honored you shared some of that love with us when you wheeled past GooberStan! ANYtime you want to have a lovefest with us, we're totally IN!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella