Always In Our Hearts

Friday, August 31, 2007


I've been a little bored these past couple of days...

Then I remembered that I had been tagged for the scattergories game by Asta's NOMSS friend, Sophia the Diva Kitty.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here are the rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things … nothing made up! You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can’t use my answers! Here we go!

My name: Stanley.

Famous Singer: Sade

Four letter word: Stop

Street: Sleepy Hollow

Color: Sienna

Gifts/Presents: Smooches

Vehicle: Scooter

Things in a souvenir shop: Shot glasses

Boy Name: Sasha

Girl Name: Snow

Movie Title: Strictly Ballroom

Alcoholic Drink: Sangria

Occupation: Safecracker

Celebrity: Samuel L Jackson

Magazine: Sassy

U.S. City: Sausalito

Pro Sports: Surfing

Fruit: Star Fruit

Reason for Being Late for Work: Soooo not wanting to go!

Something You Throw Away: Skanky clothes

Things You Shout: Save me some eatables!!

Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo

That is pretty much it. If you haven't been tagged yet and you feel so inclined as to play along, please do! Everydog, Girl Girl & Moosie, enjoy your weekend!!

Goober love,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shakin' It

Hey Girl Girl, Moosie, and everydog out there! I'm doing a little celebratory shakin' with my girl because you dogs voted to award me the most Awesome Blog Award for August! WooHoo!!! I dedicate this win to my girl Ruby Bleu for nominating me, and to everydog and hamsterrier out there for making me feel so welcome. I LOVE Dogs With Blogs!!

Feel free to dance along... it's to the tune of "Shake Your Stuffie."
(FYI - VideoEgg is having some problems, so after you click the play button, you have to let it play about 6 seconds, then move the cursor back to the beginning and watch ~ that way you'll get the background music with the video).

And, if you don't know him yet, go visit my goober bud Balboa, who will be the Featured Blog for next month!! (By the way, his goober name is Boober).

Honored and Humbled,

Monday, August 27, 2007


Yep. That's right. My middle name is Wigglesworth. I was tagged by Puff and Bogart to play the middle name game. In case you haven't seen this yet, for each letter of my middle name I have shared one quality about myself so you can get to know me better. Here goes.

W rassler

I namorato de Asta

G ooberlicious

G assy

L over de Suki

E atable-centric

S moochilicious

W ally's Bud

O lympic-level Snuggler

R uby Devotee

T erminally Lovable

H umper ExtraordinAire

Well Girl Girl, Moosie, & everypup, there it is for the world to see. If you have not been tagged yet, please consider yourself tagged. (I can't keep up with everydoggie sometimes).

Goober love,
Stanley W. GooberStan

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ollie Ollie Ollie Get Your Sheepdog Here

This is Herc's cousin Oliver, the Old English Sheep Dog. (I like to call him Ollie).

He joined us at the park yesterday, so of course I had to have a welcoming wrassle with him.

Not wanting to stop at mere wrassling, I went for the head hump.

Obviously, I missed when Ollie employed his counter move. (That's Ollie's mom overseeing the humping action).

I was distracted from my humping endeavors when this big hooman boy brought out his soccer ball. The game was ON!!

He wasn't bad... for a hooman boy. A worthy opponent...

Of course, the better player ended up with the game ball.

We tried to negotiate Herc out of keeping this toy away from us.

Eventually everydog had to take a breather.

I love Herc! He has no problem expressing his love for his cuz!!!

We ended our outing with two of my favorite things...
Shameless begging for eatables (from a stranger), and... athletic booty scratch from a devoted fan (Herc's mom ~ she LOVES me).

Feeling better and having a BLAST,

Pee Ess

Lest you think I'm crazy, let me tell you that you are not seeing double. Oliver's mama and Herc's mama look alike because they are identical twinkie dinks! Fun, huh?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Al's Outta Here

Well... almost. Hey, Girl girl and everydog!! Big Al (aka Al Urgee) has almost left the building and the big red bumps are a couple of annoying pink splotches now. I'm feeling so much better and raring to go!!

I feel so good I'm even playing tug with all but 1 tooth tied behind my back.

Is this the face of an allergy sufferer?

Thanks for all the love, concern, and healing kisses & licks! They did the trick. My girl keeps talking about this guy, Bennie Drill ~ she says he had something to do with it too. Maybe you've met him?

Enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Al and the Red Bumps

Sounds like the name of some angry punk band, doesn't it? "I got tickets to see Big Al and the Red Bumps Saturday, you wanna come?" Sadly, that is not the case. Big Al, aka Al Urgee, has been a guest at my house now for the last few days. (WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS A GRAPHIC PHOTO OF AN ANGRY RASH. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK).

I've been looking like this...

And this...

Because of this... (WARNING: graphic allergy crud photo)

It is only on half of my belly and on the inside of one leg. Go figure.

And all I've been wanting to do is this...

I'm starting to feel a little better now. All I can say, pups, is watch where you roach! Who knows what you might roll in.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

Last week Bogart posted about his new kitty friends, Willow & China, and how they chose him to be their NOMSS friend (Not Of My Species Special friend). I thought that was mighty cool, and decided to do some investigation into the world of fluffy feline bloggers. Let me tell ya, they're a WACKY bunch!

This is Karl.

It seems that Karl regularly issues dares to his cat blogging buddies. His most recent and nervy dare was for each cat to go out and find and befriend an animal that was not of their species. Some befriended geckos, some befriended bunnies, and some befriended dogs.

I noticed that there were a few cats who had accepted the challenge to make a NOMSS friend, but hadn't found anyone yet. Naturally, being the cat-loving goober I am, I offered my services.

And, this is who he hooked me up with! Everydoggie, meet my NOMSS Friend, Henry Helton, the King of Downing Street!!

Don't let the glowing eyes freak you! He's just getting a little attitude with his hooman Lady! (He's saucy that way).

Here's a more sedate look at KING HENRY.

Henry is a very small 2 year old kittycat. He is a beautiful buff color, but says he is not any special kinda breed of cat. Just a plain cat. He lives with His Lady and his kitty brother, Clyde, who is 3 years old and just a little bigger than Henry. They live in a small town north of Dayton, Ohio . He is a CHAMPION LOUNGER.

I asked Henry how he came to be with his hoomans (he calls them his beans, hehehe), and here is his story in his own words.

"Well, when I was a month old, some beans put me in a box and dropped me and my little baby brother on the steps at the animal shelter in the middle of the night. I was there to greet their employees in the morning when they got to work. Those mean beans didn't even put any food or water in the box with us. They just taped it up and dropped us on the steps.

"A week later, My Lady came looking for a new kitten. It was love at first site for us. I started meowing my head off as soon as I saw her. I knew she was the one for me. The worker lady wouldn't let her take me. She said that I was too weak and it was too soon. My Lady said no way, I want him, let me have him. She begged the woman (literally) and the woman finally gave in. That is when I came to live at Downing Street where I am the King."

He kind of looks like a queen here, but really, it's just another one of the crazy cat dares. (Everyone had to wear this hot pink wig & post a photo of themselves wearing it on their blog... if they dared). Of course, Henry DARED!

Henry's fave food of all time is TUNA TUNA TUNA! But, he is also very fond of ice cream.

And look. Remember my gigantic stuffie, Fernando? Henry has him too!

He also has this thing about his feet. He thinks their cute... I have to admit. I think they're pretty stinkin' cute too.

Just so you all can get to know him better, I asked Henry to play a little MEME game, and here are his answers.

What is your favorite game to play?

"My favorite game is where I hide behind something and wait until people walk by. Then, I pounce!!! It gets them every time. My other favorite game is to follow people who are carrying glasses full of liquid, no particular liquid necessary, and wait until they put it down. As soon as they put it down, whaaaaaap!!!! I knock it over. The game is hilarious. I could play it all day."

What would you change about your life?

"I would change my size. I am full grown, but only eight pounds. This is very small for a mancat. I would love to be huge, like twenty pounds or so. I would get all the kittyladies. Now, I am smaller than most of them which makes it hard to get a girlfriend."

If you could spend the day doing anything you want, what would it be and with whom would you do it?

"Well, My Lady has been saying that she was going to buy Clyde and I a leash and harness so she could take us outside. I would love to spend the entire day outside. I have only been out a few times. It was scary, very scary, but I think it would be okay with a leash. It just smells so good out there and I like the wind blowing in my fur. I would love to spend most of it trying to catch me a critter, either a bird or a mouse. Now, all I get to chase are flies and it is not very fun."

If there was one thing about cats that you would like dogs to know and understand, what would it be?

"We do not like to be chased by animals forty times our size. It is very scary! I like to chase my brother and he likes to chase me, but we are almost the same size. We also are able to stop our bodies from moving as soon as we want to. Doggies seem to tell themselves to stop, but their bodies just keep going and they run over kitties like bowling balls. We are not bowling pins, we are cute, fluffy kitties and should be treated as such."

There you have it. Go check out my new hep cat buddy, Henry and tell him hi. He may not be of my species, but he is of my pack!

Goober love,

By the way, if you have any ideas on a girlfriend for Henry, please let me know. I will be conducting preliminary interviews for the position.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Post Pawty Remedy

After a long night of dancing at Simba's James Bond theme pawty, nothing refreshes this goob boy and replenishes my AireZen more than some tall, cool grass and an extended roachin' session (ala Wally).

Ahh. Now that's what I call refreshing!!