Always In Our Hearts

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glass Asta

By the time you read this my foster brother, ZZ, will already be with his new family in Michigan! (Sigh...) Don't get me wrong. It's definitely cool with me that he now has a furrever home and all. I... just... really miss him. You could say on the emotional scale I've been somewhere between bummed and depressed.

ZZ in all his Goober Glory.

To bring me out of my slump my hooman girl had to get creative, and pronto! She decided she would surround me with things that remind me of someone else I love... someone who has been a breath of fresh aire in my life... someone who loves me and whispers wise words of encouragement to me in my times of need. That someone is my sweetpup, Asta (from NY).

Isn't she sweet as candy??

Asta always gives smoochie kisses to those she loves. My girl knows how much I cherish those smoochies, so she got me this banana (that's bandana, for those of you who are confused) so I will remember the sweet love of my fuzzy-faced girlie pup.

My smoochie kisses banana. It's not Asta Girl, but it reminds me of her smoochies.

The other thing she did was so unexpected I almost peed myself. She sat this object down in front of me.

It's an old ceramic Wire Fox Terrier who is chewing on a hat... a glass Asta!!!

It doesn't look exactly like her, but it sure did remind me of her. I was mesmerized.

I decided to make my first move. I pretended to be stretching my leg & let my paw fall around her booty region.

Then I checked to see if anyone was watching.

I went in for my first sniff. I sniffed her front end and nuzzled her ear.

Then I sniffed her back end.

Time for a goober kiss.

Then a little goober nibble.

Then I just mawled her. (mmwahh. mmwahh. She doesn't [mmwahh] smell like a [mmwahh] puppy).

Maybe if I can get her all the way into my mouth I can taste if she is a puppy.

(Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant). Now (pant), I'm a little embarrassed with myself.

She's just a glass Asta, right?

No matter. She makes me smile cuz she makes me think of the REAL THING! (And that has cheered me up considerably!)


I'm not doing my happy dance just yet (I feel it coming on, though), but I am sending out all my goober love to ASTA, and to ZZ, and to all you dogs out there who have been so good to me as my ZZ left for his new home. His new family may be willing to start a blog for him. I'll keep you posted.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bibble's Barnyard Part 2

If you didn't get a chance to read Part 1 of Bibble's Barnyard, you might want to take a couple of minutes to peruse it. If you've already read it, then READ ON!
My Auntie Brenda sure knows how to bring out the best in a guy. See the way she maneuvered me into prime booty shot position during my swimming lesson? My, I never realized until now what a wide furbutt I have. (Enjoy, ladies)!

After my smooch-fest with the hooman pup, Araydia, I was ready to hit the water... sort of. Auntie Bren used Araydia to lure me out into the deep water. I'd do almost anything for more smoochie kisses!

That didn't work so well, but Auntie Brenda is well-practiced at getting pups of all kinds to do as she wishes. I just couldn't figure out how to work the floaty thing.

Don't I look like I'm searching for something in the water? Really, I'm giving my snout a little rinse. Hooman pup smooches are sweet, but very drooly!

Finally, I decided to go it alone to see if I could get the floaty thing to do its magic for me.

If you were hoping for actual video of me swimming, you'll have to wait for my next swim lesson. I did actually swim in Auntie Brenda's pond... twice! My girl was guiding me both times, and kind of glided me through the deep water like I was superman (except as a dog, and without the camera trained on my every move). I wasn't loving it, but I wasn't hating it either. I was just having a hard time getting used to having my feet leave the ground. I kept grunting while working my paddle stroke.

After swimming I tried another go with the Butcher (Bibble). She must have had some time to reflect on how ill-advised it was to snub me, because she didn't dog me anymore and kept throwing me these awe-struck looks. Once I looked at her when her mouth wasn't flappin' it hit me what a very tiny girl she is (not much bigger than my life coach, Cricket Louise).

And, she can be quite cute and cuddly if she warms up to you. (Excuse the blurriness of the photo - she was wigglin' with delight at my presence in her barnyard).

Before I left, Bibble made me promise to come back to her barnyard soon, and she told me I could play with her Mama Araydia anytime I want. (She saw how much I loved her mama). This could turn into a beautiful friendship...

Once I got home my girl gave me a quick bath, and then I was ready to cuddle up with my Piglet stuffie.

I got sleepy pretty fast, and began to hallucinate about a new friend, Bibblet. (It was like a combination Bibble and Piglet).

Bibblet and I got real comfy, (*yAAAaaaaaawn*) real (*yawn*) fast.

I... had ... me ... some good.... slee..... p...


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bibble's Barnyard Part 1

I went out to my Auntie Brenda's a couple of days ago for my first swimming lesson. She lives out in the country and has her own pond - with a beach and everything! I grabbed some squeakies, a few essential balls, and my sunscreen & was ready to head out. But no one told me that when I got there I was going to have to deal with HER!! (see the evil little pup below)

This is Bibble, the Butcher. She's one tough Chihuahua puppy who rules the barnyard at Auntie Brenda's house. (Auntie Brenda is a sort of animal whisperer. She takes in practically any kind of animal who needs a home. If you ever need somewhere to live, let me know, I'm sure we could arrange something with her).

This is Bibble's mama. Her name is Araydia, and she's a CUTIE PIE. (Nothing like her Bibble). Aradia is 3 years old, and I think she has a crush on me... but more on that later. Notice the doofus dot in the middle of Bibble's head. We know what THAT means... (sorry Tanner).

As soon as I got there Bibble started in on me - dogging me all over the place. All I wanted to do was explore and get to know the other non hoomans, but NooooOOOoooo! Bibble didn't like that I was becoming friends with Suzie and Doji (2 of the other pups there). She tried to get them to be her lackeys, but they declined.

I thought those cows looked mighty interesting and decided to take a closer look. I opted to go in through the barn for a surprise attack. I myself got a little surprise.

Of course, after all the hard work of putting on that show of wuss-y-ness for their amusement, they remained unphased by my acting talent. (girl: he was a BIG ChickenDALE - sorry Sunshade)

After getting blown off in the barnyard by a bunch of prepubescent cows, I decided to get myself down to the beach and check out the scene. I have to say I got a little distracted by my new hooman pup friend, Araydia (Auntie Brenda gets videography credits). I couldn't help myself...

I know I should have asked for that kiss first, but I got a little carried away. What can I say? I've always had a problem with delayed gratification, but I really think she liked her first goober kiss. (By the way, no hooman pups were hurt in the making of this video).

Whoa, man! I had a full day at Auntie Brenda's, and eventually got around to some swimming. We'll get to that in part 2. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey...

Goober kisses for everyone!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stanley, on Stanley

Since inquiring minds want to know, here's me, expounding on me. Enjoy.

1. Your age? 1 year and 2 months

2. Your age when came to live with your people? 10 months

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? black, red & white swirlies

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? My Darla Girl

5. How much do you weigh? 80 lbs of pure gooberosity

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? bamboo Roman shades - Pulled them right off the windows when my girl booby-trapped ZZ's crate so I couldn't break him out to play.

7. Do you like other Dogs? Yep! Yep! Yep! Although, I usually don't notice if they don't like me (imagine THAT). I assume they'll eventually come around once they get the full goober experience that is Stanley.

8. Who is your best non-human friend? ZZ my foster Airebrother. My friend, Lady, is a close second.

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeakies closely edge out tennis balls - I use squeakies to annoy my cat, Merv.

10. Do you like to be brushed? nope

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? both, anytime

12. Do your people cut your toenails? I'm too wiggly so the vet has to do it.

13. Any formal education? I too am a home-schooled pup (my girl is teaching me to walk on the leach [leash], to swim, and to have good manners, whatever those are, when I meet new hoomans. She's threatening to sign us up for an obedience class. Don't ask - more later).

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? Depends... I run like the wind and I love my stuffies very athletically, then I fall over and I'm out for the count.

15. Five nicknames your people call you. Goober, Stanman, Stanley Boy, Punk, and of course, Goober Stan.

16. What is your best trick? Getting my girl to still laugh at me even though I've destroyed her living room. (Ask me later about this - see #13).

17. Do you like kitties? I love my Merv, most fervently. Alas, he does not return the sentiment. (*sigh*) Yet.

18. What did you have for breakfast? Kibble and a nana (banana)

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? A pink flamingo (hooman girl: it was a plastic pink flamingo)

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? The week after my girl adopted me (about 4 months ago) - for the full work up and some shots. I was fine until they started touching my paws. Then I hugged my girl for dear life! (My paws are a wee bit ticklish).

21. Where do you sleep at night? My girl would like me to sleep with her, but I am too much of a bed buffalo (I roam). So, I sleep on my bed in the living room or on the couch.

22. Do you like to swim? I love to wade up to my neck in water. I'm actually having my first swim lesson today.

23. Can you make puppies? What ingredients do you need for that? (hooman girl here: Nope. He lost his boy bits just before he came to live with me. Wouldn't know it, though.)

24. Do you give kisses? I am selective about kisses. Other dogs get plenty of goober kisses. As for hoomans, my love and enthusiasm gets spread to anyone who notices me, but kisses are for those who please me most.

25. Can you potty on command? Not so much. I go when I like, thanks. Although, I have finally learned it's okay to go when attached to the leach (leash) and when people are watching me.

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz? The closest I've been to a Cuz was in Petsmart. I have insufficient information to answer this question at this time.

If you haven't done this MEME game yet, just copy the questions and paste them into your blog. No fact is too small or too pawsonal.
Thanks, Penny, for starting the game. We love ya, girl!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deep Thoughts and Haiku

I have had some intensive sessions with Cricket Louise (my life coach) discussing how I'm going to adjust to ZZ's departure for his furrever home. She suggested we talk things out. So, I have spent a lot of time talking with ZZ late into the night about life. Naturally, my thoughts have taken a philosophical turn during the last few days. I've been so preoccupied I hardly hear a word anyone says to me.

Huhh? You talkin' to ME?

Anyway... ZZ wanted me to share with you a couple of deep thoughts I've had. Hopefully they will be of help to you in your time of need.

Deep Thought #1

If you ever drop your squeakies into a river of molten lava, just let 'em go, cuz man, they're gone!

Deep Thought #2

The face of a hooman can say so much... especially the mouth part of the face.

You'll have to excuse me a minute. I need to ask ZZ something.


Okay. ZZ has agreed to share with you some of his Airedale Haiku. He wants me to remind everyone that Haiku has 3 lines - 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables again. (Thank you, Professor ZZ). Here's some of his work. It is a series of 4.

In wire crate I sit

Staring at my goob friend, Stan

Will he break me out?

Tummy rubs and hugs

Kisses and booty scratches

Make it feel like home

The hooman girl here

Loves on me like I am hers

And goob boy Stanley's

Stuffies and squeak toys

Wrasslin' and bitey face games

I'll miss GooberStan


ZZ & Stanley

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wooooo Hooooo!!


ZZ here, and boy, do I have something groovy to smile about!

Word on the street is that some extraordinarily insightful peeps from Michigan felt the love vibe I was sending out over the AIREwaves, and have decided to become my new FUREVER FAMILY!! Some cool specs on my new family: they live out in the country, and they have 5 hooman pups, some horses, and 2 barn cats. There's even talk that they're already fighting over who gets to have me bunk with them first! (Relax, family... plenty of me to go around!)

This calls for a little HAPPY DANCE!

Stanley and I have been pawtying in celebration since I heard the news a few days ago!

One added element that has upped the pawty factor in GooberStan these days has been Stanley's hidden talent for jail breaks. (Hooman girl here: it's true!) Often when our hooman girl leaves the house, Stanley has been working his magic paws to open my crate. The girl always safely shuts me away in the crate when she leaves, and when she gets home, B*I*N*G*O, there I am waiting by the door to greet her. She is totally baffled and just a little freaked.

(Hooman girl: I am more than a little freaked! At first I thought someone was trying to mess with me - to make me think Stanley has superdoggy powers. But, this has been tested under pseudo-scientific conditions and it's true. Stanley keeps changing it up so I never know what to expect when I get home. Sometimes he ends up in the crate instead of ZZ).

While we're out and about in the house, we figured it was time to get in as much tug-of-war as possible. Warning: the results look a little like crime scene photos, so if you have a weak stomach or are particularly sensitive about your stuffie toys, the following video and photos are not for you.

We have decapitated or dismembered a large number of the stuffie toy population in GooberStan. Don't get me wrong. We're definitely NOT anti-stuffie. We are just dogs who love our stuffies a little too much! Here's some of our handywork.

When not loving on the stuffies of GooberStan, we're... WRASTLIN'!

(Notice how I've picked up some of Stanley's moves - if I get tired of him shoving me around the yard backwards, I just lie down and wrastle from that position. Also, just an FYI on Stanley. He looks a little extra fancy in these videos... sometimes he wears his royal collar around the yard. Says it makes him feel more regal. Sheesh! What a GOOB!)

Here's one more wrastlin' vid. I love it because it shows you just how vain Stanley is about his booty. He's quite fond of it and thinks it's one of his best features. Notice how he keeps pointing it toward the camera. (Come to think of it, it may be his best side. What do you think, Liberty?)

I'm not splittin' this scene just yet. (My travel agent is still working on details). Even though the road to my new home may take me away from GooberStan, it cannot take the sweet sweet memories Stanley, the girl, and I have made together!

Stanley has even given me a lifetime apointment to his cabinet. I am the Secretary of Pawmerce for GooberStan (I will promote paw-to-paw relations between Stanley and the non-GooberStanian world). I thought I'd never have an establishment job, but I'd do anything for my best bud, Stan.

Love, Peace, and a lifetime of good stuffies!
Your Goob at-large,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A couple of days ago my girl loaded me into the car (sans ZZ) and said we were going to see my buddies Sassy, Mackie, and Dova. I thought to myself, "Cool. I love playing with those guys. Let's hit the road!"

Here I am yucking it up with Dova and Sassy (in front), blissfully unaware of the fate that was about to befall me.

My girl told me she had brought us to their house so she could get her first Airedale grooming lesson from Terry (mom to Sassy, Mackie, and Dova). You'd think having had a couple of Airepups before me she would have learned to do that before now, but whatever, lady. Have at it. I'm settling in for some good playtime with my pals.

Mackie Boy was having a fine time, albeit, on his own without us.

Sassy was all grins and giggles.

Dova... well he was just a little confused.

Little did I know that my girl had plans for me of which I knew not. While I was feeling sorry for the poor sucker she was taking her clippers to for the first time, she informed me that I was going to be her hair model.

Here's my do before she buzzed me.

Here's my do after she buzzed me.
See the 2 cowlicks on my chest (no, she did not buzz me bald in 2 places - these bald spots were already there under my very thick & wirey chest hair)? Weird, huh? Who knew?

Needless to say, I'm feeling a little exposed!

Freezing in GooberStan,