Always In Our Hearts

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wally My Woober Boy

My Wally, one of my best buds and THE BEST Corgador to ever live, went to the Bridge this morning. I am devastated.

His Ma Ape says he died because his heart was,literally, too big for him.

I'm not surprised... but I'm sure gonna miss him.

Run like the WIND, my little flipper-footed friend! I'll still be celebrating Woober-Palooza on February 22nd. Just so you know...
Always in my heart,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pregame Smackdown

While waiting for the Super Bowl to start, thought I'd have a little pregame talk with Stella.

Stella and I are having a little difference of opinion. She's all about Indianapolis and I'm pretty certain New Orleans is going to win. Nothing like a little friendly trash talk among siblings...

Of course we never leave it at the talking stage. It always moves into the smackdown stage.

You know, despite her bad taste in football teams...

I actually DO love my sissy. Now that the smackdown is in the cool down phase, it's time to get the snacks ready. Mmmm... snacks.

Goober Love,