Always In Our Hearts

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roadtrip GooberStyle

So. Last week my Aunt Kelly came to GooberStan to visit for a few days before she headed off to Iowa with us to visit our Goober Granny. She sure knows what a boy like me wants!

Here's Stella putting in her request with Aunt Kelly.

And here's Aunt Kelly obliging the Stellanator.

The trip to Iowa was almost 6 hours long. I offered to drive the first leg of the trip.

Stella called shotgun.

Stella couldn't leave me alone during the trip so she joined me in the back seat.

I'm a notorious backseat driver, and am barking out some constructive driving criticism to Aunt Kelly.

When not monitoring the driving I was on the lookout for cow sitings! Those cows drive me NUTS, I'm telling ya.

After going off about the cows I had to grab me a Pooh Bear for a little Stuffy Therapy session.

We got to granny's pretty late. Stella & I just had enough time to get a wrasslin' session in before bedtime.

We took some time out for a little goober cuddle until it was time....

... for me to warm up my girl's makeshift bed.

I got to meet my cousins for the first time. This is Ashley and her new pup Rayne.

Here Stella is sucking up to the hooman pup. Me? I ran right up to her and put my snout in her face. Then I ran my juicy goober tongue all the way up to her hairline! (Mmmm. Mmmm. Nothing tastes better than hooman pup!)

We went for a little hike at my girl's fave childhood park. Here's Stella recharging her AireZen as she overlooks the mighty Mississippi.

We didn't seem to be able to get together on a photo, so I had the girl take some solo shots of me.

I was jonesin' for a swim, but my girl said she'd drown me herself if I even thought of jumping into the Mississippi River.

I just had to show you a photo of my juicy tongue in all its glory. It's magnificent!

My girl is leaving on vacation today to Colorado, so we won't be posting or visiting for the next week or so. Here we are saying our good-byes.

Stella couldn't wait for the girl to leave, since that meant she'd be going to stay with Hercules and his hooman sissy pup for the week. (Merv & I will be house sitting with a personal servant on call during the week.)

Stella can be a very affectionate pup, but here she is giving my girl the Heisman.

Hope all you buddies have a great week. We'll fill you in on our adventures once our girl gets home!
Goober love,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Gooberocity

Here are just a few moments of random gooberocity caught on film. First, we have a rare photo of the Stellanator at rest in her boudoir.

And now we bring you a very common sight ~ the relaxing goober.

Sometimes our wrasslin sessions turn into a snuggly pile of gooberrific fluff.

Of course, Stella can't let snuggling dogs lie. She has to mix things up.

A little snout-to-snout talk. (I still have to attend to Stella's goobette training.)

And, no post on random gooberocity would be complete without a cameo by our catbro, Merv. Here we've caught Stella's response to Merv's suggestion that he restyle her hair. (Would YOU want to meet her in a dark alley?)

Here are just a couple more tidbits of random gooberocity. Note my new collar. The blue flames are symbolic... of the high concentration of methane which I expel on daily basis... usually in close proximity to my girl's face. Also, I have been de-poodle-fied. Mango made mention last week of the curly pantaloons I was sporting on my back legs. It's not easy to see from here, but they've been trimmed down to a more manageable fluff.

We here in GooberStan hope all you pups are staying cool!

Goober love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Goodies of an International Nature

How did we acquire this FAB doofus bird?

Why is this hump-happy caterpillar now living in GooberStan?

Who sent us this superb stash of gooberlicious noshables?

We were lucky to have our monumentally gooberish buds ~ Sherman, Penny & Lola (THE DOJA - Dogs Of Jackman Ave) ~ as partners in the first annual DWB's International Goodie Exchange! WHOA! Did they do us right or WHAT?!

This Doofus Bird caught my attention right away. You can see that he got me off of my feet (like the hang time?) and aireborne for a nice game of tag. Then we got down to some serious stuffie testing ~ snuggle time.

This bird is almost as much of a camera hound as I am.

Stella wanted to rumble me for him, but I let her have a little visitation time with the bird. She invited him into her new condo (she got the new digs for her birthday).

The gay pride caterpillar even showed up for the party.

I have a feeling that anytime during the next week, this is how you'll find me and the Doofus Bird... stationed by the front windows on squirrel patrol.

Stella has taken ownership of the caterpillar.

I was just going to ignore it, you know? But, I had to have me a taste of that rainbow colored worm.

Speaking of taste, if there's one thing Sherman, Penny & Lola know about, it's how to eat! Our girl let us try out these free-floating treats we found in the box amongst all the other goodies.

Notice the big bubble of goober drool on my bottom lip? This chew was seriously tasty. If you biggiefy the photo you'll see just how monumentally juicy my snout really is!

Stella repaired to her condo to have a solitary chew.

Now for the weird stuff. Sherman, Penny & Lola's mom sent Stella a bag of Sherman Stink. Here she is checking it out.

She kept sticking her nose deeper and deeper into that bag.

I heard her say something about wanting to suck all the Sherman Stink she could out of his fur sample. I think she's going to recarpet her condo with it.

Stella was so enraptured by the experience I thought I'd give it a whirl. I eagerly anticipated the heights to which I was about to be transported.

All it took was one good whiff! I'm thinking that bag is filled more with Stink than with Sherman! Ewwwww weeeeee!!

You've gotta be kidding me.

Stella & I had the same idea when it came to the note Sherm, Penny & Lola sent. We both wanted to eat it.

Can you really blame us?

Sherman! Penny! Lola! You guys are the cat's pajamas! We LOVE our box of love, and are overwhelmed with gooey and wiggly feelings for all three of you!

Stella decided she would use the little squeaky duck in the package to practice what she'd do on a date with Sherman. See how she's going in for the smooch?! I've gotta say, I'm a little embarrassed and queasy here.

Chef & T-Bone Beaseley, this was a brilliant idea of the highest order! We LOVE the way you guys think. Thanks for organizing all of this and for being patient as we waited for our lazy girl to let us open our package!

Goob love,
Stanley & Stella