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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goobers in Beantown

Asta's daddi, George, was a quick study at the wheel of the GoobMobile on the way to Boston. With me as his trusty co-pilot he could hardly go wrong.

Of course, co-piloting still allowed me time to dole out goober smooches to the passengers.

In just a few hours we were in Boston, snout-to-snout with Agatha & Archie and their mom & dad!

We decided to give back to the city of Boston by displaying ourselves on Boston Common for a little Airedmiration and Wiredmiration.

I have to say that Agatha and Archie are FABULOUS at the tour guide gig. They even have a little comedy schtick they do and totally had Asta cracking up! (See her on the right telling her mommi the punchline?)

At times I felt like a black & tan boy at the tri-color convention.

Agatha even had time between sightseeing tours for a nice roach before the arrival of...

Ms. Sophia La Brador (Goober code name: Sophoober Bradoober). Here she is with her bootiful mama, Sherry.

There was so much going on that sometimes I wasn't sure which way to look. Aggie & Archie's dad was so gracious to us Beantown neophytes.

Agatha & Archie asked Sophie and Asta to tell them what they wanted to do. They consulted for a few minutes.

Frankly, I didn't care what we did as long as we were together!

We decided to aire out the hoomans and get them walkin'. Funny, though. They seemed to do so much talkin' they didn't get as much walkin' in as we wanted them to.

I found this house on Beacon Hill. I'm seriously considering buying it, but couldn't get anyone to show it to me on such short notice.

While perusing the real estate options Sophie's mama snuck over to get some goober lovin'. (She couldn't resist me... SERIOUSLY!)

This little Cairn Terrier guy showed up and strutted through our little walking pawty. He was adorable (according to my girl), but he was no Petey!

Sophie and I admired the architecture.

We stopped outside the house of Senator John Kerry, since he was probably waiting inside to receive our party.

Sophie & I conferred and decided to forego the visit to Casa de Kerry in lieu of more walking with our buds.

Sophie & I were forced to bond by my girl since we were going to be sleeping in the same hotel room with our mama and girl. (Asta slept with her parents on their big bed, on which there was not room enough for me!)

When we got back to the hotel for a very satisfied and much-needed snooze, Sophie had to be locked in her box so she wouldn't jump my goober bod. (This is Stanley's girl here. It was DEFINITELY the other way around. We locked Sophie in her box ~ which she loves, we've been told ~ to protect her honor and to keep Stanley from having to duel her boyfriend, Joe Stains. Sophie really is irresistible to everydog who meets her!)

On a much brighter note, at least my sweetpea Asta got to see my sexy pose on my Hugh Heffner bed!

Agatha & Archie, give your sweet parents big goob smooches from me for being so willing to give booty and ear scritches, and for whispering to me repeatedly how much they love me! I had a BLAST in Beantown, and can't wait to come back to explore more with you!!!
Go by Asta's blog to see more photos of our historic Boston dogfest! You won't be sorry!
Goober love,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cramping Our Style

Alright. Before I say anything else, just let me say that Asta and I both love our families very much. She has her mommi & daddi, and I have my girl, and... well... they're DRIVING US NUTS!!! Everywhere we go, there they are. Asta and I can't get a moment alone.

We decided to have a little game of love tug, and who was there? You guessed it, the pupparazzi (in the form of Asta's mommi & my girl).

So, we've resorted to making up excuses to leave the apartment together. We told them that we wanted to skip out and grab a hotdog. No big deal, right? NoooOOooo! They had to come along with us and "capture the moment" on film.

Seriously. Would you want your own hooman girl or your girlfriend's parents with you everywhere you go?

Even the little dachshund in the background there yelled to us as he walked by, "DUDE! You've gotta ditch the parents, man!" I can only assume he was talking about my girl and Asta's parents. It was obvious our date was a little crowded, even to that hotdog on 4 legs.

Don't get me wrong. I know I'm not the only guy in Asta's life. (Believe me. I couldn't forget it even if I wanted to... and I DON'T. I mean... Asta's dad's a wonderful chaperone. I'm sure our dates wouldn't be half so much fun if I didn't catch an occasional glare from him reminding me that I better treat his baby girl right.)

The other day we walked all the way to Washington Square Park because I thought I might be able to get a good swim in in the fountain.

There I was, ready to spring right into it when, FWAP! My leash snapped taught and my girl hauled me off of the fountain's side to show me the sign that read, "No dogs in the fountain." Asta's parents agreed with my girl, and said they didn't want to see me get hauled into jail for breaking the law. See all those kids playing in the fountain?

This little girl looks pretty disgusted with something, don't you think? Well, if you think it's her sandwich that's got her making that face you'd be wrong. She was disgusted with how much the hoomans were smothering us. (Seriously. I stopped to ask her opinion.) What do they think we ARE? A couple of pups just weaned from our mamas? Are their lives so empty that they can only fill it with OUR social lives?

Here's a prime example. This is technically not a photo of me. It's a photo of my girl taking a photo of me. Guess who took it. Go ahead. Guess. It was Asta's mommi. If Asta's daddi had a camera with him you would probably be seeing a photo of Asta's mommi taking a photo of my girl taking a photo of me! SHEESH!

I began to refuse to cooperate on their photo shoots.

Once I got Asta involved in my plan it was next to impossible to get a good photo of us.

We made one last-ditch effort to sneak away for a few minutes of alone time. We said we'd go get gelato for everyone and bring it back. As you can see, not only did the hoomans come with us, but they insisted on feeding us as if we can't use a spoon ourselves to eat gelato.

Once again I refused to be part of their evil plan to keep us from being alone.

As you can see, I held firm but Asta pretty much caved. I can't really blame her, though. It IS gelato.

When we returned to Asta's house my girl could tell something was up, so she asked Asta how she likes having the 3 hoomans along for all of our excursions. Here's what Asta had to say:

I'm seriously considering contacting the NYPD about taking out a temporary restraining order that keeps the hoomans away from our dates. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Despite the hardship of the constant chaperones, Asta and I are having a great time together. I've never been so happy or so tired in my life!

Goober love,

Stanley & Asta

Pee S

You won't be hearing from us for a day or so. We're going to Boston Sunday to visit Agatha & Archie (and to meet up with Sophie La Brador), and then we'll be stopping by to see Maggie and Mitch on our way back here on Monday. WooOoHoOOOo!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Stanley is a little dazed and confused in

New York.

Nothing to worry or fret about, but Stanley is taking time to adjust to life in the Big Apple. He loves walking on the streets and meeting all the dogs, but is insanely loud whenever he is tied up somewhere (while we eat) and he sees dogs passing by. He sounds so ferocious, and I can't explain to every passerby that, really, he just wants to meet every dog he sees. He's receiving unimagined amounts of Airedmiration, and gets stopped regularly to be loved on and talked to. He's taking every spare minute to get in a snooze since he's probably getting more exercise here than he ever gets back home. More photos and commentary later. Go over to Asta's blog to check out more about our NYC adventures.

Goober love,
Stanley's hooman girl

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trippin' to NYC

We had a hard time leaving our buddies in the 'Burgh! They made us feel like we were family, and I came to think of Scruff & BabyStan as the brothers I never had, and Lacie as the sissy I already do. (She looks so much like Stella I had a hard time calling her Lacie.)

I gave Lacie a little brotherly advice in the love department. She listened, and promised to seriously consider what I had to say.

She does such a lovely job taking care of Stan and Scruff... even while furthering her modeling career.

Before I knew it, it was time for one last whiz...

one last sniff (aren't these two of the most gorgeous muscle butts you've ever seen?)...

and one last good-bye to the girl in her lifeguard chair...

and I was back on the road through the wilds of Eastern Pennsylvania.

We were on our way to meet sweet Koobus!!

As soon as we arrived she and her mama and her sweet grandpa (her personal bully stick holder) told me to make myself at home. Here I am welcoming my girl into the house. They let me run all over to investigate and drink from the toilets while my girl had a fabulous lunch al fresco with Koobie's mama & grandpa.

I'm not like my sissy, Stella, so I had no way to tone down my gooberocity, but eventually Miss Koobie let me get a few good sniffs!

I told her I'd be as gentle as possible.

I admit, I violated her personal space a little more than she would have liked.

But in the end she came around. It's obvious from this photograph that she was hankering for a little whiff of this goober.

I spent the next two hours napping in the GoobMobile while we made our way to NYC and my Astaroni! Here is our first meeting on the street in front of her building. She's a VERY sassy girl.

While she showed me around her neighborhood I made sure we had time to investigate each other a little bit.

Okay. We investigated each other a LOT.

We went for a romantic walk along the river. Asta's an incredible tour guide, and pointed out all her favorite spots to me.

As you can see, my months of practicing for walks in the big city are paying off.

Life on the road has been fun, but can be a little hard on a goober. I was so wiped out that I crashed as soon as I got in the door. Asta had other plans. She looks all sedate in this photo...

but she could not resist the goober at rest, and kept crawling closer...

and closer...

until she couldn't stand it any more, and offered me the ultimate overture of love...

her polka dot tummy. WHO could resist that?!

I am already feeling SO at home here in New York, and it's not just because Asta's mommi is in love with me. (It's mutual, sweet Ami.)

We have so many things we want to do, and have been discussing our plans non-stop.

And of course, we're taking plenty of breaks for goob smoochin'!

Since my girl is camera CRAZY, you can bet you'll be seeing more photos of our adventures soon.

Goober love,
Stanley & Asta