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Monday, August 4, 2008


My girl is back from the wilds of Colorado. She got back just in the nick of time. While her friends were taking photos of the majestic mountains and wildlife, my girl took photos of a very different kind. (I think she was having major GWS ~ Goober Withdrawal Syndrome, and was looking for a fix.) Do you want to see some of her photos?

Here's her first photo in Colorado. This is Angel. She was the resident greeter at the first bed and breakfast my girl stayed while attending a wedding at 10,000 feet.

Angel is a Great Pyrenees, and did all she could to make our girl feel loved.

Thanks for smothering our girl with all that amazing fur, and for helping her to bring home some good stink from your part of Colorado.

Another pup my girl pal-ed around with was this bootiful bulldog, Tubby. Tubby is a local gal, and it was her parents who were getting married.

As you can see, she's a natural with the camera.

She has the coolest tail. Even Stella can't pull it.

You may be wondering why Miss Tubby was there in Colorado. That would be because she was the ring bearer for the wedding at 10,000 feet. Here she is looking appropriately bored with the mating rituals of the hoomans at the rehearsal (at 7,000 feet).

At one point my girl was so starved for some good dog lovin' that she resorted to photographing fake dogs. This one's a snowboarding lab.

And this one is a psycho deli lab. The humane society in Steamboat Springs was auctioning off these colorful pups for a fundraiser.

My girl practically fell off the trail when she ran into this sassy Boston girl while hiking. Her name is Josie, and she's from the Seattle area.

And this is a random pup my girl conversed with at a gas station.

On behalf of Stella & I, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of these pups for easing the pain of Goober Withdrawal Syndrome in the heart of our girl while she was separated from us. We dedicate this post to YOU!

Now. There have been several rumors floating around about how Merv & I spent our vacation. Please refrain from speculation. You will have full disclosure on that later. (We need our own post for that.) But, you've got to see one of the presents our girl brought back from her trip for each of us. Here's Stella with her squeaky flying pig.

And, here Stella is looking more appropriately grateful. (Frankly, she's bored here in GooberStan after being a princess all week at Casa de Hercules.)

Look at the woolly bowling pin my girl got for me!

This is seriously one of the best gifts I've ever received. The pleasure I derive from this bowling pin rivals even my flamingo.

The top of the bowling pin squeaks, but the entire bottom 3/4 of the bowling pin is lined with Fart-like HONKERS!

I think I'm in love. It hasn't left my side since my girl handed it over.

Nothing says, "I LOVE YOU" like a good ol' farting bowling pin! I have a new respect for my girl's toy-picking skills.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and messages while we were gone. We're going to try to catch up with all of you over the next week. It's good to be back!

Goober love,


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Stanny...I'm so glad you are back! I've missed you so!!! That bowling pin is just pawsome...I think it might be bigger than I am - hee hee hee!

Give your Girl a big kissy from me...I missed her too!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad you're back! We missed you! Your bowling pin stuffie must have taken up your girl's whole suitcase, Stanley! Did she have to leave anything important behind?
We love Tubby the ringbearer! What a hoot that must have been!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Stanley my Dawling GooberLove,
It;ssoooo wondewful to finally see you..We missed you soo much hewe at casa de Asta..That is the bestest gift evewy!!youw Giwl is GWEAT!!!!!I'm thankful that all those doggies helped hew out while she was having Goober wifdwawel. I soo wish you could have been in Lon Gisland wif would have loooved thatew, and we could have swummed all day, and then fallen into a puppy love heap and snoozed.
Stella's piggy is a dowable, I hope she wealizes how lucky she is to live in Goobewstan.
all my smoochies kisses
Youw Fuzzbutt lovepup

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Stanley! That bowling pin rocks! We wish we could hear it! That was very nice of those other pups to soothe your girl's Goober Withdrawal while she was away! Glad she's back safely where she belongs with you and Stella.

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Stanislaw said...

Aw man. That bowling pin may be just as big as I am, but I totally NEED ONE. Seriously.

So glad your human is home! And if you don't mind... can you ask Tubby how she got to be a ring bearer? My humans tell me that I have to go to camp when they get married. Maybe they'll get me a wooly bowling pin to make up for it!

Sophie Brador said...

That farting bowling pin is amazing! I can't even believe it exists. Clearly, the neglect I am experiencing over here in Montreal is even far more extreme than I originally thought.

That last beast that your mom say at the gas station has eyeballs just like mine. But then I am half chocolate lab. And being from the west ... just west of Colorado, really .... that chocolatey beast could well be a Brador.

So listen up Stanny! I am working on a package for your and Stella. I might even be able to get something thrown in there for the Mervanator. Don't hold your breathe, because my mom is completely useless at getting things done quick, but sometime between now and later, you will get it.


p.s. The peeps in Boston and Vermont all loved my collar. Compliments galore!

Gus said...

Oh Wow! LOOOVE the bowling pin. And hey, nice to have you back guys. I kinda missed ya.


Faya said...

It is nice to read that you are all together again ! Your Girl loves you sooooooo much !
Kisses, Faya

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Stanley
Good to have you back matie. Colorado is one of those places my pinkies would like to visit.
We think your mum would luurve our B& comes with airedale smooches.
The furry bowling ball looks fab and huge.


Joe Stains said...

MOm looooves the Great Pyrenees dogs, but she sure could not have one in AZ he'd melt! Looks like your Mom met lots of nice dogs, the boston was probably the coolest though. That bowling Ppn is freakin AMAZING.

wally said...

I have most definitely been suffering from Goober withdrawal symptoms. I need oneo f those farting bowling pins to recover!

wally t.

ps. I missed you guys. And you can tell Stella that goes for her, too.

pps. Really? I have to stop speculating about what you and Merv did? Because I came up with some GREAT stuff.

Deefor said...

Glad your girl had a good time meeting interesting doggies in Colorado. Sorry I didn't run into her and let her give me some belly rubs for you. That farting bowling pin looks amazing.


Kirby said...

YEAH! I'm so happy you're home Stanley. I've missed you oh so much!! I'm so glad that your girl was able to get some dog love while she was in Colorado. Still no one is equal to you! BTW: I LOVE your bowling pin. I've seen that at one of my favorite stores and will now beg Mom to get me the matching ball so we can be matchy matchy! He he! I hope you are squeeking and making those farting noises as you read!!

Your pal,

Bogart said...

Love ya man - glad you're back!


Snowball said...

I love that bowling pin! I have never seen a toy that can squeak and honk at the same time. I think it must be taller than I.



Ike said...

Tubby's kinda hot (don't tell Martha!)

Jackson said...

Hey pals, welcome back! That bowling pin toy is seriously HUGE! J x

Amber-Mae said...

Glad to see you back again! How's everything been going?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Molly and Taffy said...

Hello Stanley and Stella

We are so pleased to see you back. Missed you HEAPS!
Taffy has been pacing up and down, the carpet is nearly worn out, as he had not heard from Stella. He is a happy chappie now that he has seen her looking so delightful playing with her new toy.

Your girl certainly met lots of 4 leggeds. Did she, as a matter of interest, take any photos of the countryside???? Just wondering.

Stanley your new bowling pin is amazing. Don't think we have ever seen a toy that big before!

Molly xx

Simba said...

So many blogs to catch up on. Hope everyone is fit and well.

Simba x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello.. I missed you doggies. What alot of other cute doggies your girl saw during her trip

~ Girl girl

Petey said...

Welcome back, Stan!

You've gotta catch up on my latest dates (and tell me what you think about your sound-alike!). Hope you and Stella had a great time!

Your pal,


Sophie Brador said...

STANNY! I am totally up for chugging beer in the stands with you. It's a date!


Petra said...

Miss Tubby the ringbearer ---- I love her! Your mom saw lots of great dogs while she was gone, but she came home to her best!

The bowling pin looks like double trouble.

Finni said...

It's good to have you back Stanley. That is one incredible presi your girl brought home for you - I had a duck that made those delicious farting noises (until I made a small hole and removed the fart-thingy)
Finni xx

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Stella and Stanley!
The pups your mommy saw are so cute! And the fake ones are so artistic! We want a statue like that in our house!
Wow! Your mommy does have GREAT toy-picking skills! The bowling pin sounds too good to be true, and the flying piggy is way too cute!
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

the Corgi Girls said...

That bowling pin RAWKS!!!! What a cool gifty! And the flying pig is appropriate for Stel!

Glad your girly had fun, I bet the wedding was gorgeous... and a bully ring bearer-ette?! Too too cool...

Glad to have you back, we've missed you Goob!

M & I

Asta said...

Stanley my Love
How awe you???how is youw bowling pin??
I hope you'we still hugging it..I hate being so faw away fwom you, but Jax is pwetty anxious about the tests tomowwow, so I have to distwact him...
I think it's a good thing youw Giwl didn't entew you in the pawlimpic would have put evewyone to shame..she was just being diplomatic.
all my love and smoochie kisses
youw ASTARONI FUzzButt

jaffeboy said...

Awesome toys!!! I bet you missed your girl loads too!

U should take a video of the bowling pin "farting". That will be way cool...

Neko said...

Your pig is very cool but Stanley's bowling pin may be the coolest toy I have ever seen. We have missed blogging. Mom is a work-a-holic these days. Love,Neko