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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bogart & Lulu & Buzzards... OH MY!

My girl is FINALLY getting her booty in gear to share about her trip to...

as my GooberStanian emissary to visit my good bud, Bogart Handsome Devil!

My girl's accomplice in her adventures in Portland was my fave 17-year-old amigo, Noah. (He & I are cool, but in Stella's mind, he's her nemesis and she goes OFF whenever she sees him.) Luckily for him I trust him to roadtrip with my girl when I can't.

He's a real musician (not just a wannabe), and made sure to sample some of the finest gui-tars in Portland while in town.

My girl was all a-tingle about meeting Bogart and his mama, Lulu! This photo only begins to illustrate the beauty of Dogs With Blogs and how much you can grow to love someone you just met! (Noah was surprised to find out that Lulu and my girl had only messaged and emailed back & forth before that night. He said it seemed like they had been good friends for years. He also said that Lulu is one of the coolest adults he has EVER met.)

My girl wanted to spend as much time with Lulu and Bogart as possible, and did, but first things first. As the GooberStanian emissary to BogartLand, my girl made sure to pay proper tribute to Bogart with our humble offerings of friendship... namely, this stuffed buzzard that made a comforting farting noise. (Do you think Bogart was intrigued by the buzzard or my girl's effervescent love for him?)

It did not take long for Bogart to settle into a comfy relationship with his buzzard.

My girl has always been fascinated with the thickness of Bogart's eyeliner. You may be seeing several of this type of photo... just sayin'...

While this is MY blog and this post is not, technically, about my girl's fetishes, she is also obssessed with Bogart's juicy schnoz to an extreme degree.

Such a happy boy!

My girl noticed that Bogart is a REAL mama's boy. As long as Lulu is close by then Bogart is happy.

Here Lulu is explaining the benefits of the Chuck-A-Duck.

Bogart didn't require a lot of convincing.

That boy is a consummate camera slut!

Once he was a aware of the camera it was a FULL-ON fashion spread.

This photo is a two-fer: notice the close up of the great eyeliner AND the juicy schnoz!

Now this is the really interesting part. My girl has been promising Bogart her Atomic Booty Scratches (A.B.S.) for years. Here she is trying to ease him into the process. (It can be quite overwhelming for a dog not accustomed to it.)

As the Atomic nature of the booty scratch began to sink in, Bogart began mumbling like an old man and gave in to the scratching.

Most of my girl's time with Bogie and his mama was spent out on the streets of Portland.

From this photo I think it's evident who encourages Bogart's saucey attitude and joie de vivre!

Since my girl had no navigational copilot with her (as I was home in GooberStan), Bogart was more than willing to take on the responsibility. He was very attentive to Noah's needs.

And of course, Bogart got to experience the added treat of riding with his trusty assistant (and mama).

My girl was eager to show this photo (for my benefit evidently) saying, "Awww! Bogie LOVES his mama!"

It's pretty obvious that these two are TOTALLY connected! My girl is already having withdrawal from them both.

Wish I could have been there myself, Bogie! Thanks for taking care of our girl, man. Stella, Merv & I are STINKIN' glad to have her home! And, she has even MORE to tell about her northwest adventure, and even met some other outstanding and famous DWB celebrities... who could it be??!! Guess you'll just have to wait to find out.

Goober love,


Mango said...

Your mom must have been totally mesmerized for sure. That Bogart is totally famous. And his mom is cool.

I can see he was very accepting of your girl's proper worship of his Bogie-ness.

I hope her scritcher isn't all worn out. Save some for the Goob!


Gus said...

Wow...we are impressed by the way Bogie settled in for his ABS. We should organize a contest this summer between my sissie E.Rabbit and your mom. E.Rabbit gots great strong fingers (from knitting those sweaters) and she has looooong fingernails that get through wirey coats. Ahhhhhh


One more week


Jake of Florida said...

Uh, our mom didn't know she was doing ABS -- but she's pretty cool at it too.

However!! To coin a phrase, we're so STINKIN GLAD to see you back and appreciare the DWB love connection between your girl and Lulu. It's true -- somehow the love we dogs generate translates into instant and profound friendships among our hoomans.

Just another reason why the world would be a better place if we canines ran it!!!

Wirey love!! And did we mention? We're SO STINKIN GLAD to see you back!!

Jake and Just Harry

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I would be a little jealous but it looks like you handled it well! Lulu and Bogart look wonderfully hospitable and how great that your mom shared pictures with you!

Moco said...

The company of greatness makes all shine.

Maggie and Mitch said...

It looks like your girl and Lulu had a great time together, Stanley! Maybe next time you and Stella can go and meet Bogie!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Brat Pack said...

That looks PAWSOME! Totally not fair you didn't go, but still pawsome.


Randi said...

HOLY CANNOLI! That's Portland's Popularist Peoples & Pup! Bogie is quite the gentleman to keep an eye on your mama & cuzin' while they were on vacations...

Lulu & Bogie are just the bestest!

Love & Licks,
Randi DOES Bogie get his eyeliner on so perfect???

The OP Pack said...

Wow, Stan, your mom sure was lucky to meet the famous Bogart and his Mom Lulu. She got some great pics too. Bogart has gorgeous eyes, eyeliner and all. Maybe one day he can come to visit you too.

woos, the OP Pack

Persephone and Buster said...

wOw another wild trip! you missed out stanley... i thought you would have packed yourself into a piece of luggage or something... shocked shocked shocked that the true king/emperor/head hauncho of la gooberstan didn't get out to the rainy city. ah well.. we sometimes don't get to go with the humans on some of the trips either...
so psssst tell us who is the next secret celebrity.
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue to0

Finni said...

What a great trip! Your girl had a fabulous time. Hey! ... can you send her over to good ole England? ... I'd love for her to give me one of those A.B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finni xx

Mack and Sally Ann said...

What a fun trip.
Sally Ann

Murphy Dogg said...

Wow, Bogie sure is a handsome guy! Not to be weird or anything, cause you know, I'm a guy, but I'm just sayin'.
Him and his mom make a stunning duo!
Murphy Dogg

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Fabulous photos! What a brilliant trip your girl had to Portland. Hopefully next time you and Stella will be able to visit Bogart too.

Have a good weekend

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Asta said...

My Love
I have been so pweoccoopied wif twying to pway fow snickews that I only now saw this wondewful post of youw mama's adventoowe. Obviously Bogawt is a pewceptive and wondewful boy and wecognised youw giwl's faboolousness.
I was sooo happy to see the two aiwemoms getting along like a house on fiwe..
As emoissawy fow goobewstan, hew offewings wewe faboolous..I especially love the , umm, fawting
buzzawd. Youw taste in gifts is exquisite!
Thank dog that noah was thewe to take cawe of youw Giwl in ouw absence.
smoochiest of smoochie kisses
youw Astawonifuzzbutt

Asta said...

My Dawling Stanley love
Thank you fow coming and celebwating snickew's life wif me..youw stwength and love awe helping me see the wondewful times we had togethew and ot just the immense sadness of losing hew.
The time was too showt, adn I will miss hew tewwibly, but she will stay in ouw heawts and ouw shawed memowies fuwwevew.
I love you
smoochie kisses youw sweatpeaAstawoni

Eric said...

What a wicked trip Stan! Looks like your legged, Bogart and his Mom had a real wagger of a time. Woohoo!! Isn't DWB the such a stonking good thing.

Wiry loves and kissies Eric xxxx

Petey said...

What fun photos! But your Mom is still going to come back to New York and give me another mini-Atomic Booty Scratch again, right? She knows how willing I am to pose for photos!!!

Your pal,


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Brillyent fotoes! Jus look at thoze goobery eyes! Boge looks spayced owt!
It's STINKIN good to heer from yu agen! Hey, stik arownd, Buddy, yor mist!!


doyle and mollie said...

woofhoo what a furry fin trip your momma had - we hope you dont mind us adding your pic to our new post about orange we didnt realise you have such a cool bloggey - we will enjoy visiting - licks and loves

Bae Bae said...

How pawsome fun that your girl get to go visit your DWB friend. ;)

~ Bae

TwoSpecialWires said...

We're only finally getting around to read and write (it's hard with full tummies, sleepy heads and pumpkin pie in the paws), but what we finally got a chance to read made our moma smile and our tails waggle. We knew all along your Girl would love her trip to Bogart-and-Lulu_Land, and we can tell we were right!

Hope your Turkey Day was a good one. Certainly hope you had turk instead of buzzard for a change!

Jake and Fergi xxoo

Joe Stains said...

wow, how cool, we are so jealous! I can't believe the coolness and awesomeness they got to experience. I am so sad you didn't get to go :( BUT looks like your Mom had a blast!

Sophie Brador said...

Stanley! I can't believe it. Your mom is so lucky to get to meet those two. That Lulu looks just like my Auntie, so I like her already. Your mom looks great! I sure wish she would visit me. Sneak a smooch Merv's and Stella's way.


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Oh man oh dog...A.B.S. is now on my wish list for my next barkday! Just the sound of it makes my back arch!! What fun your momma had in Portland with such cool beings!! Glad you had your own Noah with you for the trip...always helps to have a guy around to ask for directions...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Smooches, BabyRD

Funny. The photos are great. That Lulu and Bogie definatley have a higher connection. I love Airedales. Their size attracts me! I think I'm one, but BRD keeps telling me I'm not and never will be. Phooey.WelshieHugs, Hootie

William Tell said...

What a wonderful adventure your Mom had, even though it was in your absence. We were so glad to see all the photos of Bogart and his Mama. :)

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Petra said...

Your mom knows where to go to have fun! Tell her thanks for sharing her adventures with us.

Ike said...

OMD! Too bad your mom didn't go further North - she could have met me!