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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Up Close & Personal

I have a problem with personal space.

Hard to believe, but the way I figure, if you like someone, get as close as you can and ENJOY. My hooman girl decided to do a short photo essay highlighting (exploiting is more like it) this little problem of mine. (I've provided captions to make it a little more interesting for you). She thinks these photos do an exceptional job of highlighting my gooberish nature. Let's indulge her for a moment.

The source of all Goober kisses.

Look into my eyes... you are completely under my spell...
This is the source of my Goober Power.

Is this really my best side?

The Whole Goober Package.
(In case you forget what I actually look like).

Thanks for indulging my girl's fantasy of being a great photographer (let's not encourage her too much - she's already the official photog for the Republic of GooberStan). I hope you at least had a hearty belly laugh in the process.

Loving you from the bottom of my goober heart,


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

*Here A Dale*There A Dale*Everywhere A Dale Dale*

First off, forgive my girl, she went a little overboard on the video footage. Never fear, though. Each video is under 20 seconds.

This weekend some of us local Dales from Airedale Rescue (between 10 and 15 of us) got our hoomans together at one of our fave dog parks. This video will give you an idea of how many of us were there. Everyone is gathered around the open bar, set up by my hooman girl so everydog could get a refreshing beverage at will (notice the blue cooler on the ground).

I also got reacquainted with some of the Airegirls I met at our first outing. Here are some of the local beauties:

Holly Girl

Sassy Bug

Miss Loretta

Here you'll get a chance to observe me putting on my moves. Notice my love jump (it's a signature move). It takes Holly by surprise. She is so completely dazed after my overwhelming display of dogliness she forgets to get her refreshing beverage. (That's her mom's voice in the background - I think she approves).

I also had the opportunity (twice) to attempt to hump on the run. Here is my first ever attempt at public humping.

I was a very busy boy that afternoon. Here's my second humping attempt.

Now, you have to meet my newest friend. His name is Titus, and he lives with 2 Airegirls! He is an Australian Shepherderrier (honorary terrier). Isn't he gorgeous??

Once I got some face time in with the girls Titus and I had a chance to properly introduce ourselves.

After all of the socializing, I had to get a little ME time so I could cool down for the ride home. (Notice how well I come to her when she calls - still got to show her who's in charge sometimes).

By the time we got home I was ready for a little snooze. All that loving and chasing can really take it out of a dog. Overall the day rated as a blast on the old SSF&E (Stanley Scale of Fun & Entertainment).

It's all about letting folks see I'm a dog, just like they are (even though I am supreme ruler of GooberStan) and spreading the love of my country. Hope you all had faboolus weekends!



Sunday, May 27, 2007

Biting the Bullet

Below is a photo of me with my buddy, Seger (named after Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band). We met when we did some Airedale Rescue work together a few weeks back. After hearing about Maggie the SoCal Airequeen's near drowning I thought it only fitting to share Seger's story.

That's Seger on the right, looking like he's about to tell off the paparazzi.

About a week ago Seger was bitten twice by a copperhead snake and almost died! (Seger stomped on the little sucker a couple of times, I hear). But, his quick-thinking family rushed him to the emergency vet, and in true Airedale fashion, he pulled through beautifully! I just saw him yesterday and he's back to his old self (except with a sleek new hairdo). It just goes to show, you can bite the bullet but the bullet bites back.

I just want to let Maggie, Seger, and everydoggie out there in blogland I've met in the last week know that I'M GLAD YOU'RE HERE! To all of the quick-thinking moms and dads out there, thanks for doing what you do best - loving us. Let's all be careful out there!

All of my goober love,


Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Am What I Am

Maggie, the SoCal Airequeen tagged me twice. Sooooooo, first off, here are some naughty photos of me going places or doing things that may be considered (by those in the hooman crowd) to be a little... well, bizarre.

This is me slathered in glorious nastiness after rolling in the mud hole I discovered at the dog park.

Here I am attempting to entice an impressionable (and extremely flirtatious female) Burnese Mountain pup to join me in my mud hole.

I like to meditate in the shower. Is that a problem??

Contemplating dipping into the candy box (er, Mr. Merv's litter box).

Diving in for a few pieces of warm brown deliciousness (kitty candy).

Now for 7 things you may not know about me:

  • I love Merv, my cat, and love the way he smells.
  • Obviously, I occasionally partake in a little kitty candy (when my girl's not watching).
  • After I run like the wind around the yard, I blow air out of my mouth and flap my gums. It makes me sound and look like a horse.
  • My farts smell like garlic.
  • I have a life coach (don't ask).
  • I secretly love it when Merv tries to play peek-a-boo with me, even though I feign indifference.
  • Even though I don't look it, I'm actually very Zen.

I now tag Asta Up Over, Ruby Bleu, and Joe Stains to tell us 7 things about themselves that we would otherwise not know. Can't wait to get an eyeball on those lists.



Friday, May 25, 2007

Lookee Lookee at My Twins

I've been tagged by Oscar Boy!
So, here are some of the celebrities my hooman girl thinks look like me.
When my hair is wet she thinks I look like...

the fabulous Barbara Streisand.

Otherwise, she thinks I look like a cross between...

Gene Wilder

Art Garfunkel.

I've never looked in a mirror at myself before, so I imagine my self looking something like this:

Chow Yun-fat
For those of you not enlightened about Chow Yun-fat, he is a Hong Kong soap opera heartthrob and international movie star. (My girl is a big fan).

Of course, in my heart, I am most like...


VOTE and let me and my girl know who you think my twin actually is.

Who is my long-lost twin?

Barbara Streisand
Gene Wilder
Art Garfunkel
Chow Yun-fat free polls

All my goober love,


P.S. I now tag Allegra the Airedale and Casper the Eskie!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Loveline

Some dogs are big on tracing their bloodline. I'm not one of those dogs. If you were sired by an AKC champion ball fetcher, that's great! Celebrate your heritage! What I am most interested in tracing (and sharing with all of you) is my loveline. That's right. I'm not talking about a dating service here, but the lineage of Airelove that led my hooman girl to adopt me out of all the adoptable dogs in the world. Just how did I get here?

I used to think it was just my irresistible charm & fetching good looks ...

But actually, I owe a debt of gratitude to a venerable Airedale named Rascal Unique. He is where my girl's love of Airedales started, and my loveline begins. One of her best friends adopted him at about the same time she moved to town. Rascal was six at the time. That was almost seven years ago. (We had to dip into the photo archives for some of these pics - excuse the quality).

Rascal was a very laid back Airedale sage (with a Pooh Bear fetish).

After knowing the love of a good Aireboy like Rascal, she decided to adopt a saucey Airegirl named Rosie for herself (through Airedale Rescue). Rosie was six years old when she came to live with my hooman girl and they were like peas and carrots. She had never seen a dog with more attitude!

Rosie in her state of extra fuzziness.

Rosie's favorite wig. (Don't ask).

Well, Rosie was aching for a brother, and just as my girl was about to contact Airedale Rescue to see who was up for adoption, they contacted her! They had a 5 year old Aireboy who had been abused by his former people and needed a home quick. It didn't take much for my girl to fall in love with him, and she named him Bert. (From what I hear, he never knew his original name anyway, and responded to the name Bert like that had been his name forever and he was just waiting for someone else to finally figure that out).

Bert was a sweet Aireboy with a very old soul.

Rosie and Bert went everywhere with my girl, and they became the stuff of legend in the neighborhood. To give you an idea of just how tight Rosie & Bert were, here's one of their family photos. (Bert's on the left & Rosie's on the right).

Sadly, Rascal and Bert went to the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old ages of ten and eleven, and it broke my girl's heart. But the biggest break she would face came just a few months ago back in February when her Rosie Girl made her own trip to that bridge at the age of twelve.

That's where I come in.

My girl never thought she'd ever have a young pup like me, but I'm going to make her proud she chose me to be hers. I'm fourth in this loveline, and no Airelove is going to be lost on my watch! So, even though I'm busy ruling my own country, my main purpose in life is to rule my hooman girl's heart. (The love fest began the minute we met and it's going strong). Thanks Airedale Rescue!

Full of Goober Love,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gotta Love the Balls

I think it’s best to just get this out on the table (so there are no secrets between us) as I introduce myself. I am proud to say that I am Stanley (reigning pup of Gooberstan), and… I LOVE BALLS! All kinds. All shapes. All sizes. Period. Here is a small sampling of my ball collection.

Not too long ago I lost a couple of balls to which I was particularly attached. Ever since then I have become exceptionally vigilant in maintaining my ball collection. If the ball falls to pieces or completely deflates, it doesn’t matter. It's still part of my stable of balls.

Just recently my hooman girl busted out the big guns and gave me what she called a moon ball. It was HUGE and had a HPBF (high performance bounce factor). Within 2 minutes of play, it was suddenly flat with no bounce left in it. (Sorry, no before photo). My girl picked it up as if to make for the trash can and I snapped out of my mournful reverie and put a halt to that. I made it clear that she was NOT to toss MY moon ball, and that it would be MINE for-ev-er. It’s out in the backyard shed until we figure out a way to make it bounce again

My favorite ball so far is one that my hooman girl called the psycho deli ball (hooman girl here: it’s a psychedelic ball). It’s got all kinds of colorful swirlies on it and had an even higher HPBF than the moon ball. Alas, my intense ball handling resulted in another ball deflation, but I still carry this one around the yard and take it with me practically everywhere. (Notice the action shot in the 2nd picture below).

My hooman girl thinks it could make a funky fashion accessory for me – maybe a hat. I had to set her straight about that. You have to show respect for your balls. Once you take them for granted they can get snatched right out from under you! (Believe me, I know of what I speak).

Thanks to Dogs with Blogs for letting me become one of them, and to Bogart for all of the support. I hope you enjoyed your first excursion to my country. Remember, the paw of friendship is always extended to those who visit GooberStan.