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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Training: Day 12

Hey, Stella here. They don't know I'm on the pooter, but I had to vent. Can we talk?

Seriously. Can we talk?

I know I look diminutive, and very innocent. I am. But, that's not ALL I am. See, I've been running Stanley through my BBTP (Big Brudder Training Program), and we're on day 12. He doesn't know anything about The Program. While he practices being "gentle" with me, I'm really training him & our girl to see things MY WAY! (*sweet grin*)

Check out these photos. The smaller photos show what looks like a potentially dangerous situation for a small pup such as myself. It alerts our girl to possible rough behavior by Stanley, and earns me major sympathy points. (See how fierce Stanley's big nasty teeth look?) (*winky wink*)

Upon closer inspection you will notice that I have Stanley ON HIS BACK, wrasslin' MY WAY, and he's barely touching me.

In this photo I look like I'm about to be swallowed by Stanley's jaws of death. OH NOOOOOO!

When you take a closer look, I'm standing over him while he writhes in agony at the thought of my wrasslin' prowess.

This third photo is one of my favorites. Unless you look really close, you can hardly tell I'm there. Am I right?

Upon closer inspection you see that Stanley is in my death grip, and he's not doing a thing about it. (I'm not called the Stellanator for nothing).

Now, please don't judge me or The Program. I'm just a wee mite of a pup, and the best chance Stanley & I have to make it as brother & sissy is for him to learn how I like things done. The key is for him to think he's the one in charge even though I'm calling the shots. See?
I guess you could say I already have him wrapped around my itty bitty paw. Awwww.

Thanks for letting me vent. I just HAD to talk to somedoggie, hammie or kitty! Wish me luck!

Love & itty bitty goober kisses,


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hee Stella you sure are a little cutie pie. I'm sure you have Stanley and your girl all wrapped up in your little paws. :)

~ Girl girl

Grammie said...

Stella, you are quite the sly one. Take care with Stanley, Merv and your girl. You want them around for many years to do your bidding.

Asta said...

Not that I'm pwejudiced ow anything, but it looks to me like you'we twying to muwdew my twue have youw jaws awound his neck fow dogness sakes..OK, I know you have to tell him youw wules, but be gentle pleez..
I don't want to have to come and westle you!
lots of big and tiny smoochie kisses

Faya said...

Stella... hum.... Now I am sure that the "Be gentle" was for you and not for Stan.....
Kisses, Faya

Maggie & Mitch said...

I can see that you're totally in control, Stella! I'm so glad we had this talk! hehehehehe

Love ya lots,

Harry said...

Oh my doG! Is this what I have to look forward to *gulp*!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Simba said...

Looks like a great game of bitey face. You do look like you are going to be eaten whole.

Simba xx

Mojo said...

Awesome work, girl! Smaller volume = higher concentration, right? You seem to be well advanced on your programme of domination.

Those pics are amazing though. All those teeth, all that gold fur. The one of you throttling Stan is particularly striking.

Go easy on him though. He's a living legend and we want him whole to play with. :)


Ruby Bleu said...

Um Stella...I'm not so sure I'm 'liking' this Program of yours. I'm all for girl power and keeping the boys in line and all, but Stanny is a lover not a fighter...go easy on him, ok? OR, like my pal Asta, I'm gonna have to come out there and take hearin me girlfriend?

Lots of Licks...Ruby

2shibas said...

Stella - you are BRILLIANT! You should publish The Program once you've ironed out all the kinks, although it seems like it's working perfectly as is. You are one tough cookie.

Wiley & Fievel

Jake of Florida said...


This is Jake and Just Harry's Mom: You, a smart young thing despite your diminutive size, have learned in the snap of a jaw what we females have all learned over the centuries: "Let the boys think our good ideas are really theirs!!" Wink, wink, wink.

Don't let my boyz, Jake and Just Harry, know about this message. They think they have me trained. More winks.

Clover said...

Hi Stella!
Good job on sneaking onto the pooter! Interesting program you are putting Stanley through - you are quite the clever little girl! And I love your first couple of pictures; your fur is so cute!
Love Clover xo

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Stella! So nice to see you talking on Stan's blog for the 1st time...Oh, those pictures sure scared me! You're sooooo tiny compared to Stanley. Looks like your whole head can go in his mouth. I hope he won't accidentally swallow you...Hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Gus said...

OK Asta and Ruby and all Stanley's special friends, Teka here to tell you that I have put Gussie through the same training regimen, and you all know he is fine. Well, sort of fine. So just don't get your knickers in a twist OK

STELLA,,,,,You go girl!

Teka Toy

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh stelle....i can lotsa potential in u...

great job in ur training programme...

Daisy said...

Oh Stella, you have got to be the cutest little puppy, ever! I hope your training program is successful.

Randi said...

Hi Stella - pleased to meet you! So glad you stole the puter away from your peeps & Stanley...I like the training program you run...THE BBTP....sounds more like an undercover sting operation Stella-Style! Just don't let on to the big boy that you are in charge...I was ALWAYS in charge of my big bro Dublin, even though I LET HIM THINK he was in charge..worked out very well..Big Brudders are AWESOME!
& Hats off to your ma the photographer for her photojournelism expertise....What kind of camera does she have to capture such chaos all nice & clear? My mom would like to know...

Love & Licks,

Frasier said...

You lil minx !!!

The Cat Realm said...

You are soooooo cute!!!
Don't forget the Dare - only one more day until voting begins!

Sparky said...

Hi Stella! You are a smart one! Be careful in case Stanley finds out!


Aniemother said...

Hi there, Stellanator! We're impressed by your grand plan! We hope you manage to teach your brother a thing or two.. But hope there'll be no need for a revolution in GooberStan!

Stinky kisses on your leetle puppy nose!

Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

Joe Stains said...

Stella, you really are one sassy gal. You obviously respect Stan enough to not flaunt The Program in his face, but I dunno how much you should try to pull over on the big goob, he might surprise you!

KB said...

hi stella! you are incredibly cute - and i love an intellectual, witty woman! :) ok, really what do i know about women considering i'm a pup like yourself!!

Putter said...

Nice work Stellanator! Stanley has his work cut out for him!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Ah...I see you have moved to Advanced Lakeland Terrier Training for Airedales. Perfect form, Stella. The one of you both on your backs will make its way to our desktop. Keep Stanny boy thinkin' he's the boss...and don't worry bout Ruby and Asta...I think they are all bark. They love you, Girl. We all do!!!

Wanna come to NYC and shop?????

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, you cute lil thing! Looks like the plan is working swimmingly *wink*

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stella
Sure you are a smart girl! I just can imagine how much fun you two are having together!
Have a good night

Bogart said...

The cuteness is KILLIN' ME!!!


Koobuss said...

Oh Stella,

You have done an excellent job in training Stanley. He's done.

You go, girl!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Stella, certainly make me see things from a different point of view from all those piktures. They can be really misleading. :P Go slow on your big brudder ok?

Noah the Airedale said...

You got it all worked out ay Stella. Poor Stanley, he doesn't stand much of a chance. See I'm a aireboy in much the same situation but I have 3 sisters and I can tell you, it aint easy. Don't under estimate the power of the boy dale. He may have some surprises under his collar.
Have fun with Stanley and be gentle.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Finnegan said...

What white shiny teeth you have!! And you are super cute Stella. We would like to steal you.


Suki & Joey said...

Hahaha! Stella, I remember you had me on MY back a few times ;)

I think the training program is a success. Stanny is helpless against a chica like YOU.

Puggy kisses

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hiya Stella! Pleased to meet you at long last!

Keep up the pooter skills!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

William Tell said...

Those are some impressive moves there, Stella. Where'd you learn self defense like that? hee hee

William Tell

Agatha and Archie said...

Stella,Stella,Stella,You are a fast little learner my sweet little thing. Now let's continue with part 2 of Agatha"s BBTP training program.........Love Agatha

Agatha and Archie said...

STANLEY,I KNOW THIS PROGRAM....It is part of a program Agatha designed......WE HAVE TO my cell phone..Love Archie

Agatha and Archie said...

STANLEY,I KNOW THIS PROGRAM....It is part of a program Agatha designed......WE HAVE TO my cell phone..Love Archie

Lacy said...

woofies Stella and Stanley!!! heehee Stella u weeelly showin ur stuffs..but ya better watch Mr Stanley, hes sly (jus lookie how many girlie fends he got)..

b safe,

pp's remember watt sumbody said way up dar, hes a lover not a fighter...

jaffeboy said...

Hey Stellie, you sure are a fine airedale. I can just see you terrierising Stan all the time.

Good job girl.


Patience-please said...

Oh Stella! Good wrastlin' job if I ever saw one!

Your new friend-
Lindy Loo the baby of the whippet waggle

wally said...

Psssst. Stan! You're so in for a lifetime of sissybossying.