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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Prep

I've been getting ready for my birthday.

I'm multi-tasking here, Randi. See, I'm tugging and getting ready to give a smooch.

And, here's a scary Alien Eyes photo for Deetzy's contest.

As you can see, we are busy in GooberStan...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Goober Girl Goes to Prom & P.G.A.

In the little hamlet adjacent to GooberStan, they have a 60 year old tradition on prom night. They have what they call a Prom Walk, where all the high school aged hoomans parade from the center of town to the high school, dressed in their finest. The whole town comes out to cheer them on and see who's wearing what and walking with whom. (It's a hotbed of gossip, I tell ya.)

Believe it or not, while Stella is not a bit shy with other animals, she IS a little shy when she first meets new hoomans. So, since I went to the Prom Walk last year, my girl decided to take Stella this year to give her a chance to practice her hooman-meeting-skills. Wouldn't you know, she got a few prom dates out of the deal.

This is Jessie. It took him awhile to gain Stella's trust, but once he did, she was willing to pose with her "date". He even sneaked in a few smooches during the photo shoot. (Don't worry, Taffy. She's just being polite to these boys and promoting relations between their town & GooberStan... kind of a goodwill tour. You are still her boy!)

This is Noah, one of Lady Bug's hooman brothers. He was willing to ditch his date if Stella would only say yes to going with him to prom.

He is transported by the prospect of a night of dancing with the Stellanator. (She, on the other paw, spotted a tiny hooman toddling around with a cookie in her hand.)

This is Noah's oldest brother, Seth. He was just there to witness the festivities, but he couldn't resist posing with Stella. (She doesn't look too distraught about the puparazzi either.)

Just so you know, Stella didn't break any girl's hearts by taking these boys up on their offers to escort her to prom. She's an ardent feminist and would never turn on her sistahs!

Now for a Public Goober Announcement from the head goober.

My birthday is next weekend, and while I love presents and treats as much as the next pup, I know I'm pretty spoiled already. Plus, your love and admAireration are more than enough. So, if you feel the itch to send me a present, please consider helping out a local animal shelter or doing something for a local rescue group in place of the present. Being a rescue dog myself, I know not all pups have it as good as I do.

If you've already gotten the present or sent it out, of course, I'm more than happy to accept your gracious gift. But as I'm nearing the ripe mature age of 2, I'm more and more thankful for my hoogirl, my sissy, my Mervcat, and for all of you pups, kitties and hammies who are my friends! That's enough for me.

There. I said it. Now go enjoy this spring weather!

Goober love,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Goobers' Day Out

Sometimes, when I've had enough of the Stellanator, I need to commune with nature and recharge my AireZen. When my girl sees me looking a little haggard she knows I'm in need of some Stanley Time ~ just the two of us. Alone. No annoying sissies.

So we went to do a little hiking, and look what I found. A spa. (I didn't know I was going to have a spa day! Hope I'm not getting waxed.)

You've got to lower yourself slowly.

If the mud is to your liking, then it's time for a little head dunk.

If you see the puparazzi, then motor on out of there...

...refreshed and ready for adventure!

After hiking through a meadow and some woods, we came to this cool spot. I had to consider my options.

Before I knew it, I was in the water relaxing.

My girl was having a minor heart attack because she noticed how close I was to that waterfall. (Of course, she wasn't so worried that she dropped the camera and came to rescue me. Nooo! Couldn't miss the photo op.) It was only 3 feet high, so it was no big deal.

But I came running as soon as she called me. (She had that tone.)

All in all a pretty cool afternoon of Stanley Time!

In the interest of fairness, and to give Stella a chance to have some experiences on her own, my girl decided to take Stella on a very different kind of outing. She went to Auntie Brenda's farm to meet Porkchop the pot-bellied pig and other assorted residents. Here Stella & Porkchop face off.

They found they had a lot in common and loads to talk about.

Here, Porkchop and Stella join forces to plot against Izzie, the LabraGirl.

As a thank you for her valuable help with Izzie, Porkchop volunteered to give Stella the grand tour of the farm.

Stella went NUTS when she saw the horses. You can tell by her body language that she's trying to get them to go along with one of her little schemes.

Strangely enough, they listened to her. They were practically eating out of her paw.

Once she had their attention she started barking out orders. (I think she's trying to help them organize a union or something. She said they're going to call it HAUL ~ Horses Against Uncompensated Labor.)

This video clip is not that long, but you have to wait until about halfway through before you get to hear Stella's orders. The hooman in the vid is Auntie Brenda.

The horses all lined up to get her pawtograph and a word of encouragement after her inspirational talk. (If she becomes a motivational speaker I'm going to make her live in a van down by the river.)

Oh, yea. Forgot to mention that Stella also had the good fortune to find a dead rat, and she roached all over that thing and came home smelling great! (Some pups have ALL the luck.)

Now it's back to thesis duty.



Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Entropy at work ~ a photo essay.

Stella almost always starts it...

... and she always finishes it.

Living in Gooberlicious Chaos,
Stanley (& Stella)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ya Say It's Your Birthday!!!

Today this Goob

Wants to wish his pupgirl, Ruby

the most Gooberific 2nd birthday EVER!!! Just look at her! Isn't she a cutie? (And, she doesn't look a day over 1 if you ask me.)

Stella & I are raising our voices in song to honor the birth of Ruby Bleu!

Here's a little ditty we wrote for Ruby, to the tune of "My Darlin', Clementine".


Oh, my Ruby! Oh, my Ruby! Oh, my little Ruby Bleu!

You're my brindle Boston love pup

And I'm singing cuz you're two.


Rubinator! Rubinator! You are witty, bold, and wise!

But you're also wild and wacky

And you have some gorgeous thighs!


You're a pilot! You're a poet! And your eyes are brown as stew.

You're a sweet & saucy girlie

And I sing cuz I love you!



Stanny & Stella