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Monday, June 15, 2009

Wired for Love

Yesterday Stella and I anxiously awaited our Wirey guests, Fergi & Jake. We were no good for anything all morning anticipating their arrival in GooberStan. We couldn't believe we were going to get to meet them on their roadtrip to Florida!

Of course, Stella did her best to make Jake feel welcome!

She was VERY enthusiastic about meeting him.

He was cool with that. I'm guessing he's used to it.

Naturally, Jake started asking, "Where's the big goob any way?"

Before he could make my acquaintance Stella said she HAD to say hi to Miss Fergi (one of her idols). Stella has so much respect for the Ferg, knowing that she weathered many years as a prisoner in a puppy mill and lived to tell the tale.

Fergi kindly let Stella sniff both ends. (She's such a sweet peach, that Fergi. I can totally see why her Airedale boyfriend, Farfel, is in love with her.)

Then it was time to let Jake do some of the sniffing.

We wanted to get a "before" photo of Jake (that is, a "before meeting the Goober" photo). You can just tell that boy LOVES LIFE, man!

FINALLY! I got a chance to get properly acquainted with my new Wirey bud, while he became acquainted with my headless pink flamingo.

We spent the next couple of hours hanging out at the Royal Tennis Courts getting to know each other while the hoomans yacked and loved on pups.

It was enough to wear this goob out!

Jake took frequent breaks over by the gate. Some kids were riding four-wheelers around, and you know how he loves his trucks and automobiles.

Loads of mutual admiration occurred!

Stella really wanted to hang with Fergi, but Ferg was enjoying the grassy spot in the shade with her mama.

I think Fergi & Jake's Nina Girl fell in love with Stella and with ME!

All that love & running in the sun was pooping us totally out. (Sometimes I think that was what the hoomans had in mind.)

I made sure to position myself so as to give Fergi a prime sniffing experience during one of my rare moments at rest.

How do you like this for Jake's "after" photo? Does he look any happier to you now that he had been gooberized? (Also, he had been hypnotized by my girl, who almost wouldn't let him play with us ~ she was monopolizing his time so much with her atomic booty scratches.)

It's obvious to Stella and I how Fergi and Jake have come so far from the uncertain and scared pups they were when they were rescued from their lives as puppy mill dogs... They get LOADS of good lovin' from the Nina Girl and their mama! The Nina Girl had us wanting more.

Look how good Jake and Fergi have it!! They have their own resident bear-hugger. Notice her technique. That is one full-bodied hug, man! She's a pro.

It's obvious Jake spends a LOT of time in this position.

Not only is she a good bear-hugger, but the Nina Girl is also very good at listening to puppy secrets and whispering encouraging love stuff. Jake's so relaxed he almost fell asleep sitting up.

No doubt, the Nina Girl learned all she knows from her sweet mama, who knows a thing or two herself about loving pups.

She has a friend in Stella for life!

And me? Well, after the goober mind meld, what do YOU think?

She got not one, but two hugs from me. (A rare occurrence, indeed.)

She wouldn't leave until she could give some last minute lovin' to us and tell us how much she loved meeting us. The feeling is TOTALLY mutual!!

We were so pleased to see that Miss Fergi and Jake were happy to have made our acquaintance. We stinkin' LOVED meeting them, their Nina Girl and their mama! We hope it's not the last time we see them!

For us, that Fergi smile was the highlight of our time together. She and Jake deserve all of the happiness they can get. We hope we added just a little to it!

The Nina Girl took this last shot of me before they headed back out onto the road. If you guys can't tell, let me just say that I am one happy goob! It's pretty obvious that Fergi and Jake's car is one giant LOVE BUBBLE on wheels! We are honored you shared some of that love with us when you wheeled past GooberStan! ANYtime you want to have a lovefest with us, we're totally IN!

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella


Molly and Taffy said...

Fergi and Jake are lovely Terriers.
How marvellous you had the opportunity to meet them both and had a really good day together.

Molly and Taffy

Lucia said...

Ciao Gooberstaniani!

Awwwww.... la mia sentimentale ragazza gets misty-eyed over some of the happiest things and this recap of Jake and Fergi's visit to Gooberstan just about did her in. Santa vacca....!

Of course, I, Lucia, am thrilled over the quattroterrier encounter and was all smiley to see that Jake and Fergi are doing so well on the road trip, and that you and Stanley were your usual gracious and welcoming selves. Having great amici is just the best -- and you two are some of the greatest amici, ever!!!

Tanti baci!

Gus said...

OH Sh......t. Is that where she went today? Man...I gotta go through her purse thingy.

gussie d

Asta said...

Stanley and Stella my sweet goobs
How wondewful that you got to love on those two wondewful wiwy kids and theiw Nina and Mommi
They awe twooly a bootiful family just buwsting wif love.
Fewgie and Jake awe doing so well..I'm buwsting wif happiness fow them..Just pwoves how much diffewence love and patience and cawe can do fow even the most aboosed pups.
You wewe faboolous wif them as I knew you would be.
all my love and smoochiest of kisses
youw Astawonilovepupsweetpeafuzzbutt

Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

All 4 of you were so lucky to get to meet each other - and your humans too!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Mack said...

Man, that's a lot of goob love going on over there!

Hey that diamond ring you got Asta is Goobulus!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fabulous time all of you had meeting up and spending time together! We just LOVE those pictures of Nina bearhugging Jake!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh our main man and Stell,PL2 is a little misty eyed as well seeing all of you today and seeing how happy those kids(and you)were!! We shudder to even think of what they have been through...and you are the best therapy( as we well know)It looks like you all had a fabulous day and look quite tired......We wish we could have been there!! Love and kisses A+A

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Stanley, yu sooper-goob! Yu allways hav so menny frends but yu ar allways bigger than them! Haha! Hey, come an see this foto ov a big cone on my blog. I bet yu'd luv to chew it!

Sally said...

Wow - looks like you had a great time - Miss Fergi and jake look throughly thrilled

There is a lot of love in both families and that is lovely to see - a wonderful bunch of wirey terriers!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh Stanley thank you for posting these happy photos, they really cheered me up!

What fun you had, and I must say I adore your beauteous tongue!

lotsaluv to Stella, and you of course!

lotsaluv, Marvin who is getting better!

Noah the Airedale said...

You're one lucky goob mate. Jake & Miss Fergi look like fun pals to meet up with. Miss Fergi is very lucky to have such a loving home.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

You are one lucky goob! Ok, TWO lucky goobs! How cool that you got to meet Miss Fergi and Jake! We are soooooo happy that they have wonderful lives now! All your pictures made our mom smile!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Mango said...

Jake looks a bit stunned after being gooberized. I am totally jelly of those full body hugs. I am going to try and get one.

Why do the people always want us to be tired?


Amber-Mae said...

Jake looks a bit stiff & unsure about you two. Hehehe!

Solid Gold "Actress"

The OP Pack said...

What a great visit you all had!!! So nice of them to come to say hello. They look like very happy pups. Mom loves the coloring in Jake - never seen one like that.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Petra said...

What FUN you had! I'm so jealous that you're getting to meet up with friends this summer.

And the answer to your question, Stanley is YES! PLEASE COME TO SEE ME WHEN YOU VISIT YOUR GRANDMA! I prefer to have Stella come too, of course, but even if she can't, I'd love for you to come! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Sophie Brador said...

Stanny! The morale of the story is, if you sit at the window long enough, a blogger buddy WILL come by.

Looks like a blast!


Sophie Brador said...

Also, someone is wearing the Merv shirt right this second.


Simba and Jazzi said...

How cool you all got to meet up. Looks like you had fun together and lots of cuddles.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Pearl said...

Oh my DOG!

I can't believe you got to meet Jake, Fergi, and their awesome family! The pictures were just full of love and friendship and smiles- they really made my day!

Pug Posse said...

Atomic booty scratches sound awesome!!! Love all the pix!
By the way, we gave you an award! Check out our post today!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Inky and Molly said...

Looks like you really had a fun time. Mum says, she likes your lovely long legs!

Eric said...

Stan and Stella, boy oh boy oh boy!!! Mom is all teary and I'm so full of envy you all got to meet up and do the luuuurrve thing, you four squares look wagging wonderful together. I can tell you gave Jake and Fergie your most Gooberst gentle and wooferfull welcome and the photos are FABULOUS.Good on you Stan and Stella!!!

Seeing Fergie and Jake progressing is better then Christmas n Barkdays joined together. But then with their lovely leggededs we knew they would didn't we?

Wiry lovies and kissies, Eric xxxxx

Asta said...

Dawlingest Stanley Love o'my Heawt,

Mywna wasn't standing..the little giwl ,Romy, was..Mywna was still too weak. Thank dog that little Romy wecovewed, but Stanley, something funny is going on..I didn't like the atmosphewe in that woom and Mywna keeps cwying.
smoochies of kisses
youw wowwied Astwonipupcake

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oh you have succeed in making me insanely jealous!! The 4 of you plus your humans looked like you were having sooooo much fun..
Wow.. first time I heard abt Atomic Booty Scratches.. can we sign up for a package??

DILLY said...

Hewo Stanley!
Thank for vizit Dily blog!
Dilly mayke film!
Be bowt Dilly an Bob an thunder!
Come see!


wally said...

So much terrier in one place! How fun. My ma ape is quite eager to do a GooberMindMeld though I'd be careful, she doesn't have much to share and might try to steal some of yours. Just sayin'

wally t.

Hollie and Janie said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! I love your adorable head sticking out the car window!! Mama is crazy about those long legs of yours!! What adorable wires!!!

TwoSpecialWires said...

OhMyDog, what a great thing that just happened to us. We met our very first dog friends - YOU TWO: Stanley the Goober and Stella the Princess. You are the very FIRST FRIENDS that we've actually sniffed and smelled and run and snuggled with. You welcomed us and showed us what true friendship is like: warm and happy and accepting and accommodating. You understood us from the very beginning, and gave us a chance to relax and be just who we are in your awesome presence. Those butt rubs and chin scratchies. That hypnosis and those gentle touches. We felt love that extended beyond our own family. Or maybe it's better put: our family just grew! What a great few hours. We are so happy that you shared Gooberstan with us. All of us. (The humines want to make sure that you know they had JUST as much fun and and enjoyed the whole experience JUST as much as we did.) We left with a wag to our tails, a smile in our hearts, a soft woolie bone under our chins, and promises of more love in our dreams. We are very happy. And want to thank you.

Jake and Miss Fergi

Pee eSs Mom promised to help us blog the time together, and we're sure she will once things settle in just a bit here in Florida.

Momo and Pinot said...

Ohhhh my... Stanley!!! Thank you so much for coming by our blog. No worries.. we can see your girl has been busy but Geeee... our mom has been very very lazy.. (ok she says someone keeps her busy blah blah blah...) so she hasn't helped us to visit you for a little while. What a great get together with all familiar faces... and this latest visit with these two cuties looks fun!!!!

Momo & Pinot

Moco said...

Are you having a great time this year or what?

Ike said...

OMD! Your social life is insane!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my...we can't believe you got to meet the famous Fergi and Jake...that Jake is just so handsome...I wonder if you could use you clout with him Stella to get me a date???? I could give him first available...let me know...

You all looked wiped out after playin' all that tennis!!! We loved how you got Miss Fergi all happy...must be that Goober love!!!

Stella...has ur gurl and Stanley revised their treatment of you since returnin' from Casa de Hercule's???? Honestly...what can a princess do???

We're all back from the wedding and exhausted!!! Such a good time...gotta go round up the boyz and get them to beddiebye!!!

Love to you goobers!!!!

Laciegirlie and the Boyz!!!

Persephone and Buster said...

wow stanley -- you are meeting everyone!! i think that fergi an jake are very lucky to have the nina girl... all that lovin' we love lovin'!! glad you had a great visit..
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms.Blue