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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Puggle Snuggle

Okay, so my weekend plans to frolic in the countryside and swim the days away were thwarted by the ridiculously hot weather, but staying home wasn't a total bust. Here's our new neighbor and buddy, Izzy. She's a puggle pup and she looks like she could be Eduardo's sissy. Isn't she cute?

Normally she sits on her deck and watches us goobs from afar. But she has gotten curious enough to come over for some fence sniffing.

I couldn't let Stella have all the fun, so I came over for a friendly sniff and a complimentary through-the-fence wee for our new little buddy.

She doesn't talk a lot yet, but if you look closely, you can see her sass coming through as she sticks her tongue out at Stella and rocks the saucy little ear flip.

Stella told her all about the G.S.A. (GooberStanian Snasslin' Association). Izzy's curiosity was peaked, but she thought she'd start out by trying a through-the-fence snuggle with Stella. (Stella is convinced she has a new diva disciple. SHEESH!)

She put her head against the fence and said, "bring on the snugglin'!"

She was so energized by her snuggle session that she had herself a refreshing roach in the cool grass.

As a sign of solidarity Stella had herself a nice roach in the grass...

... and obviously hit a good spot!

Today, to honor Izzy's first snuggle, we direct all the good vibes she and Stella generated to all of our sick pals out there, like, Jackson, Randi, and Asta's parents' friend Anna Marie! We're also hoping that JB's dog brother, Bear, makes it home safely soon. We hope you feel the love!

Goober love,

News Flash

Randi found out that the tumor she had on her booty is BENIGN!! WooOoHooOOOOo! Here is a video of Stella & I doing the happy dance over Randi's cutie benign booty!


Mr. Puggle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh hahahah! i HAVE to put this on my blog. i love the comment about the sassy ear flip! that is a puggle thing. my puggle posse will love it! cute blog.

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Stan,
Sorry to hear about your busted weekend plans. But having a new neighbor is fun! Not as much fun as strippers and midgets, but fun nonetheless...
Murphy Dogg

TwoSpecialWires said...

OhMyDog! That's like a carnival game.... catch the moving target! Stella's got some major gymnastics jumps off the sides of that couch! It was like watching a tennis match in fast motion. No wonder Stanny didn't grab her while she was doing her dance. (It was GREAT!)

We're thinkin that maybe Fergi helped to develop those fence snuggles of Stella's. Sure did remind us of our time together last weekend. What great memories!

Enjoy your new neighbor, and try to stay cool.

Love ya bunches,
Your mid-sized wirey friends,
Jake and Miss Fergi

Deefor said...

Hi Goob
Good to see you and Stella having fun. She's funny on the couch. Cute next door neighbor.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Izzy is a cutie! We bet she and Stella will have many girlie talks together!
WHOA - that video is a LOT of energy! Mom wants to know if she can borrow some of it?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

jsanders73 said...

Oh Stan, youa re so lucky to have new neighbors!! I have two basset hounds next door, but we haven't had a chance to meet yet! I can't wait though!!!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

That video woke us up!!!

Enjoy your sweet little neighbor. We don't have any neighbors close enough to sniff.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Pearl said...

Hi Stanley! Your new neighbor is 100% cuteness! I could just eat her up!! And STELLA! You are so QUICK! Mom says she has owned a (lazy) pug for so long that she forgets how fast a dog can move. Isn't that insulting?!

Thanks for coming by and admiring my indoor-peeing skills. It's a refined practice, and you should start working on it. A Goob of your stature might have a harder time being sneaky... but I am willing to help you. Let me know, k!?


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

That was some insane Diva roaching! We are majorly impressed!!!!!

Mack said...

That Izzy is a cutie patootie! We have a brand new neighbor too, but she is teeny tiny; she's a mini rat terrier or something and her mom won't let her out too much cause of the heat.

Sophie Brador said...

What would Stella do if your girl traded in that sectional for a regular old sofa? You tell Stella that she has my blessing to teach that pup next door all the diva dish I sent her way.


P.S. I have a stinky Balto in my house. He wants to be my friend. Blech!

Randi said...


That is the most celebratory BOOTY HAPPY DANCE I've EVER seen EVER EVER EVER!


Thanks so much for your healing goobervibes...

I'm feeling well on my way to being Randoober once again!

Love & Licks,

Asta said...

Dawlingest Stanley Love and Stella bbff,
That dance combined wif the woaching would get you fiwst pwize on dancing wif the Staws! What Moves!!!
So many of ouw fwiends need ouw snazzling..Thank you fow thinking of Annamawie. I'm thwilled about Randi's good news , now we just have to cwoss paws fow all the othews.
Youw little cutie neighbow, Izzy, suwe is lucky to be able to snuggle wif you two..even if it's just thwough the fence
smoochie kisses

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hello Stanley! This here is Howard Pee Pugpants. I'm wunna Pearley Pug's many boyfriends. Thanks fur coming by and sayin howdy about Mr. Joshua the Rescued Puggy. I gotta tell yew, he is one spoiled puggy now. I only WISH I was spoiled that much. My maw only feeds me three times a day with 20 treats. I know, it's a crime, but wudderu gonna do?
your good pal,
H. Pee

Joe Stains said...

That neighbor is a CUTIE, wow. I am sure she will want to take some classes from Stella. Mom could watch that zoomies video ten times, too cute. Oh, and we have those puppy keys, Tanner LOVES them.

HugeMD said...

Love it. Even more because I have my own Izzy puggle.

I stole this from our neighbor Buddy, the beagle--Izzy and Vinny's cousin, of course. One flipped ear makes them a dork. Two flipped ears=double dork.

I think it's cute.

Shazz said...

I Love Puggle. Puggle are for cuddles. The hot designer dog of the decade.