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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrating the Everyday Goober

Reading everydog's posts from September 11 reminded me of how good I have it. I mean, I've got food in my bowl (and on the floor, and under the cushions of the couch...), stuffies and squeaky toys galore, my catbro Merv, all of my sweet DWB buddies, and a hooman girl I love who loves me. I have a lot to celebrate!

Sometimes I find myself waiting for something special to happen, but I'm realizing in my old age (16 months old) that my everyday life is pretty special in itself. Before I show you a video celebration of what I love about my everyday life, I thought I'd just show you the most pawfect booty shot my girl got of me the other day. I can't waste a good butt shot now, can I? So, I'm cel-e-bra-ting it.

Also, before the vid, I just have to throw in this great shot of me trying to fit an entire large evil cuz into my ginormous mouth, feet & all.

Enjoy my video celebration. This is for everydog, Girl Girl and Lil' Moosie.

Extra props go to my cinematographer, who is editorially challenged and permanently stuck in the Disco Era.



Sophie Brador said...

You are such a total Goober Stan! Uh huh, uh huh, I like you, uh huh, uh huh. Woah! That's hard to type!

You have the most awesomely gInormous yard, Stan. Will I get one of those when I move to Gooberstan.

Sophoober Bradoober

Grammie said...

Stanny boy:
You are wise beyond your months. Some grow to old age and never figure out that it's the basics that we should be most thankful. How could you not be happy with a girl to play with, a yard to run in and a pool to cool off. Rock on!

Sparky said...

I love the pictures! Did you ever get the whole cuz into your mouth? I bet you could do it!

For some reason I can't see the video. Maybe it'll work later.


Scruffy & Lacie said...

NICE BUTT, Stan. Actually, other than your butt which I really don't feel like studying (tho I did see Lacie with her jaw dropped as she scrolled through your blog...)your blog was inspirational, Gooberguy. You hit the paw right on the toe...we have good lives, loving families, and SO much fun everyday. And it's the everyday things that matter.
Hey, I need to ask Koobie if she can go to Chilli's party on Saturday after the Penn State game. Lac is coming too since her fix it is cancelled. We're so glad Ruby has room on the jet!!!
You rock, Stan!!!
Wiry complicated handshake, Scruffy

Asta said...

My Wise and gowgeous Goober Boy!
Ohhh that butt pictoowe has me panting's the pawfectest fuzzy butt evew!
I can't believe youcan get that giant cuz i youw mouth..I bet you could have my whole head in thewe(and that's just fine with me)
I loved youw celebwating life video!
you have youw pwiowities safe and sound..I'm soo pwoud to be youw sweatpea

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan.
I feel so lucky to have all I have too!
Great butt picture!!
No ofense but you have a big mouth!
Have a good night

Agatha and Archie said...

Stan the man you said it all.We LOVE the last picture of you smiling and PL2 just wants to go through hte pooter and give you a big kiss!! Love A+A

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Stanny you made my night with that butt shot...I'm still swooning! You are so right about everything you said too...we are are so lucky!

I woof you - Lots of Licks, Ruby

PS - From Ruby's Mom - Stanley, don't make fun of your Girl and her music selections...I liked her choice to tunes!

Henry Helton said...

Stanley, you are way to awesome! I've been trying to get My Lady to make a video of me and Clyde, but she won't get off her lazy behind and get it done. These damn beans are hard to train!

Faya said...

Véronique said to me after seeing the video that your are the airedale who looks the most like me (ouch my english is on hollidays..). And oh by the way..... nice butt !
Kisses, Faya

Pacco de Mongrel said... a real joke tat u consider yourself being old...

the Corgi Girls said...

Stan, you handsome boy! We love your disco fever video... it sexy hot!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome vid Stanley.
You're so right. We should celebrate everyday.

I think I can fit in your mouth

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

I love the pictures and the video Stan!! You are enjoying life to the fullest!!
Hee.. I love the pic of you trying to cram the entire Cuz into your mouth!! Did it fit?? Did it??

** Psst.. Moosie is shy to say this to you, but she thinks you have the cutest fuzzy bum bum!!

triple B's said...

boy Stanley, we can just sniff your butt from here. that's a lovely butt shot. sniff sniff... and we used to have one of those flying squirrel thingies but mom threw it in the sticker bushes at the dog park and it never came out.
you're a goober!
PS we like disco too

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

What a celebration Stan. Seeing your fuzzy face (not sure about the butt in my case!) always makes me smile.

Katy xxx

Mojo said...

shake that booty!
I loved the scene of you goofing around in your pool. Or is that jacuzzi?

Simba said...

Looks like you are were having great fun in the video. Butt, what can I say?

Simba x

Amber-Mae said...

That's the way, aha-aha I like it, aha-aha! Wooh! I can't stop singing that song. Really catchy! I enjoyed watching your video. I especially like the part when you shook that toy aggressively, hehehe! By the way, I li9ke that butt shot*wink* You have very clean butt.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

the Corgi Girls said...

Shucks Stan, thanks for the compliment about my costume! We be delighted if you added a link to our blog, on your blog, we'll do the same! No matter what they tell you, its ok to be fascinated with your own boo-tay, I mean, its your own, right?! BOL! Oh, and Izzie has the same costume, only she needed a lot more alterations done to hers, Mum the tailor is still working on it... there will be embarrassing pics of her soon as well... Have a great day Stan!

Boo said...

stanley, don't tempt me with your butt shot.

nothing wrong with the disco era. i'm in full support of your mom!

wet wet licks


Frasypoo said...

We love disco at our house too!!
You are alucky said you had food everywhere at your house....I need to visit!!
I am not getting a bro or sis,All I get is my evil Aunty Jezebel who visits when her parents go out of town.She will be here for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!
Off to invite myself to Chilis b' day pawty!

Simba said...

Hi Stanley, BBM stands for Broke Back Moutain, as in the film.

Simba xx

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Stanley

Love tat vid of yours. You look so comfortable in your mini pool! Mom & I love your yard too! We wish we can have a yard in Singapaw so I can run zoomies and have my own mini pool too :)

See you at the pawty!!

Wet licks


Jackson said...

Darn, I couldn't see your video. Like seeing the photo of your butt swirls though! J x

Momo :) said...

Stanley Boy!! Your know watching your video is my favorite thingy!!!

Have a good weekend!
Momo xoxo

Maggie & Mitch said...

What awesome photos! We love your fuzzbutt, Stanley! You're always such a happy-go-lucky guy and you're never shy with the complements. I guess that's why we all love you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey old boy, keep on rolling!!!

Peanut said...

That was a great butt shot. :) Glad things are going well for you.

Balboa & Mommy said...

Nothing like a wise Goober who loves to celebrate, You are so cool dude.

I wish I lived closer and could celebrate with you.

Frenchie Snorts

Rascal said...

Well put, Stanley. Great video too!

Joe Stains said...

Stanley, you really are one lucky dog. That video was great, I love that song. Everything sound be the way I like it!

Koobuss said...

Great video, Stanley. I especially like the swimming part. You have a style all your own.

Sorry I'm so late with this. My secretary is behind in her blog work. Too much partying!

Koobuss Kisses,