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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spreading the Love

The bootiful and wacky brother/sister duo of Agatha & Archie kindly bestowed on me the I LOVE YOUR BLOG Award. Humbly, I accepted this award and proudly display it! Basically I took it as a WE LOVE YOU, STANLEY Award too. I don't think they'll mind my interpretation. And, I LOVE YOU, A&A!

Before I bestow this award on a few of my friends, there is a little back story to why I've chosen who I have. These dogs may have already received the award, but I don't care. I'M giving it to them anyway.

You see, it's because of a couple of very irreverent and saucy pups that I am even here to blog about this today. In early February, my girl's heartdog, Rosie the Airegirl, went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly. She was 12 years old and had a great life, but my girl was heartbroken. She knew it was going to be hard when she lost her Rosie, but had NO IDEA how deeply she would feel the loss of her girl.

She started searching the internet for anything she could find about Airedales ~ petfinder, rescues, news articles... whatever. She didn't want to get another dog (not after Rosie), but she missed having her Dales around and craved some type of daily contact with the dog world. She was pretty adamant about not wanting to get another dog for a very long time because she didn't think she could give her love to another dog yet. That is, until she found this witty and sagacious handsome hunk of a Dale and started reading about his daily life with 4 cats in LA.

From his site she found the site of his dreamgirl in Canada. She saw that this saucy SuperDale had it all ~ brains, beauty, and the cutest muscle butt she'd ever seen since her Rosie. She was hooked. Not only did she read their daily posts, she went back to their archives and devoured everything they had written. She soon found that she didn't need to be afraid that she wouldn't be able to open her heart to another dog in her life, because she had already opened it to these 2 CRAZY Airedales and all of their blogging buddies!

That's right. Forget about me blogging, I may not be here in GooberStan today if my girl hadn't started reading about the hilariously funky lives of Bogart the Handsome Devil and his dreamgirl, Miss Sunshade the SuperDale. Because of them, my girl realized she didn't want to live without the love of a fine dog in her life. Within a month of starting to read their blogs, I was on my way to meeting my hooman girl and starting this lovefest! WooHoo!

Sunshade, Bogart... I LOVE YOU GUYS... maybe even more than my girl loves you!! You didn't know it at the time, but you were better than therapy for her when she was feeling pretty low. Heck, you WERE her therapy, and we both thank you from our hearts. I now present this I LOVE YOUR BLOG Award (aka I LOVE YOU Award) to Miss Sunshade the SuperDale and her honey, Bogart the Handsome Devil!

I also present you both with the GooberStanian names of Sunshadoober and Bogartoober (or you could have Sunshoober, Goobershade, Bogoober, Goobergart... you guys choose), and honorary citizenship for life in GooberStan! Thanks for being a huge part of what brought my girl and I together.




Henry Helton said...

Meargh! Why don't ye come over to me blog and sees whatsa going on. Clyde and I have went on a voyage, ye' see. We's a sailin' the open seas in our pirate ships. It's meow like a pirate day! Meargh!!!

Asta said...

My DawlingStanley..I've always loved Miss Sunshade and Bogart, but now I super love know that you awe with youw bootiful giwl beacause of them WOW..they desewve evewy awawd theww is!!

My MOmmi aways wanted haiw like youw wondew you love to stick youw nosey in hew haiw..must be heaven!
I love you
smoochie kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

That is a bootiful story...I never knew that (I learn new things about you more and more each day!!!) Bogie and Sunshade are two of my favorite pups too! Their blogs are so deserving of this honor!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby Bug

Maggie & Mitch said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh Stanley! You've got us all blubbering here! You tell the best stories! My mom started her "career" here too reading Sunshade and Bogie's blogs! We're so glad that your girl got you! We just love that last picture! The love on both of your faces says it all!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

AHOY STANLEY!!! You are one lovable curlygoober for sure. Mommy think that story is over the top tender!
She once had a basset hound name Goober! You rock and I am glad and proud to know such a cool dog like you!
Love and purrrrrs Miss Peach

Sparky said...

Stanley, I enjoyed reading this post. That was very kind of you to reward Sunshade and Bogart with that award! They deserve it.


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Very deserving, Bogie and Sunshade. We love their blogs, too...Mumsie read Axel's blog for a long time before she suggested to us that we try our paw at it. Axel will always be special in our family too! Great pic with your Girl, Stan....

Wiry love, Scruff and Lac

Putter said...


This is beautiful ... You are a special goober boy ... We love you too! :))))) We will talk to you soonest ... It is a little chaotic here right now with MY babies to care for ... Who knew such little guys could take so much of MY time ...?????

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Sunshade said...

OH WOW Goober Stan.... I don't get emotional often but this post from you and your bestest girl had my eyes watering alright, mum was all teary too. I am so happy me and Bogie gave your girl some Aire-theray and now you are here!

I humbly (doesn't happen very often) accepts the I LOVE YOU award from the one and only GOOBERStan! It means the world to me, really Stanley!!

Love nibbles,
Sunshadoober (new citizen of Goober Republic, *not* STINKY Republic)

Sunshade said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for such a wonderful post. Your RosieDale was a beautiful girl, and a very special girl to you. What you wrote about losing Rosie and fearing not being able to love again .... well, that is exactly my fear.

Even tho Sunshade is still with me, she is not going to be with me forever. She came into my life two weeks before I moved out of home at 16, I have never lived on my own without her. I don't know what I'd ever do without her. It scares me, A LOT.

However, now that I have my Jaffaman, I know when the time comes, he will be here for me, and I would have to be strong for him too. Even tho Jaffa was meant to be shipped to Taiwan for my dad, I am very thankful he is now mine. Not only is he a great pup, he will always have a part of Sunshade in him as she is his mentor, not to mention their blood relation.

Thanks again for the post, give the GooberBoy a big GooberHug for me!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan.
Thanks for sharing the story. I love your blog too and you deserve the award, as well as Bogart and Sunshade!
Have a good night

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Stan,
This is such a touching post. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish we had longer lives and could live with our hoomans forever.
On a side note, how do I go about applying for a goobername?

Kirby said...


What a lovely post. I think Bogard and Sunshade were responsible for a whole lot of DWBers. I'm so happy you and your girl found each other. The happiness just shines through in that last picture.


Joe Stains said...

what a lovely post, we just LOVE sunshade a whole lot! Mom never really knew much about airedales before knowing the SUPERdale, now she loves them!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh, I'm glad your girl love Sunshade and Bogart and got you. Coz I love reading about you Stanley. :) They sure deserve the award you're giving them.

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Ooo, I LOVE your bloggy too! And thank you for sharing that bootiful story of your girl...She was a beauty!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Faya said...

Waouw your Girl is mad about you....I can see this in the last picture (if it is your girl...)... She is born to love my Véronique...How lucky we are no ?
Kisses, Faya

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hello Stanley

My name is Scuba (Huskee's little big brother - the bull terrier).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been very slack with blogging coz mom is always hogging the laptop.

Ferndoggle said...

We had no idea you had such a fantabulous story Stanny! We're so glad your girl found Sunshade & Bogart and they brought her to you. This would would not be right without our Stanlyboober!


Pee your Girl Christy Brinkley? I think I recognize the hair.

Sophie Brador said...

Aaaaaaw. Staaaan.

Sophoober Bradoober

Clover said...

Hi Stanley,
What a nice post! Great story, thanks for sharing it with us!
And I am very excited about you getting a new sister!
Love Clover xo

P.S. In response to your question about my cuz - I STILL can't squeak it!! Can't fit my mouth around it...

Randi said...

Hi Stanley!

Of course you can use my big, beautiful, black, wet, cold nose pics in your photo slide! Take as many as you can get your paws on!

Love & Licks,

ps...does that mean I'm one step closer to getting a Gooberstanian name & honorary citizenship? I know I have lots more community service to do for the Republic of Gooberstan & you just don't hand that stuff out like Randi-Candi...background checks, pawprint documentation..the works......but just wondering... =)

Chilli the Dog said...

Aww...Stanley. That's one of the most bootiful story I've read!

Thanks for sharing it with us. Sunshade & Bogart truly deserve the award.

I'm glad that your girl has found you. May you have many more bootiful years with your girl and good luck on finding your sassy too!

Wet licks


Martha said...

What a fantastic story! Love, Martha

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

hiya Stanley! I live in Scotland and just found your bonnie blog!

Look forward to bloggin with you!

Your blog looks like fun!

love and Scottish Licks, Marvin Braveheart Hound xxxxxx

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

ooooh forgot to say, Miss Sunshade is the best, she is my Canadian Sweetheart.....

Mojo said...

A very lovely post, Stanley. It's very special to see how this community of dog bloggers can inspire, comfort and support each other.
Bogart was the first dog blog I came across too - and he inspired me to start blogging too.

Suki Sumo said...

Stan that was so touching. Your mom is right, it is hard for our parents to think of opening their hearts after they lose a very special pup. My mommy waited FOUR YEARS after Piggy (her first pug love) went to the Rainbow Bridge. She wanted to make sure the time was right for a new bff and now she and I are like peas and carrots (delicious!). I'm so glad you and your mom found each other!!

Love, Suki Duki Sumo

Russell said...

very nice post stan


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Awwww what a beautiful story. you have made us all teary eyed.

Scrappy and Pebbles

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for sharing the touching story with us... It's really good now that you have your girl, and she has you! Paw-fect fit!!
(pssst.. can I apply for a Goober name too?? Pretty please? It sounds so cool..)

Seadra & Zoe said...

That's a great story. We are so happy that you are together!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Boo said...


i want a BOODOOBER!

wet wet licks


Agatha and Archie said...

Oh Stanley,PL2 is in thecorner blubbering away.She lost her beloved pup like your girl and went through the same things until she came and got us!! Archie wasn't supposed to some but he was sooo sad when Agatha was picked up without him that PL1+2 couldn't leave him!!!! We love you man!!! Love A+A and PL2

Jackson said...

What a lovely tribute to Sunshade and Bogart. We love their blogs and we also love yours! J x

triple B's said...

Wow Stanley, that's a really wonderful story and touching too. Since we are new to your world, we didn't know about this history. We are very happy that your girl chose you and that you are here. it's truly wonderful that your friends were therapy for her when she needed them most. that makes us happy and it makes our mom happy too, just 'cuz.