Always In Our Hearts

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweet Swissy

What would possess a goober like me to pose for a photo like this?

Well, it's my honorary Swiss Aire-sissy, Faya! My sweet Swiss Sissy. My Swissy. Isn't she a bootiful smiley girl? I think we almost look like we're related (except for my snout curls).

Last week I found this on my front porch.

It's a package that had winged its way to me all the way from Fayaland (Switzerland). I feel so international. My girl made me wait until she had time to watch me open it, then I tore right into it. I like labels...

and box corners.

Maybe my goober drool will get this package open.

Yep. The drool does the trick. The box is starting to yield to my ministrations.

Oh, my package, bring forth your secret Swiss goodness.

Of course, I went for these big bones first.

I also discovered this amazingly wild looking squeakie guy.

But then my girl noticed some bootifully colorful bananas in the box. She liked the Babushka look that Tadpole pulled off with a new banana I had sent him, so she had me pose Babushka-like after I read Faya's card to me.

That first photo didn't capture all 3 bananas, so here's another one where you get a better idea of just how bootiful all of these bananas are.

I got camera shy for a minute & wouldn't look at my photographer.

I snapped out of it, though, and willingly vogued for the camera!

It was time to get down to some serious chewing!

Here you have a better look at that crazy-haired squeaky and of those fabulous bones I was wanting to chew. There were some other goodies in the box, but I don't know where they are in this photo.

Still working on the package.

Hey! You gonna help me here, goobette, or are you just gonna keep snapping your little camera?

Having received no cooperation from the puparazzi, I refused to be photographed.

My girl took my bananas away and relegated me to the backyard with my tasty bone.

Posing instead of gnawing.

Ahhh. Pawfection!

Sweet Sissy Faya!! You are so good to me. Thanks for all the presents! I love them, but I love you more, sissy o' mine! You're the BEST!


I am also playing catch up on a few tags. My girl, Ruby, tagged me to show the vehicle that best represents my personality and to list five nicknames I have for my hooman girl.

If I were any vehicle out there, I would probably be this ->

A vintage Vespa scooter. First off, it's a classic. It is great for zipping around for short trips, but not ideal for long roadtrips. (I'm more of a sprinter, not a marathoner). It is fuel efficient like me, and it always seems to make people smile when it goes by.

I love this cool Vespa patch.
Now for the names I call my hooman girl.
1) Girlie
2) Goobette
3) Girloober Girl
4) My Chica
5) Goober Butt

I hope everydoggie, Girl Girl & Moosie all have a gooberlicious day!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Ode to a Sweetpea

Today is the birthday of someone special to my goober heart. Asta is 1 year old today!! As a tribute to her birth and the first year of her life, I have written a little birthday tune for her.

Here it is, the online premier of my birthday song to you, Asta, entitled "My Asta" (and sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"). I know my choice of tune is not at all hip, but the words are from my goober heart.

My Asta lives in New York City

My Asta girl turns one today

My Asta pup, boy, is she pretty

I wrote this here song just to say

Asta! Asta! I love you, my Fuzz Butt, you see you see?

Asta! Asta! I give goober love to you, smooch! Smoochie!

My Asta Girl's crazy and funny!

My Asta Girl loves one and all!

She's celebrating with dear Bailey!

Their pawty will be such a ball!

Asta! Asta! I love you, my Fuzz Butt, you see you see?

Asta! Asta! I give goober love to you, smooch! Smoochie!

Asta, I've got my cowgoober hat on, and I'm ready to celebrate and your cowboy barbeque at the Quadruple B Ranch! PAWTY!!

Goob love & birthday smooches,


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Disco Lives

Everydoggie & hammie who booked a ride on the GooberStan Pawty Bus will get a ride to Penny & Lola's disco pawty. I'm starting early on my rounds because I've got some folks to pick up in Asia, Australia, and Europe before picking up my pups here in the States. Dogs and hammies, just get ready a little before you want to be picked up, and voila, the pawty bus will be there shortly thereafter. That's the magic of GooberStan. Here I am in my fro and my driving glasses (they double as my boogie specs).

Just so you all have an idea of the outfit my girl found for me, here I am striking a pose when I tried it on last night. You all can wear your outfits or change on the bus. It's up to you. There's an endless supply of squeakies, stuffies, eatables and drinkables on the bus. No need to bring anything, unless you want to!

Click on my dancing photo if you want to see me in action on the dance floor.

The pawty bus is on the road and rolling your way!

Love & Disco,

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pawty at Penny & Lola's

Calling all dogs, Girl Girl, and Moosie! The GooberStan Pawty Bus is gassed up and ready to go. Let me know if you need a ride to Penny & Lola's Disco Pawty Saturday night! We'll be a traveling pre-pawty all the way to the 'Burgh!

Love & Disco,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spreading the Love

The bootiful and wacky brother/sister duo of Agatha & Archie kindly bestowed on me the I LOVE YOUR BLOG Award. Humbly, I accepted this award and proudly display it! Basically I took it as a WE LOVE YOU, STANLEY Award too. I don't think they'll mind my interpretation. And, I LOVE YOU, A&A!

Before I bestow this award on a few of my friends, there is a little back story to why I've chosen who I have. These dogs may have already received the award, but I don't care. I'M giving it to them anyway.

You see, it's because of a couple of very irreverent and saucy pups that I am even here to blog about this today. In early February, my girl's heartdog, Rosie the Airegirl, went to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly. She was 12 years old and had a great life, but my girl was heartbroken. She knew it was going to be hard when she lost her Rosie, but had NO IDEA how deeply she would feel the loss of her girl.

She started searching the internet for anything she could find about Airedales ~ petfinder, rescues, news articles... whatever. She didn't want to get another dog (not after Rosie), but she missed having her Dales around and craved some type of daily contact with the dog world. She was pretty adamant about not wanting to get another dog for a very long time because she didn't think she could give her love to another dog yet. That is, until she found this witty and sagacious handsome hunk of a Dale and started reading about his daily life with 4 cats in LA.

From his site she found the site of his dreamgirl in Canada. She saw that this saucy SuperDale had it all ~ brains, beauty, and the cutest muscle butt she'd ever seen since her Rosie. She was hooked. Not only did she read their daily posts, she went back to their archives and devoured everything they had written. She soon found that she didn't need to be afraid that she wouldn't be able to open her heart to another dog in her life, because she had already opened it to these 2 CRAZY Airedales and all of their blogging buddies!

That's right. Forget about me blogging, I may not be here in GooberStan today if my girl hadn't started reading about the hilariously funky lives of Bogart the Handsome Devil and his dreamgirl, Miss Sunshade the SuperDale. Because of them, my girl realized she didn't want to live without the love of a fine dog in her life. Within a month of starting to read their blogs, I was on my way to meeting my hooman girl and starting this lovefest! WooHoo!

Sunshade, Bogart... I LOVE YOU GUYS... maybe even more than my girl loves you!! You didn't know it at the time, but you were better than therapy for her when she was feeling pretty low. Heck, you WERE her therapy, and we both thank you from our hearts. I now present this I LOVE YOUR BLOG Award (aka I LOVE YOU Award) to Miss Sunshade the SuperDale and her honey, Bogart the Handsome Devil!

I also present you both with the GooberStanian names of Sunshadoober and Bogartoober (or you could have Sunshoober, Goobershade, Bogoober, Goobergart... you guys choose), and honorary citizenship for life in GooberStan! Thanks for being a huge part of what brought my girl and I together.



Monday, September 17, 2007

11 Reasons

What could possibly cause me to look as demented as this? (Notice, I've got my magic Wally eyes glowing white hot).

Well, doggies and hammies, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. It seems that the scene of me above is but one of many reasons why my hooman girl has officially started the hunt for my new sissy. That's my news (sorry, nothing scandalous, Scruffy)! My girl thinks I'd not only Iike to have a sissy, but that I need to have a sissy. (And Wally, I'm NOT taking your sissy off your hands. You would miss her too much!)

Here's a little context for the scene you saw above. This is reason # 11, out of 11 reasons, why I need a sissy ~ evidently I crack my girl up when I do this! Incidentally, that's Gertie giving you the booty shot, and inciting my demented behavior. She has graciously agreed to help me demonstrate each reason why my girl thinks I need a sissy. (And, Gertie is not even a possibility since her new family is totally LOVIN' her).

Reason # 10 ~ I like to cuddle with other dogs on a regular basis, and right now I only get to do that if my girl arranges a "play date" for me.

Reason # 9 ~ A sissy would be a good listener if I have secrets to tell when my girl isn't home.

Reason # 8 ~ I get lonely when my girl is gone. Merv my catbro is always here, but he doesn't count since he sleeps like 20 hours a day.

Reason # 7 ~ I have a quota of so many love bites I must give out in a single day, and if I don't, I get constipated (metaphorically speaking).

Reason # 6 ~ My ears are evidently adorable like this and my girl can think of no other way to make this happen on a regular basis.

Reason # 5 ~ I need to impart my wrasslin' moves to somedog else in case I get injured in battle and need another dog to carry on in my name.

Reason # 4 ~ How else will I have a chance to practice my dance moves on a daily basis?

Reason # 3 ~ A sissy could keep me up to date on the state of my dental hygiene and I could do the same for her.

Reason # 2 ~ I would no longer have to sing solo when I listen to "Pure Disco, Volumes 1 & 2."

Reason # 1 ~ The video explains it all. Would you want to deprive a goob like me of this kind of fun?

All I know is that my girl wants to adopt a female from a rescue or shelter situation, and she wants her to be sassy enough to keep me in line (as IF). There are some Wire Foxy girls and some Airegirls that are possibilities, and a couple of you doggies' parents have offered some help finding my sissy. There's no rush. I'll keep you posted.

Goob love,
Brother Stanley

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Asta's Bikini

Who would have thought that this teenie weenie Asta bikini would cause such a stir?

Well, let me just clear one thing up. Asta didn't lose her bikini while we rafted together to Chilli's Adoption Day pawty. She lost it long before we ever left for the pawty. Before you get carried away, you need to know that she had been looking for her bikini for the last 3 weeks and never found it, so she decided to go au natural!

Speaking of Chilli's pawty, it was a BLAST!!! I got to spend all kinds of snout-to-snout time with my favorite pupgirls. I played volleyball and smooched with my Ruby Bug, danced on the beach and smooched with Suki, not to mention the cool raft trip to Singapaw with Asta (which included some smooching ~ hey, I've got a lot of Goober love to give). But, after all the fun, I'm completely pooped out. I've had to do a lot of this...

and this...

and sometimes I change it up and do this...

I have some news I want to share, but it's going to have to wait until I get more shut-eye.

Goober love,

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrating the Everyday Goober

Reading everydog's posts from September 11 reminded me of how good I have it. I mean, I've got food in my bowl (and on the floor, and under the cushions of the couch...), stuffies and squeaky toys galore, my catbro Merv, all of my sweet DWB buddies, and a hooman girl I love who loves me. I have a lot to celebrate!

Sometimes I find myself waiting for something special to happen, but I'm realizing in my old age (16 months old) that my everyday life is pretty special in itself. Before I show you a video celebration of what I love about my everyday life, I thought I'd just show you the most pawfect booty shot my girl got of me the other day. I can't waste a good butt shot now, can I? So, I'm cel-e-bra-ting it.

Also, before the vid, I just have to throw in this great shot of me trying to fit an entire large evil cuz into my ginormous mouth, feet & all.

Enjoy my video celebration. This is for everydog, Girl Girl and Lil' Moosie.

Extra props go to my cinematographer, who is editorially challenged and permanently stuck in the Disco Era.