Always In Our Hearts

Friday, November 30, 2007

Wrasslin' For Mental Health

You might remember my good friend, Gertie. She has been one of my secret weapons in my quest to whip my new sissy, Stella, into shape.

There are 2 very important ways she contributes to my sanity. First, she is more than willing to spend extended periods of time wrasslin' with me. This is a great energy release for me, especially since I'm always being told to "be gentle" when I wrassle with little baby Stella.

The second, and probably most valuable way she helps me is by wearing Stella's butt out!! (This video was shot after they had already been running around this same tree at warp speed for 5 minutes straight).

After running Stella ragged, Gertie employs a campaign of indifference to Stella's pleas to play. (Stella can't STAND to be ignored).

No matter what Stella does or how hard she tries to entice Gertie to play, Gertie is immovable. (The stray beef bone she found in the yard helps her maintain her aire of indifference).

Eventually Stella gives up, and crashes in the house for a good long while.

THANK YOU, Gertie Girl! I am a saner dog because of you!

Goober love,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flamingo in Winter

My headless flamingo is alive and well & accompanying me on squirrel patrol in GooberStan (and he doesn't mind the snow).

I'm trying to get a handle on how to carry him around without the assistance of his curved beak.

Stella is woefully unaware of the miracle this is.

My flamingo and I have a lot to catch up on,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

King of the Goober

You know how hooman pups like to play King of the Mountain? Well Stella has a new game... King of the Goober...

...except she doesn't play against anyone, and the goober has been known to knock her off himself.

By the way, for those of you who have tried to go to Stella's blog, she doesn't really have one. She's just registered on blogspot so she can comment on all your blogs (when we let her loose on the pooter). Sorry for the confusion.

Friday, November 23, 2007


You may wonder why I'm soooooooo thankful.

I have soooooooo many reasons. I really do. 6 of those reasons are my Airepals, sweet Maggsie & gooberlicious Mitch, and yummy Noah and his bootiful sisies Willow, Tess & Lucy. They gave my big bruzzer Stanley & me these blogging awards:


Actually, Noah & his sissies and Maggie & Mitch gave us the Community Blogging Award directly, then Noah & Co. gave the BTBlog Award to Maggie & Mitch, who gave it to us. Thanks you dogs! We humbly accept these awards from you. Since we love all our DWB buddies (you have all been so sweet to me I'm going into insulin shock), so we're sending both these awards to all of you, especially my new buddies Wally & his sissy Ethel, and the girls over at the Corgi lounge, Moxie & Izzie.

I'm also seriously thankful for all the new chewables and snacks to gnosh on from new friends.

Look at me tear into this package.

You may notice that somedog is con speak you leashusly absent. Notice the paw in the upper right corner.

I was forced to choose just one thing to start with. How am I supposed to decide? Hav--ing... sensory... over.... load... I froze in amazement!

I was particularly taken with these shrimp gnoshables.

Notice the big bruzzer in the background... oblivious to the fine bone-ables I had found.

I even got some snacks, evidently, named after me & some dog named Chewy. I will have to check into this snack production.

You may now be sufficiently intrigued to wonder who may have sent me this humonganormous package of goober goodness. Well, it was my new crush, Sherman, and his unbelievably stunning and generous sissies Penny & Lola. (Hi Penny & Lola. Give Sherman a big kiss & a love nip from me, okay? Tell him I love the flower he sent. *playful growl*)

So, where was my gooberbro during all of this and why did he not try to horn in on my package (which, my girl informs me, I will be sharing with him)? Well, when I was getting ready to open it, he came over for a closer look.

He immediately smelled something with his name written all over it.

Upon closer inspection he uncovered one moo tube and took possession of said tube.

He was all over that thing!

After snarfing it down, he found the sticker that was on the moo tube. It says, "For Stanny, heart LOLA." Lola, you made his week between the moo tube & your sweetness!

I loved the letter I found inside among the goober goodness. It was so heartfelt and gooey-like, I just knew my boy Sherman wrote it.

I was alloverthatthing sniffing out some Sherman stink. Ahhhh, that's what I like.

Stanley checked out the letter on the sly. (I see you rolling your eyes at me, Stan. I'm sure Sherman's used to pupgirls crushing on him).

THANK YOU, Penny, Lola, and especially you, SHerm! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!!

To celebrate my presents, I chose to shoot a music video to the tune of something I found in Stan's music library. It's a mix of techno/house music. (He has quite an eclectic collection).

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for including me like one of the family. I'm feeling the love!

Goobette love,

Monday, November 19, 2007

Santoober Claws

I've been trying to post my letter to Santa Claws (or Santa Paws, if you prefer). My girl insisted I pose in my Santa hat... sort of a Goober Santa Claws, hence, Santoober Claws. I wasn't that into wearing the hat, and Stella had other plans for it.

I finally got the thing away from The Stellanator, but it's really not my style. (I don't believe in impersonating the Santa Claws, so sue me). This is the best photo my girl could get with me "wearing" the hat.

Now, here's my letter to the great 4-legged jolly one, himself.

Dear Santa Claws,

We don't know each other well, but I know you're good at your job, and you've always had my back.

Last year at this time I didn't have a home, and you came through for me. I really owe you, man. If I didn't say it enough, I'm sorry. But, Santa... dude... THANKS FOR MY HOOMAN GIRL! You matched us up better than E-Harmony could have.

(As a side note ~ and I thought you'd think this was funny ~ my girl filled out their personality profile on line to appease some friends. When you're done filling it out it asks you if you'd like to see a sample match of someone who might be a good fit. You can specify if you're willing to meet someone regionally, nationally, or you can have them search their worldwide database for a match. She chose to go global, and guess what? NOT ONE MATCH... in the whole wide world! Incidentally, she and her friends blow raspberries at the TV everytime E-Harmony dares to aire a commercial, then she collapses into deep belly laughs.)

This year I have four requests. I don't know how much you can do about the first one, and I'm sure I'm not the only pup to ask for your help with this, but could you please bring a peaceful end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? I know it's more complicated then just making it end, but do what you can, man.

My second request is much more mundane. I would like, very much, if you could curb my sissy, Stella's fascination with my beard and my booty. She likes to bite at both, and I'm soon going to be bald in my nether regions just as it's getting cold outside.

My third request is for all my pup, kitty, hammie and coyote friends out there! Do what you can to make them all the healthiest they can possibly be and free from pain. I'm especially thinking of my buds JaffaMan, Casper, Finnegan, and Jackson.

Because I was a homeless pup this time last year, my last request is for all those other animals out there who are needing a furever home. Could you do for them what you did for me, please? I'd really appreciate it.

I know it's your busy season, but be sure to take care of yourself, Santa. When you stop by our house we'll be sure to have a nice selection of bull pizzle, liver treats, and cheeses. If you have something special you'd like to drink, just let me know.

Santa, I apologize for the poor impersonation of you. It was my girl's idea.

Goober love, Christmas smooches, and Thanks,