Always In Our Hearts

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey, goober buds! Here's my hairy Stanley. I caught him giving goober smooches to his flamingo.

But we've got important bizness to do! Hear that, goober boy?

I mean, I gave up what I was doing so we could have our weekly snasslin' session. We're proud member's of Eduardo's Snuggle Puggle Work Force (SPWF).

I hereby call this meeting of the GooberStanian Snasslin' Association (GSA) to order. (It's my turn to be in charge this week.)

OY! Stanley! I need your undivided attention, brother.

That's more like it. Now, how do you want to snassle today?

Nope. Thanks for the squeaky bone, but that is not a bona fide snasslin' tool. Just keep it to yourself, okay?

That's more like it.

You look like you've got an idea brewing. DO tell.

It's okay, Stanley. I won't laugh at you no matter how crazy your idea is.

Alright. Pushing on my belly to get my ears to pop up is not my idea of snasslin', but it'll have to do. At least YOU enjoyed yourself, Stanley. (Sorry Eduardo, I tried.)

Today we're snasslin' for our buddy Jackson, who is feeling a bit under the weather and waiting for test results from his vet. Thanks to all who snassled last week for Hercules. As of last Thursday we had a positive poo report and he's feeling much better!

Goobery love,
Stella Bean Latifah (and Stanley)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My buddy Mango is something pretty awesome. He's one hunk of burning Mastiff love, and he's one genius of a goober for hosting the first ever alternative to the wannabe dogshow Westminster... Mango Minster! For being the goob genius he is I'm going to start calling him Mangoober!

I am deeply humbled by the awards I received at Mango Minster. They were totally unexpected! Here you see me sportin' my award for Reader's Choice Best in Show. Whoa. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed here...

I think my award may be trying to strangle me.

Nothing to worry about. I'll get it under control here in a minute.

Sthee? Almoth got it under conthrol.

Sthorry bout the intherruption in the photo thoot.

And, here's my lovely award for winning the Terrier Group! I will proudly represent my fellow terriers this year (and a big hairy goob shall lead them...)!

It looks almost good enough to eat.

I'll just break off a chunk...

...from over here...

Seems my girl forgot to mention to me that it's not an edible award, but isn't it gorgeous all the same? I can't seem to take my eyes off of it.

Speaking of eatables, I got a sweet bag of pumpkin treats which disappeared so fast we have no photographic evidence of them.

Look what else I received for my win in the Terrier Group!

Aw yea, baby. That's right! I received some PAWESOME banana carob cookies from my buddy Murphy (that's him on the package) and his mama's Punk Rock Dogg store (it's WAYYYY cool)! MAN, those were stinkin' tasty too!

That's not all! The judges of the Terrier Group, Penny, Poppy, and Patches, sent me my very own felted wheelie from their mama! She even named him after me!

Check out his adoption certificate!

Do you see the resemblance? (He's one good lookin wheelie!)

I know Wheelie Stan is not edible, but I might just sneak in for a little taste...

I am overwhelmed with all of these FABULOUS awards! Thanks Penny, Poppy, Patches and Murphy!! Give your mamas a big juicy goob smooch from me. And Mangoober, I'm ordering up the biggest and best Atomic Booty Scritch for you from my girl, and sending the biggest and juiciest of goober smooches for your sweet mama! Viva Mangoober! Viva Mango Minster! Can't wait to see all the pups compete next year!!!

Goober love,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Working for the Man

My girl just told us that my buddy, Hercules the Aireboy, is sick and is staying at the vet today. He hasn't been eating, his belly is tender, and the dogter wanted to get some fluids in him & do some tests. Stella and I discussed what we could do to help.

Since we already work for Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle, we decided to work the snuggling vibes today for my goober bud Herc.

Of course, our brand of snuggling is more a combination of snuggling and wrasslin'. More like SNASSLIN'!

We took our sweet time warming up for our snasslin' session.

And here we GO!

Don't fret. No goobs were harmed in this snasslin' session...

... though it may look like it.

Our snasslin' always culminates in a lot of trash talking...

... and exhausted crashing.

Today we are especially snasslin' for Herc and his tummy! Go by and give him some love if you can. We are also snasslin' for Sunny & Scooter and their mama Jamie, and for Bogart and his mama Lulu.

Goober love,
Stanley & Stella

Monday, March 23, 2009


Listen UP! This is a Public Service Announcement for the 2 goobs. They'll be back tomorrow. Our girl has been feigning busyness and the goobs don't know how to blog without opposable thumbs. Don't you wish you knew how I did it?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Like Wally

It is widely known that I am a big fan of my Corgador bud, Wally. I decided that if he could teach Irish dance, then I could teach soccer skills for would-be goalies. Here are some of my training tapes. (Please ignore the screeching of my camerawoman. She is quite the fan.)

Also, please ignore all the dust and the general condition of our house. My girl is actually writing on her thesis and her friends have threatened to come over with a backhoe to clean the place up once she's done. We may have to take them up on the offer.

I also have lots of catching up to do, having received some amazingly cool things in the mail recently. I will get to that as soon as I can get my girl to move her big patootie.

Goober love,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GooberVersary #2

Not only is today St. Patrick's Day, it is also my Gotcha Day!!! It's been 2 years now since my girl & I mutually decided to adopt one another, and we are celebrating like crazy here in GooberStan! Some of you have heard this story before, but I want to share a little about how my girl and I came to be together.

About 6 weeks before I adopted my girl, her heartpup Rosie went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was my girl's first rescue Dale, and she was completely depressed without her. She thought she wouldn't be able to love another dog again like that for a VERY long time... until she stumbled across the blog of one, Bogart Handsome Devil. He and some of his blogging buddies cracked her up, made her cry, and made her fall in love with them. She realized she really did want to open her heart again to a pup, and when she went to the Airedale Rescue site, this is the first photo that caught her eye.

Who wouldn't be enamored with a face like that?

The only question she had was, "Does he like cats?" She had inherited Merv right after Rosie died, and was committed to keeping him, and told Merv she would get him his own dog. The rescue coordinator in Illinois (I am from the Chicago area) emailed her right back and told her I was cat friendly and that I was hers if she wanted me.

Here's what I looked like the first day I met her. The groomer for Airedale Rescue had some sort of emergency come up right after she had shaved down my head and couldn't finish grooming me. So, I had sort of a turtleneck thing going on. My girl was already in love with me, though, so it didn't matter.

My girl very quickly got me involved in helping other homeless pups. That's me on the right, and on the left is my first Airebud I met here. His name is Seger, and we were representing Airedale Rescue at a big Pet Expo in Kansas City. Everyone thought we were giant teddy bears.

My girl also let me have some foster brothers and sisters too. This is my first foster bro, Max. He stayed with me for 2 weeks on his way to his furrever home in Michigan. He only had 3 legs, but he was one heck of a wrassler! (Disregard the big wet spot on the rug... had nothing to do with us. Max is on the left, I'm on the right.)

Max and I got along so well (that's me on the left, Max on the right), that my girl arranged for us to foster my bud, ZZ, and some other pups too!

It became very apparent to her very quickly that I was a big GOOBER! Hence, my nickname GooberStan.

She loves me no matter how crazy or gooberesque I am. The feeling is completely mutual.

My girl realized that I needed a brother or sister of my own, so we started combing through all of the rescue sites to see who might be a good fit. I ended up with this crazy diva of a sissy, Stella! I'm so glad she's here with us! I can't imagine life without her!

Here are some photos of my Gotcha Day so far!

And here is the card my lovepup, Asta, sent to me. It makes me all wiggly inside just thinking about her!

We've got too much going on here today to write any more, but if you want to read my back story or see some of my puppy photos, you can find that here. Right now I've got a big juicy beef bone with my name on it! Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody!!!

Loving life as a goober,