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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glass Asta

By the time you read this my foster brother, ZZ, will already be with his new family in Michigan! (Sigh...) Don't get me wrong. It's definitely cool with me that he now has a furrever home and all. I... just... really miss him. You could say on the emotional scale I've been somewhere between bummed and depressed.

ZZ in all his Goober Glory.

To bring me out of my slump my hooman girl had to get creative, and pronto! She decided she would surround me with things that remind me of someone else I love... someone who has been a breath of fresh aire in my life... someone who loves me and whispers wise words of encouragement to me in my times of need. That someone is my sweetpup, Asta (from NY).

Isn't she sweet as candy??

Asta always gives smoochie kisses to those she loves. My girl knows how much I cherish those smoochies, so she got me this banana (that's bandana, for those of you who are confused) so I will remember the sweet love of my fuzzy-faced girlie pup.

My smoochie kisses banana. It's not Asta Girl, but it reminds me of her smoochies.

The other thing she did was so unexpected I almost peed myself. She sat this object down in front of me.

It's an old ceramic Wire Fox Terrier who is chewing on a hat... a glass Asta!!!

It doesn't look exactly like her, but it sure did remind me of her. I was mesmerized.

I decided to make my first move. I pretended to be stretching my leg & let my paw fall around her booty region.

Then I checked to see if anyone was watching.

I went in for my first sniff. I sniffed her front end and nuzzled her ear.

Then I sniffed her back end.

Time for a goober kiss.

Then a little goober nibble.

Then I just mawled her. (mmwahh. mmwahh. She doesn't [mmwahh] smell like a [mmwahh] puppy).

Maybe if I can get her all the way into my mouth I can taste if she is a puppy.

(Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant). Now (pant), I'm a little embarrassed with myself.

She's just a glass Asta, right?

No matter. She makes me smile cuz she makes me think of the REAL THING! (And that has cheered me up considerably!)


I'm not doing my happy dance just yet (I feel it coming on, though), but I am sending out all my goober love to ASTA, and to ZZ, and to all you dogs out there who have been so good to me as my ZZ left for his new home. His new family may be willing to start a blog for him. I'll keep you posted.



Suki said...

It is so hard to lose somedog you love, even when you know he's going to a wonderful home. I'm sorry you're feeling blue, Stan.

I didn't know Asta is your sweetie! Well, I think everydog knows, now, huh? Hehehe!

Puggy kisses

Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Stanley,
Don't be blue. ZZ will have a wonderful home now. We hope he starts a blog, then you can keep up with his daily events. Is he going to be living near you? If so you can visit him. So cheer up pal, you're too cute to be sad.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Peanut said...

It's hard to lose a friend but hopefully his family will let him get a blog so we can all keep in touch with him.

Ruby Bleu said...

Awww's gonna be hard for a little while, but it will get better each day. Especially when Asta's smoochie kisses are involved! I had no idea you were an item? Asta is the sweetest! You couldn't have picked a better girl..well, other than me that is!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Jake of Florida said...


Asta sure is a cutie. Under normal circumstances, I'd like to snuggle up with her myself; but I understand how lonesome you are and how much the love of a sweet wirey girl must mean to you right now. I know an adorable wire chick who lives with handsome airedale in Ohio -- and they get along just great (most times). So there is precedent for your romance!!

I didn't get a chance to meet ZZ, but I can imagine how hard it is to lose someone you've been so close to.

But we're here to cheer you up.


Toby said...

Don't be sad Stanley... You should be happy to know that ZZ has a wonderful new home now. Do you think ZZ will start a blog too? Then you can keep in touch and we can all be friends!~


Jackson said...

Hey Stanley, paws off, she's mine, hehehehehe! J x

Flossikens said...

Hello :]

such cute piccies you have there!
so nice of you to sniff that little toys butt, hehe :]

floss & Jez

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, ZZ will never forget you and your girl I know. You gave him the best temporary home ever.

Oscar x

Asta said...

My Sweet Sweet Stanley Goober boy,
I'm all misty eyed weading that post.
ZZ will wemember you furrever and I'm sure is missing you too,it's just sooo nice that he found loveing pawents like we all have..You look soo gweat in your smoochie banana,and you're so gentle with your glass Asta..I wish I could wun over and put my paws awound your neck and give you pawsonal smoochie kisses.....I am being pupnapped today, I just found out the awful twuth, I'm being taken to New Hamster till thursday am I going to talk to you and deliver my smoochies?????I'm devastated! there's no pooter there,I'm misewable at the thought, boo hoo hoo .I'll still be sending you your daily smoochies, I just hope somehow you get them, your fuzzy b. girl,(here's a big supply of smoochie kisses in the meantime, muwahhhhhhhhhhh
Asta (there's one more post today before I leave)

Ruby Bleu said...

My Dearest Stanny...
Thanks so much for those bootiful words. I too have had somewhat of a crush on you too!!! My Mom has a real affinity for 'dales (she had one as a people pup) and I guess it has rubbed off on me too! So, I've talked it over with Suki and we're totally on board with sharing you if that works for you. You know we are still young, but we know a good man when we see one!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Faya said...

Oh Stand you are right ! Asta is soooooo cute..... Mom loves her a lot....
Kisses for you, Faya

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...


ROFL-- ok, i will pick myself up. Laughing aside, I really am sorry to hear your friend has been transplanted. But I am sure ZZ will take to blogging. Ok, ok-- what does a glass dog and real dog have in common?? Both can have there (gl)asses sniffed. Oh, I kill myself!!!


The Airechicks said...

Hey Stanley

Thanks for the DQ tip - we'll have to find one...Mom thinks ones on the other city of Fort Worth...

The trick to Sheridan's you need to order you PUP CONE at the window..They don't want to have any customer unhappy - so you just stand and wait until they get the message ONE - TWO - THREE were not enough....and all the other folks in line will offer to get a couple for you too !!! Stan - you just have to WORK the crowd....

Have you heard from ZZ ???

PerfectTosca said...

I got one of those bobble headed things too only it's a Collie. I keep trying to get it and smash it but it's Way Up High now and my cats won't help me. How fair is that/

The Woman says to tell you that you are a very handsome Aire Boy. So don't be depressed. If you want, I can send my cat Mojo over.

Ike said...

Stanley - whoa dude, control yourself! You don't want to come on too strong - the ladies don't dig that!

Joe Stains said...

we are happy and sad about ZZ leaving too but boy did you love that glass asta!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw Stanley, dont be too sad. ZZ is in a good home now. Can he come to visit you sometimes? The glass Asta sure is cute. you're so nice to give her love nibbles.

~ girl girl


Oh- so sad for you to miss your friend ZZ. we hope you feel better soon!

ToFFee said...

Hi Stanley!

I pawed by your bloggie!

What as nice twibute to Asta!

Asta is weally gwaet.. and a nursie too!

no wonder you got hooked up...


Ume said...

hi Stanley,
dun be sad... i'm sure ZZ misses u too, but we're all happy dat he found a furrever home.
let's hope he gets to blog soon!
ohhh... u were giving glass Asta some TLC, but nothg beats real Asta smoochies!

Tadpole said...

Stanley, you're a SMOOTH OPERATOR! I need to take some tips from you...!

I'm so glad you're feeling a little better - Asta Up Over is certainly good at cheering us all up!

Maggie said...

I'm sure you're having a tough time getting used to being the "only" dog again! I hope ZZ does blog so you can keep in touch with him. I love all the pictures of the glass Asta! You're too funny Stanley!

Love ya lots,

Sophie Brador said...

Hey GooberStan, It sounds like you've met Asta in person -- I mean in dog. But it also sounds like you don't have such a great memory. I totally understand mistaking glass for fur, but I just can't imagine Asta with a grey hat. I really think she'd go in for some colour.

Bogart said...

I hope that ZZ starts a blog... that would be cool!

I love the glass Asta moves, my friend, anything to get a few extra smoochies is a good thing in my book...


wally said...

Awww. Well at least you can feel good knowing you helped a dog out and were a good friend in his period of transition.

I would hate to see what would happen if you met the actual Asta. Not fit for internet consumption (at least not for free!)!


Balboa said...

I know you'll miss ZZ, but now he'll be with his forever family and be as loved as you are with your family.

Frenchie Snorts