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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Break From the Sissy Ordeal

I had to take a break from the Sissy Ordeal (as I've dubbed my situation) to enjoy some pawtying with my buds. Here's a photo of Asta & I before the big Howl-o-ween birthday bash in Salem, Mass achoo sits. I'm the Scarlett Pupernel and she is my lover, Marguerite St. Juste (in case you see me there & don't recognize me).

Ready to pawty! (Am I EVER.)


Stella said...

Oh, Staaaaaanleeeeeeey!

Thought you could ditch me at home for a night out with your friends, didn't ya? Well, I may be new here but I'm not without friends myself.

Don't worry about me. I'll definitely find you... wherever you went.

I love you already will all of my goobette heart.

Itty Bitty Goob kisses,

Maggie & Mitch said...

You and Asta make such a cute couple! I think Stella was hoping that she could go on your arm and be shown off to all of your friends! Next time! She is a cutie, Stanley!

Love ya lots,

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Stanley - and Stella

Pleased to hear Stella's story and have given you a mention in DWB News


Sophie Brador said...

Stanny, Did you cut loose in Salem? Drink a little too much of that witch's brew? Go for greasy fries at 4 am? I hope you drank lots of water before bed, because you're probably going to wake up to your sissy, pounding on your head. Maybe if you sleep in your costume, she won't recognize you and leave you alone.

Sophoober Bradoober

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Stanley,
Too bad you didn't let Stella come to the pawty. We could have met her. You & Asta look cute as a pawty couple. I have to admit, I Butchy am a bit jealous. What does Ruby think?? hehehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Miss Lisa...I am trying...really, I am. But, but, but...I haven't slept yet...Stella is like everywhere. I tried rocking her in the rocker and giving her her bottle, but she went and grabbed a Sam Adams...I got that away from her and she went and fell in the punch bowl. She mite have swallowed a little...I know I swallowed a lot when I dove in after her. Stanley was smooching with one of his girlfriends, and she went in and snatched his sword and was whackin' them both in the butt with it. His OTHER girlfriends were laughing hysterically. I chased her into the dessert u consider cake part of a raw diet?? I mean...there was some extra raw
batter in there. Her beard's a mess. I put her in her crib...and left for 5 minutes...just to see Dunstan..he had taken his sheet off by then...I came back and um...I don't know how to say this but, another pup was in the crib with her...It might have been Cassidy....ya know Harry's new bro that they haven't even gotten yet?? It looked like a mini dale...they er were ah doin' some er serious pup smoochin'...I halted that immediately and sent that Bad Boy runnin'...this could go on...but I'm too sleepy. Koobie can take over now...ah...she's NOT passed out in the cake AGAIN, is she???????



Jake of Florida said...

We're sorry we shocked you with our plans to take over the world at the pawty last night -- we thought the Scarlet Pimpernell would jump at the chance to have Gooberstan be the new capital of the world. Oh well, I guess you were too smitten with Marguerite to think about other things. She is exceptionally beautiful

Just Harry (aka Pinky) and Jake (aka the Brain)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oooh sexy!

Bussie Kissies

Grammie said...

How much fun can one Goob have? You will have to let us know. Don't burn to much of that midnight oil. Youngsters get up really early and don't care how late you have bee out.

Blue said...

Looking great!

You qualified for my Halloween graveyard bash! [My tag game was a suitable costume]

See you on the 31st!!!!

Pats & pets

Joe Stains said...

We put up our limerick to welcome stella. You definitely deserve some time to cut loose and some TLC from Asta.

4xBs said...

You do look very beautiful in your costumes. Poor little Stella, we're gonna play with her while you're gone. We love little kiddos.

Agatha and Archie said...

Ah buddy,we think you are in some serious trouble here.....Did you tell your girl about the punch Stella got into?and what she did after that?And how she was in the middle of the dance floor by her self dancing it up????(she has some Serious swing there)....How's your head?????Love A+A

Lorenza said...

Hi, Stan
You looked great in that costume. Sure we had fun at the party.
Now, back to normal and take care of Stella!
Have a nice day

wally said...

You look AWESOME, Goobman. I hope you got completely loaded and forgot all about your sissy issue.


ps. Uh-oh. Your sissy sounds like a stalker. Just like mine. I swear, man, let's hook 'em up together and high tail it outta here!

Luckie Girl said...

Seriously Stan, you are such a hottie! I mean Asta and you make a wonderful couple. hehe....Did you chose to make her your date for the night?

Kirby said...

Hi Stanley,

It sounds like you had a grreat time at the pawty. You deserved to take a night to yourself, but how did Miss Stella end up there? Sounds like she really is your sissy, cuz she did some serious pawtying. Hope your girl isn't too mad.

Your pal,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Stella is so cute! I like your little sissy already.

~ Girl girl

the Corgi Girls said...

Stan, so handsome!

M & I

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hey, Stan, do you speak Klingon when you're drunk?